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I Am Broken & Whole. I Am Me

Crawl out of that cave of denial. Dust your shoulders off and hold your head high. Stop reducing yourself to a person you are not and represent the woman you are. 60 more words

Missed connection: Dublin Airport, a charming messenger for really bad news

(An explanation in brief)

When: Monday, 19:00

You: built, dark ginger, little gap in your teeth, young and disarming with an ear-pleasing brogue, staffing the, “All Other Passports,” line at Dublin Airport passport control… 561 more words



Yeah yeah, I know. ” What the hell is he doing posting in the middle of the week?”

Well two reasons. One, Lee Binks of #leebinksfitness is competing in the Arnold Europe, so I decided to draw her as motivation. 83 more words

Successful Failure

I’m going to start with a question. Are you successful? Just a quick “yes” or “no” for the moment. You can come back to it when you’re done here. 577 more words

11 grammatical mistakes that instantly reveal people's ignorance

Worth a read whether you’re in the midst of writing cover letters and refreshing your resume or if you just want to make a good impression on social media. 14 more words

Max Braun

To kill a mocking bird.

To kill a mockingbird. To lose one’s innocence and never revert back. A childhood gone, a dream forgotten, a memory buried. When my grandfather first handed me this book, all I could think was that it had a rather ugly cover. 495 more words