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The first time I knew it was you

I was going to work like every other day. I was going in annoyed not wanting to be there, then I saw you and I didn’t care. 463 more words

On the beach

I’m sitting in an alcove, just underneath a cliff, 20m from the sea. It’s cold and grey and the pebbles keep shifting beneath me, but I don’t mind. 126 more words


What is this thing called love, anyway?

At first sight, i thought she was beautiful. There was something about her that made me curious. As Days passed by, i get to know her a little better. 286 more words


Late Nights Thinking About You...

It’s late, really late, I mean at this point you might as well say I’m up hella early. Thinking about you, day dreaming, fantasizing about the warmth of your skin the sensation of your lips touching mine and every where else on my body. 307 more words

Charlies Thoughts

Stammering mixed with social anxiety

What is it that links my stammer with being socially anxious? It is, as I have come to find out, a mixture of things. Firstly, there’s the act itself; the horrifying dread that fills my entire body at the thought of asking the checkout person, ‘can I try this on please’? 913 more words

Thoughts from the wee hours...

Living with a dog with a small bladder is like having a newborn again. You sleep in short chunks with multiple mid-night wakings. After having just climbed back in bed after yet another late night trip downstairs with Molly, I have so many random thoughts floating around… 634 more words

Life As I Know It