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Epic Router - pfsense at home

So, my journey started about a year ago,

My family is meshed, meaning there are a large number of users in one household. Allow me to elaborate. 842 more words


Academic vs. Practical

I joined this “coding movement” (as I call it) only about a year ago, and started with HTML and CSS. Since then, I’ve delved deeper into web development and picked up JavaScript and jQuery, and I’ve also tried Python and might want to start Java soon. 393 more words


It’s Only Logical to Take This Math

By Joe Pickett, OCW Publication Director

If you’re interested in computer programming, you might be familiar with OCW’s extensive resources in the discipline, ranging from our… 432 more words

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Production Notes: Insight Into Building an Effective Online Course

What all goes into online course construction?  How much work is it and what skills do you need?  What are the best tools for the job?   140 more words


Genius: the flip side of crazy

The Grommet was named the 2016 “Disruptive Genius Company” at the largest digital and interactive awards gala in the country this week!  Woah.  Way back in 2010 the… 156 more words


Square Wave Oscillator with Op Amp

Straight out of the MITx 6.002x class. We were talking about Op Amps and how to combine positive and negative feedback to create a voltage oscillation (capacitor charge/discharge). 426 more words