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Student internship – Instructional Strategies (1 class period) – classroom observation.

Student internship – Instructional Strategies (1 class period) – classroom observation.

This observation was done in a regular biology classroom (1th period) in typical settings of large urban high school. 1,172 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 94: It's Time for the Almighty Cram

It’s the morning and I’m currently awake, hence my writing this.

Surprising, I know.

Still, it’s the first time in a while that I’ve been up and writing here as usually I do it in the evening as it’s a lot easier to procrastinate then than it is now, although this is being productive in a sense, so it’s not really procrastinating. 523 more words


Unit 7 Test

Below is your link to your Unit 7 test. The questions will be on the test form given to you by your instructor. Please answer all questions on the google form. 22 more words

Honors Biology

Unit 7 Review

Our Unit 7 Test is tomorrow (wait… what?)

We’ll be reviewing once more in class today but I wanted to make you aware of a resource available to you. 150 more words

Honors Biology

The Unit 7 Hunger Games

Today in #hbio we’ll be reviewing for Wednesday’s test over Unit 7. To review, you’ve been selected to be Tributes in the Unit 7 Hunger Games!!! 109 more words

Honors Biology

Books I Read in 2015 (What I'm Reading #8)

Last year, I decided to take on the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge. My goal was to complete thirty-six books (three books a month). Here are the books I managed to complete. 556 more words


Double Edged Swords

Genetically modified organisms are the substance of a lot of emotional debate. Are they on the whole beneficial or are they on the whole detrimental. Bill Nye has recently found himself changing his long held opposition to them just recently. 2,116 more words

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