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10 Bible Facts Everybody Gets Wrong

While some verses have been drilled into us since our childhood Sunday-School days, a few of the facts and we think we know about the Bible can’t be any further from the truth. 1,859 more words

In Stasis

Currently in stasis – which is really sort of o.k., because that’s where the action is. Even if you don’t think it, it thinks without you. 81 more words

Work In Progress

The Five Senses of Me

Talk to me like I’m glass

And you’re afraid to get cut

Touch me like I’m a corpse

And you can’t shake me awake

Listen like I’m a rerun… 33 more words

Weight Training for Weight Loss

Many people have misunderstood or misinterpreted the importance of weight training. They believe that they would bulk up or look huge and bigger if they lifted weights. 18 more words

Diet, Fitness & Beauty

Justice for FASD - 8th Video Series

Being an adolescent male can be hard. But add to that an invisible disability affecting how you learn, how you think and how you behave… it can soon become a nightmare. 21 more words


Definitions Of Fact, Theory, And Law In Scientific Work

Over at the National Centre for Science Education, they have a handy little explainer of what a Fact, Theory, Hypothesis, and Law is in scientific work. 65 more words


Must Care 

No. I don’t find it thrilling to impose;

this isn’t some mindless, flailing.

Wouldn’t expect you to know,

for it’s a secret; unique code.

Yes. That at least one… 6 more words