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Whiteness is the Parasite of Our Society

The ways in which whiteness has forever damaged the lives of my loved ones and myself is a level of trauma that will be will myself and comrades for the rest of our lives. 745 more words

Social Justice & Organizing Work

My Mixed Evolution 

A country divided black, white, red, brown, yellow

It’s nothing new for I am divided too

Head spinning heart searching for my little piece of home… 181 more words

Black Voices

White Privilege and Secret Groups: Observations from A Concerned Citizen

Dear Readers,

Since the political emergence of Donald Trump’s America, an America in which we’ve condoned a man whose policies, words, and actions threaten many marginalized communities, a number of secret Facebook groups have emerged. 1,040 more words

Perspectives On Identity And Social Justice

The Rich Tapestry of Interracial Marriage

It is said, that a mixture of different atoms make metal its strongest. When applied to interracial marriage we find this to be true as well. 231 more words

New Instagram & Twitter!

I have recently decided to launch an Instagram and Twitter account for my blog! They will contain content that is relevant to my blog and allow you to keep up to date with new content I post. 10 more words

Curly Hair

Mutts, Media, and Bumbling Teachers

Here’s a quick PSA. Mixed people in the US still face a unique brand of discrimination from an early age. Exhibit A.

The synopsis: A middle school teacher asks her biracial student if he’s a “mutt”, after commenting on his hair texture. 592 more words


My mom is Japanese-American and my dad is American. And I keep getting asked, "So are you Japanese?"

Before I started studying Japanese, I never got asked – “Do you identify as Japanese… or as American?”  1,753 more words