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Is it?

You would never know what comes into life. It is more than just a roller coaster ride. You would have to duck, roll, hide, side step, and climb or drag yourself up or down. 327 more words

Know Thy Self


Okay, so maybe I should just say some things to get them out of my system. This is MY blog after all…

– You idiots who call yourselves my friends, we are as good as strangers because you have no inkling about anything that has happened in my life lately. 81 more words


Phone Calls

He is standing there, not in the wrong, but he doesn’t understand me. The words I hear leave my lips don’t translate to any form of conversation I thought I was leading. 234 more words

Written Thoughts

Sound of 2017 hasn't been "Misunderstood" by British Duo

I challenge you to sit still whilst listening to ā€Ghetto Styleā€. Even under the desk at work Iā€™m trying to stifle the automatic bum wiggle that occurs when listening to this… 193 more words


I Think; I Want Out?

I’m a bein’ accustomed to loneliness
I live in the midst of persons who will never understand me
In a world were happiness is all that’s needed
Everyone rejects me


Deleting Poison...?

Old Emails from the man I loved
Pop up on my old emails sections
And they –

Pass through my brain and my bloodstream
Like the deadliest Poison, most horrific agony… 111 more words