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I was in my early twenties, standing with a group of women, one of which was from the West Indies. Everyone was discussing where they were from, a lively conversation about coming to and living in Canada. 258 more words


50 Shades of Beige...


Been a good while since I put pen to paper. Wait this is awkward, fingers to keyboard rather, 2015 and all that. In any case, I’ve been thinking for a while about something of paramount importance. 869 more words


Let's Have a (very) Brief Talk About Colorblindness

To be colorblind is to be in denial of the world around you. Everyone has a face – and that face is formed by features that set you apart, not just as an individual, but as part of a group that’s defined by their place in society.  172 more words


Thanks, Mom & Dad

I recently realized that I am extremely blessed to have grown up in a mixed-race family. 439 more words


Cultural/Racial Identity Tests & Quests, or figuring out what it means to be a Vietnamese half-breed from North America/con lai Mỹ in Việt Nam

WARNING: The story I’m about to tell you is about my transformation from a tragic mulatta into a punk-ass half-breed bitch. I’ve probably already offended you with my appropriation and use of historical derogatory terms for mixed race/heritage people. 1,489 more words

Mixed Race


I was born in a Mexican-influenced community. While I couldn’t speak Spanish, my parents, teachers, and most of my friends could. My dad was Mexican, but the characteristics I inherited are subtle, like my nose and eyes. 642 more words

Intersectional Prejudice in Publishing

Years ago, I was chatting with my mother’s best friend. Tired of being a working class black woman in the middle class white male profession of solicitor (read: lawyer), she uttered, “What could be worse?” 492 more words