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ABC's of DH Tanking - Part 3 (Soul Fragments)

With the basics out of the way, it’s time to discuss a topic that has a bit more weight to it – Soul Fragments.

Soul Fragments function as a resource for all Demon Hunters, but where they are a healing mechanic for Havoc, serving no other purpose, for Vengeance, they are a cornerstone of our gameplay. 952 more words


THe 'scientic approach to life' methods/study

my thesis:/findings Im getting heavier/bulking. Therefore, need to do more press ups. Sets of current, new low, pb: 21. Need to get back to 33/40, failure range. 140 more words


ABC's of DH Tanking - Part 1 (Demon Spikes)

I thought a lot about trying to write a really basic guide to Demon Hunter tanking, but I thought I’d be retreading a lot of ground – Sunnier has excellent ones for Vengeance on her… 1,361 more words


Earthquake Mitigation Saves Lives

♪♪ (wave sounds) Hoyt FieldsI was in my office, and all of a sudden, the building started to rumble the building started to rumble and I was saying something’s going on. 23 more words

The "Fragments" Build - And Why It's My Favorite (So Far)

I’ve been dabbling with a lot of builds as my Demon Hunter has progressed through Legion.

At the start, with low gear level and low understanding of the class, I took what has come to be the traditional newbie build. 1,267 more words


Climate-smart design for ecosystem management: a test application for coral reefs

The interactive and cumulative impacts of climate change on natural resources such as coral reefs present numerous challenges for conservation planning and management. Climate change adaptation is complex due to climate-stressor interactions across multiple spatial and temporal scales. 243 more words


Using prokaryotes for carbon capture storage

Geological storage of CO2 is a fast-developing technology that can mitigate rising carbon emissions. However, there are environmental concerns with the long-term storage and implications of a leak from a carbon capture storage (CCS) site. 213 more words