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DNA is our identity. It’s our code. It’s why our cells are able to work. It is the foundation for who we are. It’s what makes us who we look like. 224 more words

The Study Of Life

Sulforaphane, the Phytochemical that could (kill cancer stem cells that is)!

Sulforaphane is an anti-cancer compound in cruciferous vegetables, mostly commonly credited to Broccoli. Here’s another another amazing natural compound in the Isothiocyanate family.┬áIt down regulates glutathione, increases ROS, and inhibits WNT signaling in the cancer cells. 71 more words


From Brown: "Mitosis study finds potential cancer target"

Brown University

August 30, 2016
David Orenstein

An unusual relationship. A rendering depicts the specific and unique interaction between proteins PP1-gamma and either RepoMan or Ki-67, which presents a potential target for cancer. 1,021 more words

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Scrape Yourself? What Happens?

If I were to scrape a part of my skin so deeply that it bleeds I would not be happy. I would be very conscious of the fact that I have a wound and it could possibly leave a scar. 367 more words


Who's your daddy?

I’m making this the last Burble of this Academic Year. It’s partly a feeling that inspiration is close to running on empty and partly sheer exhaustion. 621 more words

Year 12