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A Spoonful of Sugar

By Sonya Rehman

There’s nothing more soul-satisfying than slicing your spoon through a perfectly round, wobbly-soft gulab jamun set in a sizzling little katori filled with sweet syrup, piping hot. 1,137 more words


Khoya and Chocolate Mithai


Mawa (Khoya) – 2 cups

Sugar – 1/3 cup

Milk – ¼ cup

Cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons

Rose water – 1 tablespoons

Few rose petals… 149 more words

Nolen Gurer Kacha Golla (Date-palm Jaggery flavoured Chenna laddoos)

While I lived in Mumbai, the need to make Bengali sweets never quite entered my mind; one, because I wasn’t cooking that much back then, and two, because apart from the North Indian and Maharashtrian varieties of mithais, we also had Bengali sweet shops to fulfill our craving. 442 more words


Besan ke Laddu

Besan ke Laddu is a Sweet dish. It is one of the most famous mithais in India.

Ingredients : 500 gms of besan, 500 gms of sugar powder, 400 gms ghee, 7-8 elaichi (Cardamom), little bit of grinded Nutmeg, 50 gms Cashew Nut. 120 more words


Almond Burfi (fudge)

In India, burfi, similar to fudge, is usually served at special occasions, festivals or at a wedding. There are many variations to making burfi but when I came across the recipe below, it seemed simple to make because it is baked (versus cooked on the stove as you would do with candy or fudge). 154 more words


Besan Ladoo

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Besan Burfi - from the heirloom

This is my mom’s signature dish – she has been making this since decades literally. All my relatives, cousins, friends love it. Because of the long shelf life of this sweet, it is often packed along as a parting gift, and many times is made in large quantities to ‘pack with love’ in the luggage for folks going out of the country for study or work. 687 more words