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House Proposal Calls for Fewer DUI Checkpoints

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Fewer DUI checkpoints could be coming to Missouri roads. This after a proposal from the state House of Representatives. The proposal says no money from Missouri’s new state budget would be able to be used on DUI checkpoints. 128 more words


More Missouri Candidates Running Unopposed

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX/AP) – More and more candidates for Missouri House seats are running unopposed.

An analysis by The Associated Press of last fall’s elections found that 60 percent of Missouri House races lacked a Republican or Democratic candidate. 38 more words


Missouri Rep. Randy Dunn Announces Resignation

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX) – Missouri Representative Randy Dunn says he will resign from the Missouri House, effective May 31st.

Dunn announced in a Facebook post Thursday and on the floor of the House last week that he will be leaving Missouri for a job in Omaha, Nebraska. 24 more words


Debate Continues Over Prescription Drug Database

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX) – The Missouri House did not agree with Senate amendments to a prescription drug monitoring program, including checking for only opioids and purging data after half a year. 357 more words


Mo. House Supports Repeal of Prevailing Wage

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX) – The Missouri House has endorsed a bill to repeal the state’s “prevailing wage” requirements for public construction projects.

It’s part of a Republican push to revamp the state’s labor laws by limiting union powers. 91 more words


New House Bill Would Allow Charter School Expansion

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – The Missouri House on Wednesday debated a bill that would allow charter schools to expand to more districts in the state. 480 more words


Bill to Increase Punishment for Cop Killers Raises Racial Debate

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A Missouri House vote to increase punishment for cop killers triggered a racial debate.

Representative Bruce Franks Jr. of St. Louis reminded his colleagues that as a black man, interactions with cops can go very wrong, very quickly. 105 more words