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How to Install a Window Security Stay | Mitre 10 Easy As

Click Here for more window security tips. It is very important to have a safe and safe home. A Securitstay allow you to open your window a percentage, while keeping your home protected. 8 more words

Bishop's head dress - a contribution to a debate

What Bishops wear on their heads has been causing some discussion, some seem to be very bothered about it, most probably are not. Well, it is the… 359 more words


Linux kernel ACPI-centric CVE-2017-13694: Awaiting Analysis

Source: MITRE
Last Modified: 08/25/2017

This vulnerability is currently awaiting analysis.

The acpi_ps_complete_final_op() function in drivers/acpi/acpica/psobject.c in the Linux kernel through 4.12.9 does not flush the node and node_ext caches and causes a kernel stack dump, which allows local users to obtain sensitive information from kernel memory and bypass the KASLR protection mechanism (in the kernel through 4.9) via a crafted ACPI table. 31 more words

The mitre

Tomorrow brunch. Lady day in my fave town.

A review will come . The place is sooooo nice

Ok the breakfast was very good.

Especially scrambled eggs. 81 more words

Three Things Thursday: 25 May 2017

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog  with the happy* 443 more words

Three Things Thursday

Scripture Portion of Week 20: Tetzaveh

Exodus 27:20-30:10

The previous reading portion described the tabernacle and some of the furniture. One piece was the menorah, the 7 branched lampstand (25:31-38). In this portion, God instructed the priests to light the menorah daily as “a statute forever” (27:21). 817 more words


Chop saw mitre framing jig

Easy to make (ply & baton) checks accuracy of chopsaw 90° cut


1 joint 1 cut, or, 2 joints 1 cut…



~§~ 12 more words