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Mixed in America: Closing the Arch

In my last post, Does the “White Privilege” Umbrella cover Black and Biracial Children?, I introduced my White Umbrella Project, including a survey, about the experiences of other black and biracial people whose early guides to the world were white parents. 634 more words

Cultural Context

The truth about interracial relationships...

Interracial dating and interracial relationships in general are becoming more and more common nowadays. In London alone they’re everywhere you look, happy couples, from different cultures in love with one another. 823 more words


Reflections on My Adoption

  1. I am open about the fact that I was whangai (adopted) as a baby. This has never been a site of serious shame or pain, as I was brought up in the knowledge and normality that I had a parents separate from the parents who brought me up.
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Pokémon Nicknames: Sableye

Sableye ( in Japanese: ヤミラミ  “Yamirami”) is a Dark and Ghost Pokémon. Sableye does not evolve from any other form, nor does it evolve except that it can temporarily mega-evolve into… 392 more words


Do you have to be a "Global Nomad" to be a #TCK?

I recently had post-work drinks with a colleague of mine for the first time, even though we had started at the same department eight months ago. 598 more words


The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, and Japan's Miss Universe reveal biracial realities

Thanks in part to the changing of the guard at The Daily Show, biracial experiences and related politics have made headlines, and snuck into our minds. 556 more words


Learning To Love 'My Black Side': Growing Up Biracial

I haven’t always been very racially aware. When I was a child Pokémon cards, cartoons, and school were of vastly greater importance to me. I was raised in a very diverse city with a strong Latino presence. 1,250 more words