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We Got Nothing But Night

When David Garza announced on the afternoon of Saturday, April 2, 2016, that he was planning a set with some guests in The Little Room at… 936 more words

Arms of Bad Waltersdorf, Austria

Granted 1967

Blazon: Per pale argent a lion’s head couped, caboshed, and crowned azure and of the second a mitre of the first garnished or


Arms of Bad Vigaun, Austria

Granted 1962

Blazon: Sable the head of St. Dionysus couped argent, wearing a miter gules garnished, bearded, and nimbed or, in base three bezants


Arms of Neckarbischofsheim, Germany

In use since 1766; granted 1950

Blazon: Argent on a base vert a bishop robed argent, cloaked and mitred gules, garnished and bearing in the dexter hand a croizer and in the sinister an open book or


MITRE' Horrible New CVE ID Scheme and Spindoctoring

Today, The Register wrote an article on MITRE’s announcement of a new CVE ID scheme, and got many things wrong about the situation. As I began to write out the errata in an email, someone asked that I make it public so they could learn from the response as well. 707 more words


Pony Tail

No matter what else you say about the Roman Catholic Church, you’ve got to give us cred for our rituals and our ceremonials. You also should give us a nod for our clerical attire. 663 more words


status of MITRE Copernicus

AFAIK, Copernicus was the first firmware vulnerability analysis tool. MITRE’s research in this area is required reading for anyone learning x86 firmware security. But then, half of the 4-person team left MITRE to create LegbaCore, and have since both joined Apple. 159 more words