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Quintessential MIT Photo!!!!

We ventured quickly down into the bowels of a MIT building, into the glass laboratory there, but this photo op made me stop in my tracks. 112 more words

Camp Nano Won. Steer Roasting. Life is Good. #CampNaNoWinner2016 #amwriting

Fifty-plus hours of editing in April — I did it.

I am in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at my alma mater, MIT. Technology is still a Mother. 186 more words


Cambridge: Internet of Things

On April 27, 2016, I attended a panel discussion about the Internet of Things at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA. The discussion was sponsored by the MIT Sloan School of Management, and the panelists were: 380 more words


Download the video recording of Lecture 8 of Emerging Technologies

MCS and MIT 3 students can download the video recording of the lecture 8 of Emerging Technologies delivered by Sir Waqas Asghar on April 29, 2016.



A New Glimpse Into Working Memory

When you hold in mind a sentence you have just read or a phone number you’re about to dial, you’re engaging a critical brain system known as working memory. 78 more words


Jean-Jacques Degroof - MIT IDE 2015 - theCUBE

“I came out of this conference with tons of ideas in my head, of course, but one of them is about the implication of this new digital economy on education and how we need to teach our children.” 103 more words

Jean-Jacques Degroof