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Dealing with Life..

Life is such a pain in ass for most of us. We all have troubles and we all are panicked in the corridor of solutions unaware of which one to pick and jealous of others who managed to find the right ones. 517 more words

My Husband's Misinterpreted Me

The interactions between a couple here, translated…

Early in the morn, before my husband headed out into the community to volunteer, he’d told me, that he was going to get two boxes of dumplings from the old streets home after the activities were over, that way, we’d have our servings of protein, as well as starch too, and all I needed to do, was to broil up some vegetables, and there goes our suppers. 485 more words


* unexpected companion *

* and as she ran, she felt the comfort of the wind on her face. No one knew her quite as well as the wind did. 73 more words


Why won't people just shut the hell up?

So today all of my friends were like way more annoying than usual, Hazel was like way clingy at recess, Poppy and Arron got into another one of their stupid fights at lunch. 288 more words

High School

Problems no answers. Fucks not given.

Relationships, why is it that a man never appreciates a good woman. And vice versa. Good people always seem to cling to the one person that’s the absolute wrong choice. 323 more words

Whats the use

Whats the use in crying when tears just dry away 64 more words

Intruding |Princesa|

I’m 24 Puerto Rican and Italian so I’m kinda crazy. A Scorpio so I’m definitely crazy :) I have traveled all over the East coast New york, mass, Connecticut. 64 more words