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Before her...

I was married to an Indonesian before I met my wife now. I have got to admit that Asian women are very attractive. They look younger than their real age. 550 more words


Let's begin...

I have never written any blogs before and had no interest in it. But, while I was browsing through the internet about mixed marriage, I found that most of the writing about mixed marriage b;ogs were written by women. 110 more words

Wordsworth's White Wife - Review 1

Review by Frank Birbal Singh, Emeritus Professor of Post-Colonial Literature at York University, Toronto, Canada.

“Rosie’s documentary zeal in meticulously cataloguing social, cultural, and political aspects of her experience in Guyana, with a sense of wide-eyed wonder, in spite of frustration and grief, is nothing less than exemplary in… 1,000 more words


Wordsworth's White Wife - Review 2

Cultures on the Cusp in 1970s Guyana – a review by Chris Cormack
in the Hastings Online Times   (http://hastingsonlinetimes.co.uk/arts-culture/literature/wordsworth-mcandrew)

A newly published book by author and Hastings resident, Rosie McAndrew, gives important insights into the nature of inter-racial relationships and an historically key period in the development of multi-culturalism, namely the 1960s/70s when old cultural props were de-stabilised and emerging nations were to develop a new cultural pride and identity,  writes… 539 more words


Wordsworth's White Wife - Review 3

Review in the Hastings Independent by Christine Sanderson

When Wordsworth McAndrew died in 2008, he was hailed in his home country of Guyana as a ‘National Treasure’ and the voice of Guyanese folklore. 738 more words


Today April 14th, 2017 is a very special day where Malaysia celebrates Good Friday (for the Christians) and Vaisakhi (for the Punjabis).  I am married to a Punjabi and I am glad that I celebrate not only Chinese New Year but also Punjabi New Year, Vaisakhi. 225 more words


January OTD (On-The-Day) Weddings

Jao loves Lyra

I met Chef Jao and Lyra a few days before their wedding through Ariel of Alma San Pedro’s Catering Services. It was a quick meeting as to how we will execute their wedding from preparations, church and down to the reception proper. 150 more words