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It began on a winter’s night, as the freezing fog swirled among the trees, forming an impenetrable obstacle to a person’ view. Even the sulphur-yellow glow radiating from the street lights do not adequately illuminate a person’s path. 415 more words


Plus-sized Yoshi, a.k.a. Fat Yoshi

Cats. They seem to be everywhere. I can’t get away from them, but then again, I don’t want to. Their quirky personalities and their quest for affection sometimes exasperate me but have filled my life with joy. 299 more words

Mistaken "Mom"-dentity: Tips for the Stepmom who is Mistaken for Mom

Chris and I got married a little over a year after his divorce was finalized; we probably should have waited a little longer, because I’m not sure he was entirely over it yet.  692 more words

Being A Stepmom

A fair and balanced view of Hillary Clinton's bad week

Here, look:

You see! Equal.

How is that 237 pound ball of toupeed ear wax even close in this race?


Decoded: Racist stereotypes that used to be the opposite

Let’s just say that somehow the racists still find a way to apply all of these stereotypes to African-Americans. Which can in itself be a loaded term, because Africa is a big continent, and it consists of black and white people. 314 more words


My memory popped out for a walk...not sure it's coming back!

You know how it is ..you pop out for a few minutes to pick up some milk, next thing you know 3 hours have passed ! 189 more words

Just Musing

Zoo shuts down Twitter The internet has had a long laugh with the death of Harambe, the Zoo has had enough

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Head Photographer~

The Cincinnati Zoo deleted its Twitter account last Tuesday after being bombarded with protests, memes, and jokes surrounding the killing of Harambe the gorilla. 480 more words