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mixed emotions

I have mixed emotions about Mondays…

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Kingstons 1st Day

O,goodness. My boy. He turned 4 and started school all within a couple months. So surreal! His first day of school was quite the riot. I drove him in and it was so chaotic, parents and kids, some screaming in fear, but most running around happily. 112 more words


Icicles and Flames

‚ÄčAt some stages you encounter circumstances where you get a lot of mixed emotions and struggle with choice between them. Here is my demonstration … 315 more words

Paradoxic Crux

Caught between the rocks

Of grieving over treasures

Lost yet also reveling

In pleasure over finding


Guilty conscience

It was Tracy Chapman (or Boyzone, depending on which version you prefer) who sang the line ‘Words don’t come easily’ – a rather apt statement for my old man. 527 more words

Mixed Emotions

Gut Feeling

I learned to love but then now I’m not so sure if I fell in love at the right time and with the right person. Everything is the same with this person and it’s working out but I had a conversation with a close family member that actually helped me open my eyes. 218 more words