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Different types of cell division occur in all the types of organism from unicellular to multi-cellular. Because of a kind of cell division, bodily size of organisms increases and in other type of cell division, reproductive cells are developed and in some other cases organisms multiplies through binary fission. 23 more words


Phases of Mitosis

Division of the nucleus of a diploid cell (a cell with 2N chromosomes; 46 or 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes)


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Poem | Saturn Ascends

Saturn Ascends by MV Blake

As Mars ascended,
One split in two;
The mitosis of fact
Splitting right through.
An anaphase ritual
Lining the floor, 139 more words


Locura celular

¡Dos entradas en un día! SoldadoPacífico se esta volviendo loco

Se esta poniendo muy de moda un juego onlune muy simple y divertido, agar.io, consiste simplemente en sobrevivir. 106 more words