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Poem | Saturn Ascends

Saturn Ascends by MV Blake

As Mars ascended,
One split in two;
The mitosis of fact
Splitting right through.
An anaphase ritual
Lining the floor, 139 more words


Locura celular

¡Dos entradas en un día! SoldadoPacífico se esta volviendo loco

Se esta poniendo muy de moda un juego onlune muy simple y divertido, agar.io, consiste simplemente en sobrevivir. 106 more words


Kirby Mitosis

Creds to “ker222.tumblr.com”

This is so cute and I feel like it’s a simple way of putting mitosis into perspective.


The Cell Cycle Song: embarrassing for me & educational for you!

So…I am by no means a singer – I will belt it out in the comfort of my home or in my car driving to work (yes – I’m one of those people).   594 more words


Down sides and advantages of reproduction

Through sexual and asexual reproduction, the parent passes on their traits to their offspring. There can be disadvantages and advantages to both.

A downside to asexual reproduction is that the offspring is the parent’s clone and if the parent has a disorder, so will the offspring since their DNA is identical. 78 more words