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You cannot love others before loving yourself.
Similarly, you can not love yourself before you love love.

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A photo from the Defense Museum

This photograph can be found at the Norwegian Defense Museum — “Norwegian soldiers retreating to a new position further north in Østerdalen” during WWII. While American women were encouraged to knit for the troops, I can’t find any similar exhortations to women in Norway so I imagine, perhaps too sentimentally, that this soldier wears mittens knitted for him by his mother or sister or grandmother.

Randomly Adrift In Time And Space

A Flea Market, turns out has no fleas.

A neighbor drove Lena, Tait and I (Mom) to a decent size, outdoor flea market. Nanny watched the little ones who would want everything Mom wouldn’t buy, and the ones who would have to go potty every 5 vendors/booths, etc.(Thanks Nanny). 136 more words


Ravellenics Roundup

I made a last minute decision to join the 2016 Ravellenics challenge for Team Canada. I’m so glad I did, because I got so much knitting done! 209 more words


Latvian Mittens


When looking around ____, mum found a book called ‘Mittens of Latvia’ by Maruta Grasmane, which had 178 the designs broken down into colourwork charts – exactly what I had planned to do for the ones I really liked! 148 more words


World gives thumbs up to Canada's Olympic mittens

Pop Goes The News — A staple of many Canadians’ winter wardrobe got valuable global exposure Sunday night during the closing ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Olympics. 956 more words


Bodysuit Bonanza!  

Hey guys!

So I’m sure everyone already knows that one of the biggest trends to come out of the last two seasons is bodysuits. I remember my mum having a bodysuit or two when I was younger so it’s super cute for me to be able to slot them into my daily wardrobe too! 226 more words