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It’s always dope seeing an artist progress and Josi Green has been putting in the work necessary to get better and better. 61 more words

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Three Misunderstood Things 7-24-2017

This week: census, environmental regulations, coal jobs

I. The census

What’s misunderstood about it: How can counting people be a partisan issue?

What more people should know:  2,185 more words



People don’t really listen, do they?
When you talk about something, they don’t really bother to hear you, do they?
And if they should bother to listen, they listen just for the sake of listening. 510 more words

The Bible Is Great!

It’s hard for some people to hear that, it’s even harder for them to say. I daresay that many of the people that read my blog would tend to agree that the Bible is in fact great. 927 more words

Malentendido (Misunderstood)

by Mara White
Publication Date: July 22, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Taboo, Romance

Purchase: Amazon

Whatever force made Lucky, either God or the Universe, wrapped him so tightly around my heart that sometimes I’m suffocating. 264 more words

Contemporary Romance

Behind A Cover

Written: November 3, 2012

Under this smile,

There is pain.

But you couldn’t tell, could you?

A physical appearance is not always as it appears. 86 more words


I think the way expectations are set up for apologies makes it way too easy for “I’m sorry” to be said and for grievances to be brushed off. 154 more words