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This week, I almost died of laughter while watching the 1980 classic Airplane!. And yes, I was sitting in my apartment alone and loudly laughing. 786 more words

Egon's Ectoplasm

After a hard day trapping slimy ghosts, Dr. Egon Spengler can often be found practicing mixology in the lab.
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When Harry Met Sally

I have no excuse for not seeing this movie earlier in life. Just absolutely zero excuses. It’s one of my mom’s all-time favorites and I’ve heard how incredible it was (mostly from her, but others have mentioned it as well). 829 more words

WTGW 9/27/16: The Basement, Sagamore Hills

Once upon a time (like last summer), in a land far, far away (OK, not really) Ted pulled up lame for his turn to pick, and chose the newly opened  1,719 more words

New Places

Warm Winter Drinks

When the weather gets cold and snow begins to fall, there’s nothing better than hiding at home in front of the fireplace, enjoying a lovely warm winter beverage. 528 more words


Sunday Sippin': Frangelico Mojito

The Mojito like you’ve never seen it before! A touch of darker flavors like brown sugar and hazelnut takes this island-style, usually rum-based cocktail to a whole new level. 73 more words

The Rite

I hate scary movies. Hate hate hate hate hate.

Well, let me qualify that. I hate modern scary movies. They’re too gore heavy. I can’t resist the original scary movies though – things like  1,055 more words