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Obama screwing up at the presidential debate in 2012

(An email I wrote about Obama’s performance in the first debate against Romney in 2012. I had forgotten just how catastrophic that performance was. It was a short lived catastrophe, though, as Obama came roaring back in the second and third debates and neutralized the damage he’d done to himself in the first. 878 more words

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Donald Trump Will Win Tonight's Debate

Donald Trump will win tonight’s debate…..

Yup, that’s right!

The man with no real grasp of foreign affairs or how government works or how trade deficits… 148 more words


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Tonight's 1st General Election Presidential Debate

In 2012, over 70 million people watched the 1st debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, and tonight’s 1st presidential debate of the general election between… 140 more words


Watching the presidential debates is some elitist bullshit and doesn't inform you on any issues ... at all

No one should watch the presidential debates — especially not under the delusional self-righteous guise that what they’re doing is some higher form of entertainment (more sophisticated than say the Monday Night Football Game that will compete for viewers with the debate). 253 more words

Facebook Rants (Vol II)

I have a really bad habit of getting on Facebook and ranting about politics, when that is what this political blog is supposed to be about! 399 more words

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Team Clinton should think counterinsurgency when trying to neutralize Trump

If ever there were an insurgent candidate in American politics, is is surely Donald Trump. Which may explain why military metaphors seem so appropriate in describing how he captured the Republican nomination. 1,182 more words