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Stepping Stone (my first poem)

I am merely a stepping stone

Feet find their way upon me

Only to move to higher ground

Sometimes one pauses to gaze from their perch… 69 more words


Bounce Rate: A Critical and Misunderstood Metric

Your bounce rate says a lot about your site, but you have to put it into context. For some sites, site-wide bounce rate is a very useful metric, for others, not so much. 18 more words

Life Experiences

Home Life

Every teenager feels pressure as they’re growing up. Whether it is pressure put on by themselves or by other people. It is always there. For me, it’s put on by other people.  535 more words


Shadows on the Wall

Seeing your shadow
pass across the windows in the next room
there is a sense of dread.

The next conversation
will be filled with apologies… 53 more words


"Two Sides of the Same Coin"


When you live from love, your heart will hurt immensely. Your tears will flow a never ending stream. Your insides will burst at the sight of others’s suffering. 77 more words