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Mixed Emotions.

My brain hurts. Sometimes literally, due to actual headaches (more on symptoms later), and some just from the ping pong of thoughts in my head. 370 more words

The flames

I can feel the heat of the flames running down my arms, spreading across my palms, flowing from my fingertips as I step towards them. The smoke surrounds me, not choking but protecting, obscuring their vision and swirling around my feet. 108 more words


Deranged Thoughts #1

This ain’t for the best; my actions have never been worse yet I’m still here and trying to justify the means. I can truly confess that I messed up big time this time, and not even in a slightly tiny way.  278 more words


One Last Time

For one last time; I needed to have this conversation, I needed to show that I really am okay and that life was going well; although, I might be okay, but I’m not fine at all.  269 more words


1/2/18 Day 1: After Egg Retrieval

Feeling really lethargic from the anesthetic….luckily I don’t have to start work till later in the evening. So I slept for most of the day – with the phone close by. 244 more words

Mixed Emotions by Miss Terry

We certainly had mixed emotions when we saw the name of the setter – Miss Terry. Does this really mean that the proportion of active Listener lady setters is going up to about 3%, or is ‘Mystery’ some experienced setter lurking under a new pseudonym or just pronouncing his pseudonym in a new way? 383 more words

Solving Blogs

Listener No 4485: Mixed Emotions by Miss Terry

At first I thought that this would turn out to be Mr E under a different name, but the Listener website says otherwise and we were dealing with a new collaboration of setters. 592 more words

Solving Blogs