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The start of my world domination (mwhAahahah!!)

And so it begins, with a shiny new website, some sexy photos and a brand spanking 😉👏 new blog, I get to fill the internet with my kinky adventures and slutty fantasies. 55 more words

Wax play

A recent post I made on Twitter (including the GIF shown here) reminded me of a kink that I always loved and which I had not done in a while – wax play. 735 more words


City Show Offset's Alleged Mistress Says She Didn't Know How Serious His Marriage Was And Sends Cardi B An Apology Via TMZ

I don’t like calling anyone dumb or stupid so but sometimes…when the shoe fits….you know the saying. So lets just say Summer Bunni isn’t that smart , she is the alleged mistress of Offset and she just apologized to Cardi B via TMZ which proves that people will do anything for their 15 mins because she could’ve reached out to Cardi and apologized one on one. 72 more words

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How do I get someone to dominate me?

Diane is a yoga instructor and Dominatrix who has previously written about the benefits of yoga for submissives. She writes here in response to a question from a male submissive about that post. 834 more words


The Jewel of Epicene

After just one month at the FEM Academy, Alex, now Sasha, is ready to return home to his wife. Little does he know, his journey into feminine submission has only just begun. 29 more words


Offset's Side Boo Distraught Over Cardi's Divorce Announcement !? [VIDEO]


Yesterday the world was shocked at Cardi B making the announcement that her and Migos member Offset were heading to… 187 more words

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The days that followed were silent but definitely not calm.  There was a palatable anxiousness that just sat on the surface of our day.  I didn’t put demands on him like sleeping downstairs, access to his phone or computer, or even kicking him out.   384 more words