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Let's Talk Story: A Need for Speed

Growing up, Alexander Larson had a need for speed. Make that Speed — the 1994 action film. It was the cars that drew him to the film (a subject he’s still passionate about as he pursues his degree in Mechanical Engineering as a senior at Colorado State University) but it was also something else. 665 more words


Mixed race privilege?

Do Band-Aids match your skin color? Are your friends the same race as you? Bay Area high school student Sierra Fang-Horvath faced these questions – and her mixed race identity – while filling out a recent school survey. 20 more words

Youth Radio

A name I call myself?

Over the course of my life i have struggled to come up with a satisfactory term for my ethnicity. I have an Indian parent and a White English parent, and one of my grandparents was Jewish. 955 more words


My Recent Racist Experience...

So I recently experienced my first bit of casual racism as a young adult. Due to my age I have never had to experience a great deal of direct racism which I am quite lucky to be able to say. 534 more words


MOSAIC TOURS - Korean Hapa Tours 2017 readying to Go!

Mixed-race Korean adoptees, which has become a major industry in Korea, has adopted out to other nations, including most to the United States, since the end of the Korean War (1953). 192 more words

Mixed Race

Being Biracial in Asia: How the One-Drop-Rule Works in Reverse

I was in 3rd grade when I met a brown-skinned Filipina girl, who would be my next-door neighbor and best friend for the next 2 years. 491 more words

Women of Colour Poetry Night 2017

I see that word hovering at the edge of your sentence,

Cautious. Hesitant. Avoiding my gaze.

The label you need to fit me into your catalogue of friends, 391 more words