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mixed emotions

It is my last day at work today before heading back off to university in Sussex. I’m having real mixed emotions about it and I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact I am moving back for good until May! 486 more words


The special men in my life. 

Helloooo! Finally back from Kota Kinabalu and I’ve been so knackered. It was basically as uneventful as I expected and had tons of eye-rolling moments (which were totally expected). 379 more words

Heart Error

Dear heart,

Can you get your shit together? No, seriously! You’re making wrong choices again..

My heart is beating for the wrong person. How on earth would I like someone who’s completely inconvenient for me? 284 more words


I'm Gonna Swear In This One

(This is a rant. Please don’t read this.)

I was going to right some shit about the “Honeymoon Phase” and how it’s followed by what I call the “Stable Phase” and that it is my opinion that the latter is a lot better than the former. 388 more words

Day 95 - New rhythm

Who am I? Or mainly, what am I? Am I still a student? Or am already integrated into a citizen like lifestyle? I am confused. By now it really got to me that I am not studying anymore. 277 more words

January 2017

On The Edge

“On The Edge”

I stood on the edge:

Where the bends of a man-made river
Blends, and collides with the streets
The sound of cars impedes, and infuses… 476 more words



Omg…I worked over 16 hours on Thursday, and just over 13 hours yesterday…an 8 hour shift today seemed so short by comparison. Crazy. And I’m also tired, so I  will probably go to bed soon… 391 more words