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White-passing chair

Last Thursday, a white girl I’d just met asked me, “you know you look white, right?” She triumphantly said she’d “figured it out” because she had a friend like me, who was half Asian and half Jewish (although where exactly light-skinned Jewish people stand on the whiteness scale today is a whole other can of worms). 520 more words

BOOK REVIEW | New People by Danzy Senna

4/5 stars

In his blurb on the back of the book, Marlon James states that “New People” reminds us that “the worst kind of hell is always the one we raise”, and I don’t think I can put it any better. 273 more words

Book Review

Sal wants a new mouse - a story to educate children about marriage between people of different races, for kids of 5- 10 years old.

Sal Wants a New Mouse

 Sal peeped into the mouse cage. Dizzy didn’t come over for a stroke or even move a whisker, she just sat in the corner looking sad. 1,025 more words

Educational Stories

"I am what I am because that’s what my mother was, and I should be proud of that no matter what. " Interview #2: Kristi K.

Kristi K., 30
In this second installation of the Mezclada interviews, I speak with yoga teacher & mom Kristi about her own singular definition of identity, the conversations she has about race & culture with her two young daughters, and how her yoga practice has formed who she is today. 3,018 more words

Invisibly Mixed Race

My mother is from Colombia and my dad is Canadian.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that sentence my student loans would already be paid off. 647 more words

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