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Humanitarian Innovation Meets Co-Creation: Involving Future Inhabitants/Users in the Design Process

This past spring, I attended three sessions of a class at MIT called Humanitarian Innovation: Design for Relief, Recovery, and Rebuilding. I had to drop the class because I couldn’t fit the commute into my schedule, but I learned a lot from its Professors even in the small amount of time I spent there. 403 more words

Amazing resource for learning C++

C++ is very powerful language and learning it can be a bit daunting for some. I’ve found a beautiful course in MIT OCW.

The link to the course is as follows:  127 more words


WiFi Makes Your House See Through. Now With AI Augmentation

I briefly mentioned the other day how technology could allow deep state actors to see through walls through the use of drones and sonic imaging.  If I had written this in the 80’s and 90’s, I would have been labelled a crack pot or a conspiracy theorist.  578 more words


Engineers at MIT Design New Autonomous Glider

By: Iain M.

MIT engineers have recently designed a hybrid vehicle equal parts sailboat and glider. The Albatross glider is built both to skim across the surface of the water and glide through the air.    441 more words

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"We cannot build technology for equality and democracy unless we have and we harness diversity in its creation."

“Continue to engage with people outside your discipline, your gender, your race. Talk with people who grew up in different places, who believe different things, who live and worship differently than you do. 60 more words

New VR Drones Will Save Lives In Earthquake Disasters

by Edouard Roux

Flying a drone is not an easy task. You need an obstacle-free zone and, until recently, someone to pilot it from a distance. 307 more words


Extracting Water from Fog

Most of us take it for granted that water is as close as your kitchen tap. But that’s not true everywhere. Two scientists at MIT have a new method for… 316 more words