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On Happiness and Fulfillment

Some time last semester, I was having a particularly bad day. The weather was shitty as always. I just got rejected by 3 companies. I just got back a quiz which I knew I did terribly on. 524 more words


MakeMIT // 2.28.15

I participated in/shot MakeMIT yesterday! It’s a hardware hackathon, and some people came up with some really cool projects.

YAY team! We basically just wanted to play with the Myo armband so we tried to make a gesture controlled wheelchair (as in those two did the actual software stuff to make it work and I made a janky scaled down wheelchair out of acrylic, the MakerBot, electrical tape, and superglue). 22 more words

choosing a license

In addition to my last post about the copyheart “licence” I am sharing a link to a homepage which helps to choose a licence for your project. 13 more words

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Svakog utorka besplatan ulaz u Istorijski muzej Srbije

Istorijski muzej Srbije, nakon velikog interesovanja javnosti za besplatan ulaz u Muzej na Dan državnosti Republike Srbije, odlučio je da od 1. marta svakog utorka besplatno otvori svoja vrata . 113 more words

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Zoombinis, a lonely obsession

Growing up I was all about computer games. I think the obsession started at school, where we would play things like Oregon Trail and Kid Pix. 277 more words

Everyday Clichés

Tiny mollusc on beach could hold key to augmented reality

A tiny mollusc found on British shores may hold the secret to developing an “augmented version” of reality – a discovery that could potentially revolutionise the fledgling world of wearable apps such as Google Glass. 590 more words

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