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Missouri Review Fall 2016

As is not unusual for The Missouri Review, there are three poets featured, each with multiple poems, and the series of poems each represent a theme or topic. 629 more words

Mainstream Poetry

Missouri Review 39.2

Been a while since I’ve done a Missouri Review, so I’ll do the Summer 2016 issue. The first poem, by poet William Woolfitt, is “Field Holler.” “Because the field was galled, blotched with yellow hardpan…he had to fork and spread pond ooze.” Stanza one is a statement of facts about a farm hand singing as he works. 355 more words

Mainstream Poetry

Writer's Mail

Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
July 8, 2016


“Right you lot, five minutes to get those pies out or it’s the workhouse for the lot of you… 627 more words


Create Tension by Using Character Stand-ins

For my money, one of the most intense scenes in any film is the moment in Ridley Scott’s Alien when a character goes into an air duct with the goal of pushing the Alien toward an air lock so it can be sucked out into space. 1,282 more words

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