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Things change...

1960s – As a youth I spent time with my Grandfather, in Virginia. There was a “white high school” and a ” colored high school”, a party line telephone. 131 more words


My Mixed Family

I am Caucasian, of Irish, English, German, Dutch, Scottish and Welsh descent. I have traced my genealogy, tracking where my ancestors immigrated from when they entered the US, and though I have had ancestors who came over during the 1500s, the countries above come up in their countries of origin with surprising regularity. 1,112 more words


Our dishwasher has the longest cycle of any machine I’ve ever encountered. An elephant’s menstrual cycle is only slightly longer. It runs for 2 hours and 83 minutes.(The dishwasher, not the elephant.) Not kidding here. 998 more words

All Mixed Up: What Do We Call People Of Multiple Backgrounds? : NPR

Good long read by Leah Donnella on what to call those with mixed ethnic and racial origins (I still like Lawrence Hill’s remark at the end of Blood: Who among us is not mixed up?): 2,535 more words


Renewing the Lone Messianic Gentile

I came across a brief article on Rabbi Daniel Siegel’s blog called “When the Rebbe Asks: Renewing Ger Toshav,” which apparently is the topic of a soon to be published book. 1,553 more words

intercultural coaching for mixed marriages

Getting involved with someone from another culture is very exciting and rewarding. Your friend or your significant other may show you the colors of life you have never seen, make you hear the music you never thought existed, and open your mind in ways you never realized were possible. 583 more words

Mixed Marriage


i am the king of the kangaroos
she is the queen of the nile
we met at the hotel of cockatoos
what caught my eye first was her smile… 109 more words

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