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About me.....

As I sit here in the quietness of the house waiting for the first child to wake up…..I have a bunch of mixed emotions running through my mind.   429 more words

Four Months Isn't Enough

As I’m coming to the halfway point of my adventure abroad, I’ve definitely gotten some mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I long for more than being reunited with my family and friends once again, but I don’t think I have ever missed anything more than I am about to miss this adventure. 627 more words


No Bounds....

All I saw was his image,
And the ink started to move on the paper;
All I could hear is his voice,
And the soul started to dance to his endless musings,
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Mixed Emotions


I’ve been feeling a bit confused lately… Kind of like I don’t quite know what or how to feel. If that makes sense. I wouldn’t say I’m sad, because there’s truly nothing to be sad about at this moment.. 136 more words


Pieces of Me

This past Wednesday, on my 28th birthday, we had our nuchal translucency scan. I don’t know the results yet, as the ultrasound findings and blood work get sent back to my doctor and she will advise me accordingly, if there is any cause for concern. 1,660 more words

Miles {a happy update}

Remember this gorgeous guy, Miles?

I had some news today: Miles has a new home!

Miles is with his new family as of Sunday. They own their home, with dog door and independent access to inside and outside as he wants, a nice big backyard and an active family accustomed to walking dogs each day. 182 more words

They say knowledge is power...

Is it really though? Most of us would love to say that we would have done something differently if we had a better understanding of a situation. 273 more words