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A simple kind of life.

The past few days haven’t been easy for me, as a matter of fact this whole year hasn’t been easy for me.
It’s crazy for me to think that it’s been half a year and here I am still feeling emotionally sick. 729 more words

Growing Up


And you could hear her heart break from a thousands miles away. With every gasp of breath her hope faded away. She thought she had to give love another chance, but it was love alas who had given her its last chance. 360 more words


I'm not perfect and I never will be

I can’t do everything.  I’m barely 15 for goodness’ sake.

Why do you ask so much of me?  Why do you put so much responsibility on my shoulders?   347 more words


3 Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Can’t Afford to Make

Not unlike any other business, investing in real estate requires an acute attention to detail and the utmost respect for due diligence. Any hope of running a sustainable business is, therefore, dependent on minimizing mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities.  23 more words

They aren't to blame

Growing up, I blamed my parents for a lot of things that, now looking back, in actuality had nothing to do with them. It was well into adulthood before I accepted I suffered from major depressive disorder and learned how to feel better. 334 more words


What if?

What if the projector stops working? Then what do I do? Many experienced speakers as they review their talk are constantly asking the “What If…Then” question. 137 more words

Stage Presence