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Family Differences.

Wow.  Just got off the phone with my mom.  The call did not go well.  My relationship with my parents has not been easy.  Lots of ups and downs.   695 more words

Thoughts & Experiences

Midnight thoughts

after all the good deeds I’ve done,

one mistake,

one major mistake enough for him to think,

destroy all my reputation and inner self.

as if his eyes talk, 148 more words

Mixed Emotions

Fast Forward Please

So its been a bit since I have posted.  Mostly because all we’ve been doing is waiting.  Waiting for the worker to set up another visit with the girl we are going to mentor and waiting for the match meeting date for Girl #9.  473 more words



And the wait seems to be endless
Each meet seemed to be getting smaller and smaller
Each time he felt emotions he had never felt before… 51 more words

Tainted Love

Rain, rain go away!

It’s been such a crazy day. Crazy few weeks actually.

Isn’t it weird how we can be super sad and super happy all at the same time? 393 more words


February 20, 2016

The more I speak, the less they understand.

Nothing I could ever say, would make it go away.

A harsh reality, a price to pay.

February 12, 2016

Twisted Surface Eaters

It’s the kind of sad that leaves a bitter taste of regret and fear on your tongue. The kind of pain that goes away, not because you are better but because you can’t keep your mind in one place for too long. 37 more words