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Paradoxic Crux

Caught between the rocks

Of grieving over treasures

Lost yet also reveling

In pleasure over finding


Guilty conscience

It was Tracy Chapman (or Boyzone, depending on which version you prefer) who sang the line ‘Words don’t come easily’ – a rather apt statement for my old man. 527 more words

Mixed Emotions

Gut Feeling

I learned to love but then now I’m not so sure if I fell in love at the right time and with the right person. Everything is the same with this person and it’s working out but I had a conversation with a close family member that actually helped me open my eyes. 218 more words

whats on mind

Partiality is something I haven’t learnt from books and teachers, that’s somethings life taught me. And i don’t believe its about one’s favouritism rather about being irrational.Who says that not aborting a girl child means equality among a girl and boy? 307 more words

On love and geographical mistresses

The following post was composed en route from Madrid to Dublin and was a very cathartic exercise in introspection and understanding.

As I sit here on the plane, leaving Madrid, I’ve spent a good deal of time gazing down at the scene below. 1,927 more words



As I asked about her you were a bit hesitant to answer and I would’ve given anything to have seen your face as you sent me her photo. 38 more words