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Diversity as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica

To celebrate Black History Month and the diversity of the Peace Corps Volunteer community, we asked PCVs of color to write about their personal experiences as Volunteers in Jamaica. 900 more words

Black History Month

Blended: Michael

*Photo submitted by Michael*

What are your parent’s ethnic backgrounds?

My father is 3rd generation Italian-American (his parents: Italian-American + Italian-American from Italian + Italian). My mother is Korean (I do not know her family to any extent). 710 more words


The Flowering Vine: The Iceman Cometh!

Mama say, “The Iceman is coming Ronnie”.  I say, “What?” She say, “I was just thinking Ronnie, Daddy’s 107th birthday will be celebrated by those who love and remember him on March 1, 2017. 705 more words

Why Now?

It has been four months since I completed the first draft of Mixed Face: An answer to the question: Am I Autistic? I have set it aside while I focus on University, therefore it is yet to be published. 471 more words


"I Hate Nazis And Everything They're Associated With, But I Don't Want To Waste 7 Sketchbook Pages Of Development", or "Dang, Now I Have To Write Another Proposal"


On this course I have learned how to visually develop a project, creating a large body of work in a short amount of time – and how not every piece needs to be perfect, clean, or detailed, as long as it gets an idea across.

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The Interracial Couple Tag | He Said She Said


“It’s not about colour, it’s about love.”

– Anon

Hubert (Scott) and I finally did it, we recorded this video we had been planning for over a year. 816 more words

Biracial Identity: I Chose "Neither" before I chose "Both."

My biracial identity? Black/white. As followers of this blog know, I am the product of a white, Jewish mother and a black father, who were happily married for forty-six years before my father’s death. 861 more words

Cultural Context