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What if the fire that engulfs and consumes all
Is simply looking for a friend to love?

What if the rude girl who never says a sweet word… 208 more words


Teenagers, Attitude, and Everything In-Between

As a girl with the body of a fourteen-year-old, the mind of a sixty-year-old, and the heart of a five-year-old (self-diagnosed, of course) I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to things all things teenagery. 749 more words



Life at times can take you to a dark place with no return. I felt misunderstood all my life, and it hurts because your inner circle expects you to deal with any emotions you feel. 447 more words


Most of what I see is a mirage,
The reality obscure and imagination captivating
The diaphanous glass lets me touch my nebulous reflection,
It’s faint yet overbearing.

145 more words

Misunderstood Plight

Battered and bruised, they have so much to give
Yet noone seems to relate
All they want is the chance to live
Yet struggle, with the woes they create… 51 more words


Would it make a difference if you knew

I never got to tell you it was love at first sight
When you picked me up that night
I never got to say how you make me feel… 181 more words

Poems And Thoughts

Apathy Leads to Tragedy

As Dallas Willard explained in his book, The Divine Conspiracy, our culture is “flying upside down” in many ways. The things we believe, the way we spend our time and energy and our worldviews are all distorted to a degree. 306 more words