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Book of Excavations: #9 Athens

2016  17″X 22″   Collage, acrylic, ink, pencil, pastel,metallic paint, tape, mica and glitter.on paper


Christien Kroon's Inner World

An intimate record of Dutch artist Christian Kroon’s inner world, as part of a personal exploration of the human condition.
With the use geometrical forms, little dots, fields of color and whimsical scratchy lines, sometimes alternated with more fierce ones, as building blocks for the composition.  70 more words



Implement, 5″x6.25″, 23″ extended, Flag book binding, Library cards, acrylic paint, ink, embossing, collage, 2016

Mixed Media

Creating Intuitive Paintings

I had a wonderful time with these lovely ladies who created some fantastic paintings at the Art Exploration class I taught this past week. No two paintings were a like… which I just love. 13 more words


7 Days of Halloween - It's Not the Cough - Day 7

To read and watch the final day in my 7 days of Halloween series, simply click the image above while I transition to my new website’s blog.

Video Tutorial

Beets me!

I admit, last year I went a teeeny bit crazy with my love for pumpkin. In case you missed it here is the post. (But then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!) I blame it on …. 292 more words

Color Palette

Art: "Stars at Night - Alien" Shadowbox

3″W x 5″L x 1/2″D Original handpainted by Sherry Key Skey.

Lowbrow mixed media, little alien in a shadowbox with a stars and night all around.