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A good Kiwi isn't acidic: how ocean acidification is affecting the New Zealand economy

In a country that houses a mere 4 million people, it is no wonder that agriculture has become the main facet of New Zealand’s economy. However, while the sheep and produce have flourished from land protection laws, marine life has struggled in recent years due to an increase in oceanic carbon levels. 232 more words


Hood Canal property will compensate for Navy construction at Bangor - Watching our Waterways

Good news. Some movement on getting property to offset the Navy’s construction on the shoreline.

Hood Canal Coordinating Council has finally found some shoreline property to compensate for environmental damage from the Navy’s $448-million Explosives Handling Wharf at Bangor.

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Puget Sound

It's not just the plight of the bumblebee, we need to protect all our pollinators

Kate Rowell, Grantham Institute and Imperial College Business School Master’s student studying Climate Change, Management and Finance, looks at why bees are suffering the impacts of climate change and what this means for global biodiversity and food security. 815 more words

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Using a Radon detector to estimate entry rate

Radon gas levels in indoor spaces are known to fluctuate considerably, so continuous monitoring is necessary to compute long-term averages. This particular radon detector, which uses continuous air sampling coupled to algorithm-based alpha spectrometry, is designed to do this job and has gained good reviews on Amazon. 1,130 more words

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Invoking uncertainty can be perilous

The past couple of weeks have seen something of a storm of protest directed at Bret Stephens of the New York Times, following the publication of his first column… 733 more words

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Latest developments in mitigation

The International Institute for Sustainable Development’s SDG Knowledge Hub provides an update on mitigation efforts globally.

Mitigation Update: Countries Progress Towards Renewable Energy Targets, CDM Enhances Access for Electricity Projects… 786 more words

Climate Change

The influence of ocean acidification on the economic vitality of shellfish hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest: A meta-analysis

Ocean acidification is the chemical process that results in the decrease of ocean pH levels. This decrease is caused by the diffusion of atmospheric carbon dioxide into Earth’s oceans. 277 more words