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Be bloody kind!

It’s been a sad week in the world hasn’t it? You all know the horrid events that took place in Charlottesville last Saturday – the fact that there are still people in the world that believe themselves to be superior to others based on nothing more than skin colour is mind-blowing. 426 more words

Our Zimbabwe Trip - Day 4 – Moving through to Gweru!!! Woohoo baby!

Gweru? I hear some of you ask, where is Gweru? Well folks this is my home town and the place I can proudly say I stuck my roots down deep and grew from. 1,620 more words

Family Memories

Little Black Girl Cries

And something swelled up inside me. And looking at my White boyfriend, I felt bitter. That thick bitterness that slides up and over the tongue like mucus. 1,336 more words

Japanese, American...

My name is Alexis, and I identify as half-Japanese-American, and half-English. My father is second generation Japanese-American (ethnically completely Japanese, but culturally Japanese-American), and my mother is English. 820 more words


Black Girl Grit (prompt: grainy)

Mama didn’t teach me to slather myself in cocoa butter lotion,
so my skin doesn’t dry and crack and get stretch marks.
She didn’t show me how to wrap a kerchief each night… 213 more words


How To Check Your Racial Privilege

In light of recent events, now more than ever it’s important to check your privilege and even more important that you know what to do with it. 1,171 more words

Mizuko - and Negishi Cemetery

In 1853, Commodore Perry intruded the Japanese and Okinawan islands with demands, and finally landing and then the following year again, after repeated threats and failed negotiations with the Japanese Bakufu, demanded a gravesite for one of their sailors who died on board one of the American ships. 1,187 more words

Mixed Race