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Trump Slams “Embarrassed Loser” Kristol Over Third Party Threat

Warns that ‘dummy lightweights’ must be countered with party unity.

By Steve Watson | Infowars.com

GOP nominee Donald Trump has blasted Weekly Standard Editor and arch neocon Bill Kristol, calling him an “embarrassed loser” after Kristol promised there would be a third party challenger to Trump in the presidential race. 339 more words

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Is your state or country going through urban renewal, rebuilding while displacing

Definition of GENTRIFICATION …

  The process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of upper-income or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents. 306 more words

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Meet Dr. Jill Stein: Anti-Establishment Progressive Running for President

From GQ.com:

Meet Jill Stein, the Other Anti-Establishment Progressive Running for President


The Green Party candidate rails against corporations and Wall Street. 1,355 more words


Newt Gingrich Rants About ‘Berserk’ Mitt Romney’s Anti-Trump Efforts

This is from Western Journalism. 

I guess that Mittens magic underwear shrank and is cutting off the blood flow to his brain.

“I don’t know what happened to Mitt, but it is weird …” 7,977 more words

Is the LP About to Nominate a Gun-Grabbing Big Government Neocon?

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson tapped former Massachusetts Governor William Weld as his pick for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 vice presidential nomination.  Though ardent Johnson supporters… 984 more words


The Reasonable Sexist

It’s time to put the Hillary hate aside. It may have taken her 24 years and a second presidential campaign but she’s finally admitted the 1994 crime bill might have been a mistake. 594 more words

Pols Follow Polls

May 24, 2016

Donald Trump made up the majority of his polling gap with Hillary Clinton by winning over skeptical Republicans. Donald Trump is winning over skeptical Republicans because he made up most of his polling gap with Hillary Clinton. 1,006 more words