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The Time I Almost Got A Tattoo

Two summers ago, I could be found regularly looking for tattoo inspiration on Pinterest. I had been 18 for about a year, and getting a tattoo seemed like the “cool” thing to do. 372 more words


Pacific campaigns:  one of the big ones.  Since this was written the internet has happened along, giving access to photographs, maps, Pathé snippets, reminiscences, obituaries, and modern documentary films with truly dreadful moronic American chauvinist narrators who make the Pathé commentators look restrained and unsentimental (yes I am thinking of one in particular).  184 more words

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50 Word Stories: Shallow Breaths

Moonlight caught the hole’s boundaries like a silver-lined grave. Something stirred within, shallow breaths and rasping. I approached with care, sweating despite the cold, the grunts growing louder. 21 more words


Filthy Rags 

It’s fortunate for me that God’s will does not hinge on my capabilities, nothing would get done. I look at these past few months and am overwhelmed with disappointment. 272 more words


15 Little Things People Who 'Fail Forward' Do Differently

1. They’re actually proud to fail, because that failure means they tried. And it’s better to try than to sit on your butt and idly wish that your dreams would come true. 517 more words

August 15, 2015

“Will you look up from your phone?!!”

“Yep, tell me”


Goes back to texting.

I got up to see who he was texting. 374 more words