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Time for the Angry Black Man to emerge.

President Obama was not the the worst performer on the stage tonight, that dubious honor belongs to Jim Lehrer, who should resign from PBS first thing tomorrow morning. 295 more words


Romney Coronation finds its court jester.

When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used last night’s keynote speech at the GOP Convention to nominate himself as the GOP candidate in 2016, an approach which basically acknowledged the reports that he would not resign as governor in order to be… 202 more words


Mr. Good-Hair and The Incredible Comb-Over 2012!

I’m gonna try and be bipartisan here and give the GOP some useful advice. The way to deal with Mitt Romney being so thoroughly unlikeable is to drop the… 58 more words


Why is Mitt Romney so damned unlikable?

Annie Laurie explains:

Mitt keeps making it obvious that, for him, anyone not a white male worth at least a few million is just an interchangeable cog. 47 more words

Mitt 2012

Romney in a nutshell.

(CBS News) MINNETONKA, Minn. – Mitt Romney told a group of donors on Thursday night that “big business is doing fine in many places,” due to its ability to better deal with regulations and because large companies can utilize “low tax havens around the world.” 14 more words

Mitt 2012