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"Mixed" Dating: What it was and What it Is

When we think about mixed dating or a ‘˜mixed’ marriage, we might each be thinking about different things. The ‘˜mix’ usually is not a reference to any one set of specifics. 599 more words

Interracial Dating

Is it a Sin for a Christian to Marry an Unbeliever?

This is a hotly debated and widely misunderstood subject amongst Christians. It seems the prevailing or majority view is that it is sinful. However, I hope to convince  the reader through bible exegesis that it is not sinful, provided the Christian is not hindered from following their belief and that they do not adopt the religius practices of the the unbelieving spouse. 4,239 more words

My 5 Indian Dreams

Today, I would like to reveal few of my secret dreams.

We all have dreams- some of them come true, some of them not…

I have a great number of dreams in my head, waiting to be fulfilled one day :) Many of my secret wishes are connected with India. 1,234 more words

Mixed Family

Before her...

I was married to an Indonesian before I met my wife now. I have got to admit that Asian women are very attractive. They look younger than their real age. 550 more words


Let's begin...

I have never written any blogs before and had no interest in it. But, while I was browsing through the internet about mixed marriage, I found that most of the writing about mixed marriage b;ogs were written by women. 110 more words

Wordsworth's White Wife - Review 1

Review by Frank Birbal Singh, Emeritus Professor of Post-Colonial Literature at York University, Toronto, Canada.

“Rosie’s documentary zeal in meticulously cataloguing social, cultural, and political aspects of her experience in Guyana, with a sense of wide-eyed wonder, in spite of frustration and grief, is nothing less than exemplary in… 1,000 more words


Wordsworth's White Wife - Review 2

Cultures on the Cusp in 1970s Guyana – a review by Chris Cormack
in the Hastings Online Times   (http://hastingsonlinetimes.co.uk/arts-culture/literature/wordsworth-mcandrew)

A newly published book by author and Hastings resident, Rosie McAndrew, gives important insights into the nature of inter-racial relationships and an historically key period in the development of multi-culturalism, namely the 1960s/70s when old cultural props were de-stabilised and emerging nations were to develop a new cultural pride and identity,  writes… 539 more words