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Empty your cup.....

“Empty your cup”, the title of today’s blog, has become a cliche. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t also true! In practicing martial arts, we learn important life lessons, if we are just willing to pay attention to them. 458 more words

Mixed Martial Arts

I am seeking a few good people

A number of things have kept this on the “back burner” but I am now prepared to announce the formation of the official Lion’s Roar San Da Instructor’s program. 409 more words

Mixed Martial Arts

How do you block a jab?

If you’ve read my book Lion’s Roar San Da, you might have noticed that the first method I advocate to block a jab is a parry with the hand. 748 more words

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Is there a proper way to "cross train"?

I’ve met those who identify themselves as traditional Chinese martial arts stylists who feel “cross training” is wrong and perhaps even not “traditional”. Considering how many systems practiced today are derived from cross training, and how certain systems (such as Hsing Yi and Bagua) are now frequently practiced together, I think that’s a hard position to maintain. 583 more words

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On the proper training of martial arts skills

Interested in learning more about my method? Check out my newest book Lion’s Roar Martial Arts: The Master Text

Over the years, I would say I fluctuated between being a hard core “traditionalist” and a progressive. 616 more words

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Speed comes from stillness

I never teach the same class, mixing up the format and composition of classes is important to fight off boredom and is also part of teaching students that it is… 307 more words

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Don't do it until you get it right, do it until you can't get it wrong

A good teacher has to hide repetition, a bad teacher doesn’t have to because they aren’t doing enough of it. I think that is what the appeal of kung fu is to people today, it’s always some brand new fancy fuzzy gimmick each and every day. 306 more words