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3 Questions with Bob Evans: Bill Kristol on Mitt Romney, Donald Trump and conservative politics

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is one of the most conservative states in the nation, home to the right-leaning Sutherland Institute.

As part of a gala held recently, Sutherland Institute invited conservative commentator and founder of the Weekly Standard Bill Kristol to deliver its keynote. 180 more words



Michigan is a state that looks like a mitten waving goodbye to Falcor the luck dragon from The Neverending Story. When Mitt Romney was running for President in 2012, on a campaign stop in Michigan he mentioned how great it was to be back in Michigan “where the trees are just the right height.” Everyone took that as nonsense at the time, but I was in Michigan last week and you know what? 10 more words


Moore Morality

One of the advantages of writing this scruffy little blog, compared with, say, being a “journalist,” is I am not generally off in mad pursuit of deadlines.
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The Reasonable Conservative

I had begun to despair there were no more reasonable conservatives, but former failed presidential candidate and ultra-rich Mitt “Out Of Touch” Romney spoke up yesterday. 209 more words


Guilty until proven innocent? Romney says Roy Moore should step down, 'unfit for office' amid sex allegation charges

(National SentinelPile On: Count former two-time failed GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney among Republicans who are jumping on the bandwagon to proclaim that Judge Roy Moore ought to step aside amid unproven allegations of sexual misconduct 40 years ago. 504 more words


Mitt Romney: Roy Moore Should Step Aside After Sexual Abuse Allegations

(CNN) — Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tweeted Friday that he believes there is merit to the accusations of sexual abuse against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, adding that the Alabama Republican should “step aside.” 398 more words


Mitt Romney Declares Roy Moore 'Is Unfit For Office And Should Step Aside,' Prompting Plenty Of Reactions

While former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is reportedly preparing for a Senate run in Utah following Orrin Hatch’s retirement, the decidedly anti-Trump Republican has entered the ongoing Roy Moore discussion. 504 more words