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Turkish, Indonesian

My name is Sofia. I’m 15, and I’m half Turkish and half Indonesian. I was born in America, where I currently live, however my parents immigrated here from their home countries. 334 more words


Japanese, Portuguese...

I was born and raised in Brazil, the son of a third-generation Japanese father, whose grandparents came over from Japan before the 2nd World War as immigrants. 470 more words


Japanese, Kiwi

My name is Tomo and I was born in New Zealand to a Japanese mother and Kiwi (pākehā, or white) father but moved to Japan and grew up in Yokohama in an expat/international school bubble. 275 more words


Thai, Iranian

My name is Yas and I’m half Thai and half Iranian.

I was born and raised in Bristol, UK and I spent most of my time traveling between Chanthaburi in Thailand (where my mother is from) and the UK. 276 more words


Asian, European...

Upon reading the submissions of others on this website, I immediately felt a kinship that I’ve been so lacking in my everyday life.

My story is probably like so many others. 437 more words


My Identity: How Being Denied Part of Me, Shaped Me

I love meeting new people and the sometimes random conversations that come from those meetings. Of course, I’m not lucky enough to have interesting conversations with everyone I meet but more often than not, we find a variety of topics to discuss. 1,272 more words

Random Observations

Filipino, English...

My name is Caleb and I am twenty-four years old. My father is from the Philippines, and is Filipino with a touch of Chinese and Spanish. 486 more words