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Mistaken Identity Blog Response #2 (p. 91-180): Option 2

OPTION 2: In this section, Colleen Cerak decides to give away many of Whitney’s clothes to her friends as a way to help them cherish and remember Whitney.  47 more words

Mistaken Identity Blog Response #2 (p. 91-180): Option 1

OPTION 1: At the end of this section, the Van Ryns are already having suspicions that the girl in the hospital isn’t Laura.  But it’s their friends who come forward with doubts who really push then to get answers.  31 more words

How the West was convicted! Wait,What?

I know all these W’s in the title would nearly make you dizzy , unfortunately there are more to come.

What happens if you are arrested and brought to jail and it is claimed you were there before and you know you weren’t but there is an eye witness placing you there. 312 more words


Mistaken Identity Blog Post #1 (p. 1-89): Option 2

OPTION 2: Don VanRyn is approached by a reporter and asked what he would say to the truck driver who caused the accident.  He says that he would tell him he is forgiven.  62 more words

Mistaken Identity Blog Post #1 (p. 1-89): Option 1

OPTION 1: Do you find it credible that a family would not realize the person they were sitting with every day in the hospital was NOT their daughter?  19 more words

Mistaken identity.

Just a small personal note before I jump into this short story. I have been largely absent from reading and commenting on everyone’s fantastic posts because I am 17 weeks into my second pregnancy! 299 more words


Crime/Mystery TV SHOW: MISTAKEN IDENTITY, by Candice Timms

Title: Mistaken Identity

Written by: Candice Timms

Type: TV Pilot

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Logline: Mistaken Identity is full of suspense, deceit and mystery. Great Detective relies on powers of dedication and educated thought to solve crimes. 59 more words