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An Important Lesson for the Perpetually Misunderstood

Are you perpetually misunderstood?  Do you feel like people just don’t really get you?  What do you attribute that to?  Your exceptional depth?  Your unique brand of weird?   1,185 more words

That Adopted Girl

Thank you, but...................

Dog communication to a dumb human:

We’ve been back from our walk
For a while now.
Thank you for taking me.

Yes, that was very nice. 122 more words

Being Sober

Day 28: What do people most misunderstand about you?

I think that the thing people most misunderstand about me is my choice to not drink alcohol. 697 more words


What has this world come to?!

Watch “The Truth About Robin Williams Suicide” on YouTube

Good morning. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or maybe I am starting to unlock all the feelings of depression and loneliness I have repressed within myself for so long. 765 more words

Thoughtful Words


I feel like my living room is closing in around me. My chest feels like someone is sitting on top of me and I can feel the weight of the walls and the room above me closing in, yet I can see that the walls are stable. 563 more words


I can read you like a book but I barely speak my own language

I’ve been studying psychology and reading up on zodiacs

I’ve been looking at my past and my parent’s past

I’ve been gathering information on anatomy… 144 more words