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Awaji Road Trip

Awaji road trip

Before I start On the road trip saga. I have to say, I find it weird that people are still signing up to follow my old blog, when it states I have started a new one, and that one, “Zensekai I – by land” is finished. 1,256 more words


Now for something completely different...Zen Farming

Zen Farming

As a youth I spent most of my summers in Virginia. For most of what can remember all, in fact cept maybe one, which was in Upstate NY. 801 more words


A day in the life-April

A day in the life

LZ decided wanted to ride the bike the other day. It was a lovely spring day. She wanted to ride the bike over to her favorite udon shop. 657 more words


Dearly beloved ...

Marriage is supposed to be one of the best transition a man and woman can have in their lives. Finding the one to spend your life with is something every one of us desire because we are a creature for companionship and we are of course capable to express love. 690 more words


Black Tokyo in Osaka

Back in the day when LZ and I got married we had no Blasian couple friends. Some 11 yrs later we only have two but that is what it is. 568 more words




What is a snafkin you ask yourself, since I am not there. Ahh I Reply, because I can read your thoughts. Well you will fnd out later. 660 more words


What's Wrong with Believers Pursuing Marriage with Unbelievers?

By Timothy Sparks

Some believe that while it is not a perfect situation for a believer to pursue marriage with an unbeliever, God nevertheless favorably accepts such a union. 1,224 more words