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Mitt Romney's "Day One" Ad Shows his Policies are Identical to George Bush's in 2008

Summary: The policies mentioned in this ad are identical to those of Bush in 2008. Have people forgotten that these policies caused the financial crisis and almost sent us into a depression. 317 more words


The GOPs Least Favorite Obama Tweets

And they all happen to be based on facts, not fantasy

  1. The Bush Tax Cuts will add 5 trillion dollars to the deficit over the next decade – @barackobama #teaparty #gop…
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Mitt Romney Open Mic Roundup

Romney has had his own hot-mic moment.  At Florida fundraiser (overheard by NBC’s Garrett Haake), Romney commented on the following:

  • He would eliminate HUD – so much for that supposed safety net for the poor that he spoke about in a gaffe earlier this year.  
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#9-13 - GOP Lies - Romney versus Reality (Part 2)

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Whatever Obama says, Romney comes out and says that he said the complete opposite. If he is not lying about what Obama has said, what else does he have to say? 24 more words


#2-8 - GOP Lies - Mitt Romney versus Reality

#2 – Apologize for America lie
#3 – Military Options on the Table lie
#4 – Lower Taxes lie
#5 – Drilling lie
#6 – … 12 more words