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By Wendy Blight

A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” Proverbs 19:11 (NIV 1984)

What did she mean by that? 549 more words

Inspired by a 12 year old Peckham girl: Mistakes | Experience | Success

You will probably never see this but i am fulfilling my promise…

During a Workshop in a school in London I met some interesting ( 394 more words


The Weird Old Lady with One Globe

She was 8 years old.

She checked her first pocket.  The grocery list was still there.  She checked her other pocket. The money was still there.  557 more words

What Makes YOU Smile

Today we live, tomorrow we live.

I went to dinner the other night with a friend of my mom’s and as we sat reminiscing funny memories, she brought up the one time in high school she got so drunk off Jack Daniel’s, that she puked.  356 more words


Over Excited Young Adults 

As a young person, this is going to sound very snobbish, but I couldn’t possibly care less.

This post is also going to be very very short. 183 more words


Some Days

Some days you don’t want to go to bed because it means waking up the next morning. At that point, you know that the next day is going to be SOME day. 1,261 more words


Strong relationships don't have quitters......

If you’ve read my most recent post, you’ll know that I am currently staying in a 21 ft. trailer until I get my keys to my apartment on the 10th of this month. 753 more words