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Guess who's back

4/15/15 Wed.

Guess who’s back, back again Wendy’s back tell your friends 😎

Hello beautifull people how’s everyone doing? I hope great and if not dont worry tomorrows a new day and opportunity to make it great cause you choose how you feel. 111 more words

Mixed Emotions

The Lyric Project 61.0


July 4th; A check off the bucket list for my wife; second time around for me …

Anngie, Angie
When will those clouds all disappear? 147 more words

The Lyric Project

Mixed Emotions

He’s the one that got my humor.

The one that i could laugh with.

He was my soul mate

for sixteen long years.

Years of pain and poison. 62 more words


mixed emotions

This very day came abruptly into their lives; as she started to ponder about the word Love.  In her mind, it meant to define that if two people get together sharing strong connections and feelings for one another, the feeling can manifest the meaning. 301 more words

Mixed emotions

So as the time gets closer for my trip and final payments are being made, I can’t help but to feel a wide array of emotions. 341 more words


All the hurt.

God damn do I wish you knew how much this hurts. To feel like you’re never good enough for you. To never feel important. I haven’t felt like this in months, and it’s just hitting me harder and harder everyday. 101 more words

Through The Mist Of Emotions!

I’ve really been pondering lately over what to do with this little piece of my life. Clearly I’ve been doing something else, because I sure as heck haven’t been writing much. 529 more words

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