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Regret In Everyday Life

Life is all about experience. Each day brings new situations, where we must make choices. In these decisions- we are eventually bound to fall short. 139 more words


Why I'm Happy to be a Failure

When you look at me, what do you see? I’m not asking about the physicals. Tan skin, wavy hair. No, put it all together. How could you market my life? 987 more words

There Are Only Two Ways To Relieve Stress — Which One Did Paul McCartney Choose?

Paul McCartney’s guitar string broke. He couldn’t play it anymore.

The Beatles were just starting, nobody knew them, and they were playing eight hours a day in strip clubs in Hamburg just to pay the bills. 814 more words

Mistakes to Avoid at your Social Security Disability Hearing

A common issue in making a successful claim for disability benefits is credibility. That means, it is important to establish yourself as a credible applicant with the Social Security Administration officials reviewing your claim. 47 more words


You wouldn’t give a huge responsibility to a person who failed you, would you? If you are a boss, would you promote the man that sells the least number of cars in your showroom? 603 more words


Be Gentle...

Recovery is hard, it’s a simple fact. It can be so easy to allow little mistakes or slips ups to lead to a relapse, but instead we need to accept them, learn from them, and move forward. 198 more words


Be Quiet!

Do you at times feel like saying this to some people?

OK… Maybe it is just me.

I just hate it when people think that we must… 152 more words