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More on More on Drugs

I have a friend whose entire family is medicated.  Georgia tells me that whenever they travel they require a small carry-on just for the pharmaceuticals. Two parents (now divorced), four kids, all on assorted forms of prescription stimulants in addition to a hodgepodge of other pills that the doctor ordered. 952 more words

ADD Awareness


I don’t know what to say anymore. I feel like I’m not given the chance to talk anymore or have my own say. Everyone’s giving there point of the story of what they ‘think they know’ but the truth is I’ve found someone who has been completely misunderstood! 61 more words

Food for thought

Sometimes I can be really emotional. I can be so emotional that I would feel sad, depressed, happy, nervous,excited, defeated, yet content in that one moment. 613 more words



​Disappointment filled her eyes,

As she learned of what had happened.

Lies, half-truths and deception

Were means he often used to get his way.

A boy, barely a man, … 283 more words


So, I hate when other people say I’m guarded and don’t open up. I’m like “What the fuck?” I complain all day! No one likes me, I’m only good for sex because I talk to much….etc. 1,369 more words


Not Feeling It

Last week I saw my family doctor. He told me during that visit that I appeared to be doing better, even though I told him I’m still struggling. 353 more words

After ADL rebuke, DNC hopeful Ellison says Israel criticism misunderstood

WASHINGTON — Hours after the Anti-Defamation League lambasted Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison’s bid to become the next Democratic National Committee chair over newly revealed comments he made in 2010 about US policy toward Israel, the congressman insisted those remarks had been “taken out of context.” 890 more words

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