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Baby Davis #2

I found out I was pregnant with my second child when my daughter was 9 months old. I actually found out in a Dollar General bathroom, classy I know. 515 more words


Terrible Dreams....?!

Did anyone else get nightmares or just horrible dreams during pregnancy? I’m not even sure if its pregnancy related or maybe something else.

For a good few weeks now I’ve been hating going to sleep. 193 more words


Haven't posted in a few days..

Thought I’d make a post as I haven’t really written anything in a few days, today is Saturday 9th July, on Thursday I got sent home from work with pains on the left side of my stomach. 396 more words


Face Of Confusion - Tribal Art

The different hues in the face represent mixed emotions and confusion. I gave this painting a “tribal” touch.  My friends and family find this art scary. 10 more words


Daily Moments June 18 2016 bittersweet day (tanka)

sunny June day
mixed with emotions
bitter and sweet
perfect cycle of life
beginnings to endings

Daily Moments June 18 2016 bittersweet day


Mixed Emotions

It’s currently two in the morning and I’ve recently had a break-up. My concept of time is bad, it could’ve been a month ago. Even though I broke up with him, there are somethings I miss. 795 more words

Things That Have Happened To Me.

The fears and doubts of pregnancy..

This is something I’ve been struggling to write about because obviously, having a baby is meant to be the best feeling in the world. Once you hold your baby in your arms. 810 more words