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They said we were not meant to be together
They did their best to put us asunder

They said we could not straddle both Worlds… 73 more words


Mixed Marriage

A mixed marriage of sorts

She was the apple of his eye,

She walked with the motion of swaying love,

But she was a McIntosh and he was a Melrose. 124 more words

Love Don't Care

Click to listen >> Love Don’t Care

My amazingly talented sister has released a new single.

Perfectly timed for Valentine’s weekend, this song will make you hug that special someone for a few minutes longer than usual :P… 15 more words


Love Story (Early Valentine)

Although my spiritual home is the Dzogchen tradition of Buddhism, my religious community is Unitarian Universalism, and I’m a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun… 612 more words


How much does a Shinto wedding cost?

The cost for a wedding can cause heart palpitations for the calm and bring the anxious to their knees.

Marrying in a country where wedding options are unfamiliar can be frustrating, baffling or fascinating. 1,141 more words


Meat and Potatoes and the Veggie Girl

He was a meat and potatoes kind of guy,

She was a vegetable soufflé girl, sweet like apple pie,

They met at the restaurant they frequent purely by accident, 217 more words

Savage! - A Fear of Dogs

The Lebanese are not comfortable with dogs.

By the Lebanese, I am not trying to speak for all of Lebanon, but I’m speaking for the Lebanese family I have. 973 more words