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Happy Birthday Mitt Romney

The American public may forget a political candidate faster than a bullet train leaving a Tokyo station, but Ohio Astrology doesn’t. OHA doesn’t write about a man for over year and just forgot about him. 703 more words

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I Don't Believe in Astrology, but My Cat Does

Really, I believe astrology is all hogwash and we people of the earth have free will, something you see each and every day as humanity greets the rising sun with a new, fresh approach to another day of consciousness. 678 more words

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Ohio Astrology's Presidential Prediction

Astrologers are much like analysts – we want to be right. We analyze data to understand a confusing world of inconsistency, feelings, double speak and people’s rationalizations of their actions under the mantle of philosophies and religions. 675 more words

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Renegade, Rebel, Revolutionary - What's up with the Letter R?

Thinking today about someone I know, the R words came to mind – renegade, rebel and revolutionary.

Oh, how I love a revolutionary! Really, revolutionaries are few and far between and our use of the word has gone way, way down since the 1960s. 348 more words

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October 22 President Debate: Astrological Weather Forecast

Columbus, OH: On Monday, October 22 in Boca Raton, Florida there is a strong chance of an emotional frost that stings to the touch as the moon and Saturn embrace in the sign of Scorpio. 247 more words

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Who's More Likely to Win a Duel - Obama or Romney?

After having watched the primary debates and election coverage since August 2011, I’m getting a little bored with this election. While last night’s debate questions (Tuesday, October 16) were good, I’ve been hearing the same questions or types of questions for over a year. 701 more words

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Ohio Astrology Presidential Debate Prep Sheet

Back in Byzantium in the mid 400s and early 500s, a debate raged about whether Christ was both human and divine or just divine. The belief that Christ was just divine is called… 760 more words

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