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Military Talk: Mixed Emotions

I have known for months that my boyfriend would be leaving for bootcamp. At first I didn’t know a date, just a guess of “probably in March.” So I kept pushing all of my thoughts and feelings to the side because that was “so long” from now. 548 more words



Today was a rollercoaster.

It started out great. Really. I was happy and shit. Work didn’t really bother me. I was excited to see my boyfriend. 84 more words


My day went by almost unnoticed

The time just flew like the wind

I got my weekly massage to pamper myself

My Gandhi got a grandiose shower from me… 116 more words

My Gentle Giant

One week in... 

This year has started off a lot more eventful than I was expecting. Doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing it just means it’s different, that’s all. 89 more words


Mixed Emotions

Twas two days before Christmas and all through the oncology office, only a few patients were stirring, and I was one of them.  After fighting holiday traffic, or at least Louisville’s version of it, I welcomed the unexpected peace and quiet found in the waiting room this afternoon. 

554 more words
That's Another Story

The Most Typical Time of the Year

It’s almost Christmas.  Yesterday I sat down with the kids and told them how this week will unfold if everything goes the way I suspect it will– that there will be fun but also boredom; sweet moments but also snippy responses from siblings and parents with cabin fever; excitement but also hints of the blues, maybe.   231 more words