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Robert Benchley: Movie Boners

I tend to think of picking out continuity errors in movies as a modern practice. It feels like the habit of nerdly-minded individuals who love knowing how movies are made, and love catching movie-makers in the process of getting something wrong. 589 more words


Love is a mess

Love is a mess. That’s what I heard today. I laughed to myself as the realization that this is probably the most accurate description of love that I’ve heard. 356 more words


We can be so shortsighted sometimes.

We are out there on our personal mission field telling everyone who will listen that our God does not make mistakes and if it is happening it is happening for a reason. 273 more words

When your friend is going through a difficult time

When someone you really care about is going through a difficult time or has made some mistakes and feels really bad, it is not of value to your friend or yourself to keep talking about the negative things. 100 more words

How To Allow

Cemetery Visits -- Question Everything, Be Prepared

When my sister – our family genealogist and pioneer – first came to search the cemetery in 1999, I don’t think she yet had the list of relatives she was looking for.   800 more words

Moberly Mobberly Moberley Mobly

Burning Alive

(Finally written something again! Its been too long. Anyway, this poem/song whatever, is about giving someone help or advice, or listening to their problems. I feel like sometimes people don’t actually realise how much of yourself you give away when you help them, or how much of a burden you can take on when you listen to their problems. 341 more words


Learn from mistakes, Hope Solo tells girls

Hope Solo and Megan Rapinoe made an appearance in Seattle to answer questions from young fans, as part of the U.S. team’s #SheBelieves campaign.

As… 147 more words