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Another reason we need gun control

There are crazy people out there who don’t know they’re crazy (Via CNN):

Police arrested a soldier carrying an AR-15 rifle and ammunition at a Fayetteville, North Carolina, mall after officers received multiple reports of an armed man walking through a Macy’s department store.

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Back In The USA

Do sharks really mistake humans as seals?

“You can see quite easily how that mistaken identity might
come about,” Dr Nathan Hart explains. Photo: Taronga Zoo

“While the idea seems reasonable, even logical, it has never been tested until now.” – Nicky Phillips

Check out this article.


On Identity

So the other day while I was shopping a woman suddenly approached me and spoke to me pleasantly in a language I don’t understand. I felt bad that I had to embarras her but I said, “I am sorry but I don’t speak that language.” 265 more words

Journal Entry

Incredible: Mob beat up boy because he made the honor roll [Video]

As the country gets immersed and sidetracked by the frivolous debate on the Confederate Flag in South Carolina, the real reasons for unending urban decay, disenfranchisement and disillusionment continue to fester and spread like cancer. 290 more words


Deal 306: Clued and clumsy

I have arrived, and these miscreants will soon discover that there is no escaping from the long arm of the law, not when the long arm is attached to the flexible body of a master of disguise. 380 more words

Daily Deal

Mistaken Identity: White Photographer Taken into Custody Following Charleston Shootings Releases Statement


He did what the police told him to do and so things went well for him.


Tonight as many of you may already know I was detained as a suspect for the shooting that took place on downtown Charleston.

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Since we're all confused about race ...

Now, there’s a white woman in Spokane who says she’s black and up until a couple of days ago ran the local NAACP. She was outed by her parents in Montana, who said their heritage was German, Czech and … I don’t remember … something Nordic? 109 more words