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Different Representations of Black Women Heterosexuality in Media

Springer acknowledges Lil Kim as the “Sapphire,” however, I also think that Lil Kim also opened up a lot of doors in terms of black women owning their sexuality and especially being open about #1 and #5 on queering black women’s heterosexuality “enjoy sex” and “know what it is to play with sexuality.” I think that Lil Kim does focus on her pleasure, which I think is shown lyrically. 201 more words

Queering Black Female Sexuality

The 'Hangover Playlist' of Your Dreams

Hangovers are the worst. Everything from the migraines, clammy hands, stomach aches and, most notably, the puking makes for an unsuccessful “morning after.” From what I’ve learned, most of the hangover cures found on the Internet are completely bogus. 483 more words


Missy Elliot Drops New Single in time for Super Bowl

After a charged up half-time performance last Super Bowl, Missy Elliot releases a timely single near the Super Bowl this year. “Pep Rally” is her latest release since “WTF” her single featuring Pharrell. 20 more words


[LISTEN] Missy Elliot Drops New Track!!

It’s been one year since Missy Elliot performed in last year’s Super Bowl half time show, and she is back with a new song! Her latest single is called “Pep Rally”! 25 more words


Missy Elliot - 'Pep Rally'

Missy Elliot wanted to get everyone pumped up for the game this weekend with her new release ‘Pep Rally’.


Missy Elliot Releases New Song 'Pep Rally' With Alec Baldwin In Amazon Super Bowl Ad

Omg! Missy Elliot chose Super Bowl Sunday to drop her new song ‘pep rally’, and better yet, she did it in a commercial for Amazon Echo! 320 more words

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SFPL Music: Missy Elliot Drops a New Song Just In Time For Super Bowl 50 Called "Pep Rally"

It’s been a year today, since Missy Elliot made a special appearance hitting the Halftime Super Bowl 2015 stage with Katy Perry. To keep the momentum going, she drops a new track entitled “Pep Rally”, playing off DMV’s “go-go” scene. 43 more words