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No More Surprise, Just Facts and Good Music

While the Wednesday Surprise was a good run it just wasn’t parallel with my life. I write when I want to (which is pretty much everyday, though it is not on this site) and I felt that it was constrictive of the actual goal. 489 more words


The State of a Union

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, if you ask any American. As an American I have to disagree…Sweden or Norway seems much better. 194 more words


Mister Buckets and Steven Patrick Morrissey: a History

If anyone finds out that you are a music fan they always pose the question, “What’s your favorite band?” Not only is that question annoying, it is also difficult to pin down. 1,305 more words


Wednesday Surprise! Wednesday Edition! I Made This Joke Last Week! I'm Good!

If you are a regular reader you know that I hate people. What I hate more is the spineless fucks that seemingly rule our world. I am stewing in a sea of self pity and anger, as you may be able to tell, but also a sea of general WHAT THE… 121 more words


This Sunday, Celebrate Beaster With the Ones You Love

This Sunday yours truly will be celebrating Easter by playing a bunch of music about the devil. In poor taste? Not if you’re one of my friends. 27 more words


SURPRISE! No Wednesday Surprise!

Sorry, folks. There is no awesome album download today.

The good news…I will be getting my paws on a new machine that will allow me to upload music easier and faster. 171 more words


Wednesday Surprise

Mmmmmmm, that feeling of being nestled into a new place…new car smell for the soul. Coming home from work and not worrying about my personal safety, that’s where happiness lies. 336 more words