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They Said

They said I am dark.
I say misunderstood.
They said I try to be different.
I say I AM different.

Maybe they should listen.

Haten’ on my dreams. 62 more words


I’m Not Home (I’ll Be Back)

Daddy’s not home

I’m sorry sonny

I’m here but daddy’s not there

I’m out there somewhere

I’m home but not really

The man sits there but it isn’t me… 129 more words


The Coldest Winter

The coldest winter came with a blast that took my breath away,
turning my words and emotional state visible.
For the life of me I have been miscast without a hideaway… 90 more words


Men At War.

We fall in love with men

Whom are not at ease.

Men who do not touch

Their souls from time to time.

Men who win wars… 8 more words


The cries of no return?

On Jan 12, 2015, at 4:24 PM, jay <Truehappiness43@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hey Bunny. It’s been a long time. And your going to get a long email. But I want to ask what made you message me? 977 more words

Cooking up a storm.

I’m a bit much. Of a lot of things.

I’m much too loud, much too emotional. Much too happy, and much too sad. I’m much too short and my hands are much too small. 434 more words

Mind Musings


I see icy stares,

Vacant looks,

Garrulous glares,

Recalcitrant rooks,

And ardent airs

And graces, faces,

Fixed, not self-aware.