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Representation matters

I read an interesting article on Facebook the other day. It was about the movie Rogue One and the effect the accent of Mexican actor Diego Luna had on a woman and her father, who is also from Mexico and has a similarly heavy accent. 572 more words


British Asian Identity

What is identity?

Identity is defined as who or what a person is; these are characteristics and ways to establish and determine these factors. There are different ways people can identify themselves (sometimes can even be multiple factors), this can be things like; sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class status, nationality, religion, ages and political beliefs. 4,284 more words

Ptolemy XII Auletes

Portrait of Ptolemy XII Auletes, the ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt who was the famous Cleopatra’s father. He too has a nebulous maternal parentage, but some sources suggest his mother may have been a (native Egyptian?) concubine rather than his father’s “official” wife and Queen. 31 more words


Two basic strategies for dealing with the alien

J. Weiler wrote the following in the context of the European Union, but it seems more widely applicable at a global level, particularly given current debates on integration, assimilation and ethno-national identity. 232 more words


The bridge

“Why’s your hair so curly?”

“I don’t know.”

That was years ago on the bus to school.

My life’s montage rolled out smoothly to the tune of such comments. 139 more words


혼혈의 문제들 (Mixed-race problems)

안녕 여러분… 나는 한국어를 잘 할 수 없는데 너무 힘들어요. 하지만 서울에서 6년동안 살았어요. 옛날에 런던 태어났고 내 영국조부모님들이 인종 차별했어요. 그래서 우리 엄마가 내가 한국어를 가르쳐 주면 나는 영어가 능숙하지 않다고 생각했어요. 너무 걱정하고 한국말을 못했어요…

2011년에서 이사하고 국제고등학교 다녔어요. 그런데 난 한국사람이니까 그 학교에서 교포들이 한국어 잘하고 난 배제되었다고 느꼈어요. 한국과 영국에서 정체성 문제를 겪었어요. 한국수업 했는데 학생과 선생님은 항상 더 많은 한국어를 모르는 것에 대해 나를 비판했어요.

요즘에 서울에서 외국인들 나를 외국인으로 대우하고 한국친구 사귀싶으면 한국말 잘 할수없는데 힘들어요. 하지만 난 한국사람이니까 한국인으로 대우하고싶어요. 하지만 창피해서 그냥 혼자서 공부해요.

혼혈 친구있으면 혼혈이라면 더깥은 문제가 있어요?


(미안해요…한국말 힘들어요. 나를 이해할 수 있기를 희망해요.^^)


"Your English is REALLY good!"

Annabel Nugent discusses growing up half Chinese, rejecting Asian stereotypes, and internalised racism.

‘Which one are you?’ Mum asked, scanning the scribbly faces of my childhood drawings. 860 more words

That's What She Said