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Destroying my new life in less than 2 weeks.

To give you an idea of how things were a few weeks ago.. life seemed ok. I was a little proud of myself I felt like I was getting somewhere and my inner demons were locked away for absolute good. 901 more words


Mixed Emotions

After facing some of my most critical beliefs, I emerged out of my therapist room with some pep in my step: a mix of a frolic in the meadow and Rocky’s ascent up those famous steps. 371 more words


Long Day - Mixed Emotions

Today started at 6am and did not slow down until 11pm.  Yes, it was long.  It was also a day that held mixed emotions.  I spent the day with old friends.   135 more words

Hannah Graham

Todays roller coaster. Such a thing as too much positive?

Today I took a huge step. I started a voluntary roll in a hospital! wooohooo go me and all that jazz. This is a good thing right? 678 more words


Watch "When God Made You lyrics.wmv" on YouTube {Anniversary Song For My Husband} Today Is Our Wedding Anniversary Yay Me😘

Baby I want to take some time and tell you you’re always there you’re in my corner you always got my back you always support me in everything that I do when life is hard and when people judge me when they shouldn’t and I appreciate that God made a special man and brought him into my life which is you I don’t know what I’ll do if I didn’t have you and if I didn’t know your type of Love or kind of love you show me because without you I am only a shell of a woman that I thought I could be but now with you I am everything that I possibly can be in my life you have brought me so much laughter Joy tears kids and love and unconditional love that only soulmates can actually feel in life and I want to take time and say I love you you’re my world you’re my oxygen that I breathe into my lungs you complete me you make me happy we have good times we have bad times my heart belongs to you you’re the keeper of my stars and without you I would desperately go insane because you’re my life you’re my love you’re my best friend your my lover you’re my husband you’re my everything that I could ever dream into this life that God has given me and just know no matter what storm we weather together throughout our years I will always be here loving you the best I can and that I always have been from your loving wife Tina 😘😍😘😍

Happy Anniversary Baby!


A rollercoaster of emotion...

9th September 2017.

Hello again.

I was wondering today what to write about, and then I realised that I was thinking more about how to impress and make myself noticed and not going with my heart. 784 more words

Block and Delete

When communication fails you and words do not seem to be getting through then there is only one thing left…BLOCK AND DELETE!

1. Your ex keeps coming back once in a blue moon popping up in your DMs with the same old bs of ‘checking up on you ‘ BLOCK AND DELETE… 246 more words