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Faith In Timing

My brother has consistently taught me that in life and especially in art we must learn the rules before we can bend them. There is a beauty in this, because we need to know why we want to bend them in the first place and that all starts with history. 495 more words

You've Survived 100% of your Bad Days

Today I want to remind everyone not to be so hard on yourselves.

We all make mistakes, cry, have nervous breakdowns, etc. we’re just not positing about those things on social media. 70 more words

Self Help

by accident 

ealier today
i never realised that
i accidentally clicked on
a button in my phone

it changed my phone’s settings
i still have no idea what
i pressed
so i can’t change it back
to what it was… 93 more words


this is how to ruin a life

do you ever just fuck up so badly you feel like nothing will ever be the same again?


just me, then.

i know that sounds so overdramatic, but it’s accurate with what i’m feeling. 301 more words


The Skin Issue

Perfect skin is the goal of every individual out there, even if we don’t like to admit it out loud. However, there is one slight issue… perfect skin is a myth. 493 more words


Take a Fair Share of the Blame

Why is it too easy for us to pick on others for their flaws and weaknesses? When something goes wrong, our automatic response is to look at the mistakes of others. 56 more words

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