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Thirty-Three: Maps and Billiards

Previously on Mistaken Identity: Jes is given the cold shoulder by Lord Ian while they are touring Wentworth Castle. When Jes is genuinely shocked that Conrad speaks to her after dinner, he realizes the only explanation is Ian has arrived at the party. 2,345 more words


The Proposition by Judith Ivory

Pygmalion, My Fair Lady…we know the story. An arrogant linguistic expert decides to torture a poor lower-class human for several weeks and try to pass them off as a duchess to all of high society. 410 more words

Book Review


You ever approach your car in a parking lot and think, boy, I did a terrible job parking, and look at your car and think, man, it’s a lot dirtier than I realized, and then try to get into your car and discover — 126 more words


Seattle police arrest alleged car thief after mistaken identity leads to chase

It was a case of mistaken identity on Tuesday when Seattle police pursued a vehicle, and even though they chased down the wrong person, the driver is still in jail for a completely different crime. 227 more words


Thirty: A Change in Affections?

Previously on Mistaken Identity: It was a perfect night for a specter sighting!

“Are you sure you will not join the party, Mama? You have kept indoors too much, the fresh air will do wonders.” Jes tilted her head to the side. 2,744 more words


"The Comedy of Errors," from The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works, by W. Shakespeare

I’m so glad this one’s a short play. Had it been any longer, I would’ve been banging my head against the wall. I have a distinct feeling it would’ve been far more fun to watch this on the stage rather than read it. 312 more words

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