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386. BEWARE: Killer Wanna Bees

Years ago we were supposed to be invaded by swarms of Africanized honey bees, known as Killer Bees. Saturday Night Live did skits on the Killer Bees. 1,006 more words

Absurd Theatre

Unlucky Bastard

My stories mostly come to me in words, a particular line which will seem like the beginning of a story and I’ll sit down and write it. 1,356 more words

Desperate Domination (Bought by the Billionaire #3) by Lili Valente

Book Description:

Published: July 28, 2015

WARNING: This is a white-hot, panty-melting, boundary-pushing read. Not intended for the faint of heart.

“You’re mine. You belong to me. 441 more words


Scurrilous Customs

I am less than fit. I am also less than slim and sleek, and checking in at the airport means there is a serious amount of walking to be done. 323 more words


The Panama Papers and piggy banks

You’ve probably heard some talk about something called the Panama Papers, which sounds like someone has been rolling joints, but involves rolling bank accounts.

Anyway, since it’s complicated and involve god awful sums of money but very rich people who are doing things legally and illegally, here’s an explanation that we all can understand. (Via Vox).


A Case of Mistaken Identity in Luxembourg

Breakfast in Belgium, Lunch in Luxembourg, Dinner in France

We drove 6 hours and 600 kilometers just to say that. Coarse vanity. But isn’t that what we live for? 516 more words




1. an inopportune occurrence; an embarrassing mischance: He caused a minor contretemps by knocking over his drink.

Charlie stared at the bright red door to his house and then glanced in the rearview mirror. 706 more words