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Scrape Yourself? What Happens?

If I were to scrape a part of my skin so deeply that it bleeds I would not be happy. I would be very conscious of the fact that I have a wound and it could possibly leave a scar. 367 more words


Who's your daddy?

I’m making this the last Burble of this Academic Year. It’s partly a feeling that inspiration is close to running on empty and partly sheer exhaustion. 621 more words

Year 12

Funny Monday 1

Occasionally life gets a little depressing so as a remedy for all of this I thought I’d post a few jokes here every Monday of this month. 156 more words


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Mitosis,hücre bölünmesi anlamına gelen Mitosis ile oyun oynamya var mısın?Renkli hücreler ile harita üzerinde dolaşırken diğer senden küçük hücreleri yiyerek büyüyeceksin.Kendiinden büyük Mitosislerden kaçmalısın yoksa yem olursun.Oyunun amacı etrafta bulunan yemleri ve diğer oyuncuların hücrelerini yemektir.Agar,io oyunu mouse ve klavye ile oynanır. 82 more words

EOC Review: Unit 4 Review / Research and Explore

With several students in each of my classes absent because of the Algebra EOC, we used the class period to review a variety of concepts up through Unit 4.   98 more words


Nerd Alert

My last post was a while ago, and it is because business is simply booming.  I haven’t been able to write as much because I have been living in the library researching in order to complete projects for my clients.   694 more words