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I am nobody


I am not even a number


I am a non-person, I am imperfect

In retrospect I do not exist, I am suspected

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The case for "mistaken identity"

In an article published in Lawfare, law professor Dawinder S. Sidhu offers an interesting (and coincidental) counterpoint to Monday’s post on this blog about the concept of “mistaken identity” and its use to explain hate crimes in which Sikh Americans are victims.  1,042 more words

Civil Rights

Sikh24.com - Sikhs In Fresno Worried After Recent Attacks

Richard Gonzales

Fresno, California, USA, 18 January 2016. In the heart of that state’s agricultural community police are looking for whoever attacked two elderly Sikh-American men. 579 more words


The truly tragic figure in the life of Harry Potter

It would have been fascinating to have a Harry Potter movie from Severus Snape’s point of view. It would have been excruciatingly sad.

When I watched the series and Remus said Dumbledore trusted Snape, it hit me that I had to trust Snape as well. 40 more words


Let's expunge "mistaken identity" from our vocabulary, first

“Mistaken identity” has become the de facto explanation for hate crimes perpetrated against members of the Sikh American community, the logic being that Sikhs are being targeted because their articles of faith — particularly the turban, men’s beard, and brown skin — are confused by attackers for identifiers of Muslims, the latter of whom are being confused as terrorists. 844 more words

Civil Rights

Stupid is as Stupid Does

We all do stupid things. Some of us more than others. Dumb stuff happens for a multitude of different reasons. Many of my outstanding blunders are connected to my disabilities. 1,451 more words


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