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Portrait of a Mixed Marriage

Politically, my husband Steve and I have a mixed marriage: he has traditionally identified as right, conservative, Republican; I as left, liberal, Democrat. In a nigh-unto-election year, should either of us be persuaded by the political media machine that urges us to adopt these broad labels as essential truths, we would likely spend the first year of our marriage in warring camps, chary adversaries if not flat-out enemies. 715 more words

Our Love Story

Wedding 'souvenirs'

In China, unlike UK or Poland (as these are the only countries I’m truly familiar with), the newlyweds receive a whole selection of special gifts to mark the occasion that is their wedding. 388 more words

Life In China

Awesome Stories 245

This week Awesome Stories brings you email addresses for trees, mixed marriage, beauty, Arkansas inspiration and a solar village.

Arkansas Inspiration

Here is another peek at some inspiring places and… 502 more words

Awesome Stories

Aug Zen

Aug Zazen


It was that time again for a monthly Zazen session. I arrived at Sensei’s office to get my ride hookup as we set off after connecting.  381 more words


Shadow Self by Paula Marais #29_2015

Thea is in jail. She is confused and disoriented, barely able to comprehend what is happening. The police escort her to a courtroom and she is asked to plead guilty or not guilty. 701 more words

Book Review

OverHeat revisited

Return to Overheat, the club

Wow, it has been almost a month since I posted. In the past this would have not mattered much as there were only two or three readers. 620 more words


Being sick and (cultural?) disagreements on how to get better

Ugh! Hitoshi is still getting over suspected influenza and I’m in the thick of a super coughy, sinus headachy like-my-brain-is-going-to-be-squished-out-of-my-ears nastiness.


Getting sick far from the familiar… 1,543 more words