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Another Girl in His Life that Broke Her Apart

After 4 months, she received a text from him on one late evening. He was travelling to Delhi to participate in Business Plan competition. He shared with her how excited he is to present his business plan and roam around Delhi. 410 more words


Emotional He

Third year of engineering was unexciting for both of them. Their life seemed to be monotonous with regular project work, assignments, and presentations. In the whole academic year, they barely had any conversations, nor did they meet in person. 470 more words


Her Birthday during Sophomore Year

He became busy with his projects and training in his second year. He hardly used to text her. Every time she texted him, he used to reply her disinterestedly. 396 more words


A Bike Ride

Sooner their one word texts metamorphosed into paragraphs and then to essays. They used to exchange glances without uttering a word in their college premise. Soon the academic year came to end and exams were fast approaching. 596 more words


An Injured Toe

One day all their friends planned to go to the college by their cars instead of college bus. All of them gathered at one of their friend’s place. 526 more words


A Bus Journey to Remember

*In continuation with the previous read*

Though they shared a brief conversation on Day 2 of the fest and were exhibiting their bots in the same room with their teams, they have not talked to each other until Day 4, the last day of the fest. 415 more words


A Medicine That Helped Them Cross Their Paths For The First Time

Both of them were into the same college, but into different streams.

He was pretty famous in the college for his exceptional robot making skills and for winning every robot making competition he participated. 491 more words