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Tea With the White Rabbit: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

I started a tea themed art journal a while back and I just got around to finishing it. Tea is my favorite beverage and somewhat of a obsession. 212 more words

Mixed Media


JOURNEY: 30 Day Journal Project — Day 27

(haven’t given up just taking my time lol)

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” — Twyla Tharp… 555 more words


Stoppages, Take Three!

Once again, I am here writing about Duchamp, readymades, and stoppages! As I mentioned in my Stoppage Sculpture post, I used my stoppages to create a sculptural cardboard piece. 405 more words

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Black Girl (Magic)

for her 21st birthday, Mia specially requested I paint a masterpiece on her denim jacket. between a few outlined specifics (a girl with an afro, a crown, and the words “black girl” with pink somewhere), i read the magic words: “whatever comes to mind. 192 more words


At the Sea

(Photo Credit: Tom Pearce)

Watch me tightrope walking,

Far above the great abyss,

One with all and nothingness.

Juggling the knives left in my side for sport, 35 more words


Taking a Collage Break

I call it a collage break, because that’s how it feels. I love playing with paper more than just about anything creative that I do. So here are the new ones I’ve done over the past few days. 59 more words