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Forever Misunderstood.


My words, a foreign language. My actions, overlooked. My love, unprecedented, but forever misunderstood.

My character, Ill received, my care, maliciously mistaken, my heart as big as it could, yet and still I am forever misunderstood. 59 more words


Explain Yourself

No one likes to be misunderstood. Even though every teen movie would have you believe that.

You know, it’s cool to be misunderstood in films. You’re moody and frustrated, but at least you have moody and frustrated friends. 305 more words

I wonder what I did

I wonder what I did
To lose touch
To lose the sense
The meaning
The reason
Just staring out
Into the abyss
Why say things… 15 more words


You don't stop Puking just because You KNOW that you're sick....same thing with Bipolar

This is one of my favorite analogies for Bipolar disorder!

I feel like people have some sort of expectation regarding Bipolar and depression.

It goes something like this… 699 more words

Bipolar Us

Those therapists and Psychiatrists are so Freaking RUDE

Think about it…

They sit there writing away while you are talking and they are asking you shit…

and then

they don’t even have the decency to SHOW you what they wrote. 567 more words


Day 5: Offering Up the Risk of Being Misunderstood

For as long as I can remember, up until about 10 years ago, being misunderstood had been a fear and a stronghold in my life. For many years, I didn’t talk much in social settings and looking back now, I wonder if some of it (much of it?) had to do with just this issue. 446 more words


Heartbeat Speaks

OctPoWriMo Day 5

The optional Poetry Prompt for Day 5 is to capture a relationship or a feeling by showing it.  The optional Word Prompts are:  Love, Heartbreak, Tacenda (“things better left unsaid”), Basorexia (“the strong desire to kiss”)  Click the link above for further information. 64 more words