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Created Date: 4/16/2014 5:32:30 PM Alles nur zu unserem Besten. Unter Partnern gibt es keine Geheimnisse und wenn unsere Politiker nichts zu verbergen haben, dann geht es auch völlig in Ordnung wenn CHRISTLICHE UND THEOLOGISCHE LINKS ZU RESSOURCEN – eine Stichwortsammlung & kommentierte Linkliste– ca. 377 more words


Extracurriculars: Do's and Don't's

It’s not a mystery that colleges look at students’ extracurriculars as well as grades. In fact, if you’re planning on applying to top schools like the Ivies, MIT, CalTech, or even the mid-to-high UC’s, you need to have spent substantial time outside of school academics for them to consider your application. 508 more words


MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) Has Had A Major Break Through On Fusion Energy. Cheap & Abundant Energy Will Lift The Poor Of The World Out Of Poverty!

Fusion Energy – MIT’s Had A Break Through.  Will the poor of the world be lifted out of poverty?  That will be a real thorn in the side of the New World Order thugs.  44 more words

safety schools

The college admissions process is constantly evolving, and it’s getting more competitive every year. Our year, Class of 2022, has been experiencing record high applicant numbers for many good schools, meaning that previously “easy” schools to get into are now rather competitive. 90 more words


should I get an application counselor?

Short answer: Getting one may be very helpful! I got one for help on my public school application, but not on private school ones. They give useful advice and information on the application process and catch mistakes you make in your application. 266 more words


A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal”

The startup accelerator Y Combinator is known for supporting audacious companies in its popular three-month boot camp. There’s never been anything quite like Nectome, though. 18 more words