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Metal & Glass

Mead is an alcohol that is created by fermenting honey with water that dates as far back as 7000 BCE in Northern China. The earliest written reference to mead can be found in hymns of the Rigveda, an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. 443 more words

Studio Portrait

University of Missouri student Olivia Liu poses for a picture on September 10 in the Lee Hills Hall studio. Liu is studying photojournalism at the Missouri School of Journalism and is a staff photographer for the Columbia Missourian daily newspaper in Columbia, Missouri. 401 more words

Continuous Light Study

This was only the second time I’ve worked a studio, first being another friend that I was practicing on the week before. This model is Frank May and we spent about two and half hours in the studio trying different angles and poses. 189 more words

Freelancing, podcasts and pie charts, oh my!

Yesterday in class, we got a personal visit from the legendary Ann Friedman! She was coming to Mizzou to speak to the Online News Association on campus (which I also attended later that day) and Katherine managed to get her to stop by during lecture to talk about her life and journalism experience in the real world. 369 more words

Columbia Missourian

Stop hating on the media, y'all

Kids, today’s lesson focuses on the First Amendment.

You know, those pesky 45 words tacked on to the end of the U.S. Constitution that provide protection for citizens to worship whomever or whatever, as they see fit and to speak as they wish; and for the press to publish what it deems fit; and for folks to have public meetings and rallies; and for all of us to tell government officials what we think they’re doing wrong (if you remember your U.S. 956 more words