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Square Wave Oscillator with Op Amp

Straight out of the MITx 6.002x class. We were talking about Op Amps and how to combine positive and negative feedback to create a voltage oscillation (capacitor charge/discharge). 426 more words


Ultimate MITX/MATX Championships - Round 4

SFF enthusiasts! Welcome to the 4th ever UMC showdown! For those of you that have already seen how the contest works, feel free to skip straight down to it and get to viewing and voting! 727 more words

Geeek A10 - Case Review

Note: I originally intended to try out some thermal testing on this case. It turned out that the PSU (Apevia 250w flex atx) that I bought, was a dud. 2,078 more words

Riotoro CR280 - Case Review

Fair warning: I noticed that there is very little information about this chassis aside from the Riotoro website and a few specs on Amazon. For that reason this review is quite more detailed and thorough than I would normally do. 2,359 more words

Silverstone RVZ02 - Case Review!

Silverstone is no stranger to small form factor PC’s. From their boxy htpc style Sugo series cases, to their slimline Milo series, they have proven numerous times that they understand the needs of the small form factor PC community. 1,107 more words

MIT announces new learning research initiatives

MIT’s committed efforts to understand learning and improve it at all levels of education took a big step forward yesterday. As reported by MIT News: 281 more words

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Join MITX on February 9th at Google Cambridge for a fresh perspective on leadership, talent, culture and development.

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This conference is to help mid to senior level leaders navigate their personal career development and become effective leaders… 140 more words