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Calling Virginia

Sometimes, Virginia is balancing precariously on my right shoulder, jamming her bony heels into my clavicle and yanking the top part of my ear, leaning into it and telling me loudly what to write. 495 more words

Water Pearl, a Fantasy, Coming Soon

Perhaps Skye’s life would be easier if he weren’t the son of a Two Toner, a race reputed to be insensitive. Such a legacy is his strength and his failing. 90 more words

Do you know your father?

Delay is bush. She manages to turn almost every interview into something highly unpleasant to watch but unfortunately I can’t say she did anything unusual today in Ghanaian society when, running through her quota of cringe worthy questions ,she asked Jasmine Baroudi if she knew who her father was. 684 more words

Census Making

There’s these fuzzy lines

that they lay upon our bodies
to divide us and define us
to disappear us and contain us
and count us to discount us. 312 more words


Too, Black

It always stars with the question, first in the eyes, hesitating on the way to the lips but determined to come out:  what are you?  Every mixed race person say amen.   1,897 more words

Smntks Says

La Mestiza & African- American Vernacular: Cultural Assimilation in Regards to Literary Theory

In terms of theorist Gloria Anzaldua’s writing, what is being theorized, or attempting to be put into practice is this idea of “mestiza” or a “cosmic race”, which is not something that is, I would say, strongly present in our current culture. 305 more words

As a Mixed-Race Woman, in the Game of Racial Top Trumps My Blackness Always Wins

Shifting race: how language fails the ‘mixed-race’ experience

by Leo Jay Shire Follow @shireleo

The idea of ‘race’ has no fixed definition considering the term has… 1,249 more words

What Is British?