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secret 69.

searching the starlight for secret 69, because maybe there’s a joke to be found somewhere in there, and it seems to me the worst of secrets is admission of pleasure, allowing for weakness, so please give in to our favorite number anyway and let the day bleed away, think of a pillow at the end of the bed, hands wrapped in a mouthful, and the best part beyond the taste is how well legs set against palms that would otherwise be alone, can you possibly program music to the sentiment of… 95 more words



Been petulant


fed up

out of place



Can’t see woods for trees


Seize the Day

but the days are

hard to seize… 63 more words



i am crayon
they don’t take me serious
only kids believe
i am colorful
i doubt that i
will last

Minimalism Misunderstood | Addressing misconceptions

Minimalists come in all sizes, genders, ages, ethnicities, nationalities, and religions. If you’re thinking of delving into minimalism, you should know that there are no hard and fast rules to being a minimalist. 783 more words


No Whining Wednesday - Stop over-explaining yourself to People

Welcome back to No Whining Wednesday, the only day of the week where you do not get to whine, complain, and criticize for an entire 24hour period. 359 more words


Dangerous Misunderstood Light

We took our faithful, neglected, Ping Pong table and painted the white lines in phosphorescent paint. Then we did the same for the net, the balls, and the paddles. 662 more words

#Daily Post

Owning a lot of things

Then he said to the crowd, “Don’t be greedy! Owning a lot of things won’t make your life safe.” – Luke 12:15

The risk to our business lays in the moral and spiritual nature of its life. 406 more words