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The Crimson of Cambridge

I was never ever so excited than I was when I stepped on Cambridge. I was fangirling all the time. The history, the view, was too much for me to behold. 333 more words


Rating the Websites of the Nation's Top Technology Universities

I started in computers in 1970, got a B.S. degree in computer science,  and a masters later, was a member of an IBM/DEC effort to computerize the college campus. 1,175 more words


Zika - The Gene-Editing Fix That Will Blow You Away

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com
Jon Rappoport
February 9, 2016

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“Logic students used to learn: you can have a perfectly valid argument, even if your premises, your first assumptions are completely false. 373 more words


Recognizing Correct Code

[T]here are indeed universal properties of correct code that you can learn from one set of applications and apply to another set of applications.

What, Who, When, Where?

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Albert Einstein’s gravitational waves may be confirmed on Thursday

The first-ever detection of gravitational waves, which scientists could announce on Thursday, would open a new window on the universe and its most violent phenomena. 278 more words

Black History: Shirley Ann Jackson

Shirley Ann Jackson (August 5, 1946, Washington, D.C.) – She was the first African American woman to receive a doctorate degree from MIT.

-She received her Ph.D. 38 more words

Black History

programmable nano matter, carving new socio-architecture aesthetics— a brief entry.

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 “Programmable nanotechnology atoms;” tiny robotic cylinders made of micro-electric mechanical systems; powerful machine just microns in size, slightly larger than the width of a human thumb; if not, much smaller and compact. 629 more words