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Rage episode brings about advocacy

Today has beaten me. I’m black and blue and trailing blood.

The culprit? Another rage episode. That’s what my doc calls it – a rage episode. 400 more words

Bipolar Ride

No Fighting Today

I have no energy, my pain is swallowing me whole. The family people around me treat me like an unwelcome stranger.

My body hurts. My mind is reeling, but numb. 27 more words

Daily Life


What does it mean to be normal? What does a normal person do when they feel worthless? Do they talk about it? Write about it? Or just let it be? 85 more words


In the spirit of pointing out the 'obvious'

What is left unsaid, is unsaid, and remains unsaid until said. If you feel misunderstood then speak, then listen, then keep speaking and listening until you strike a common language where you can be recognised through the filters of the other and you can see the other’s perspective. 50 more words

Journal Notes

The misunderstood...

I saw a dying rat today. It was hunched over its hole, weeping; out there in the street, in the daylight, where everybody could see it. 638 more words

Thompson Crowley

My Life With Aspergers

Yes, I have Aspergers Syndrome. Didn’t have a diagnosis until I was 21, and it’s been a struggle ever since I could remember…

It makes me upset that  calling someone autistic is now considered an insult. 1,355 more words

Adults With Aspergers