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UKIP candidate in Facebook rant about mixed-race marriage

A UKIP candidate has posted a bizarre rant on his Facebook page – attacking mixed marriages and claiming that Europe faces “genocide”.

The post by former pub landlord Steve Latham said: “We face Europe’s fusion with the Third World. 227 more words


The Maverick is finally blogging

Maybe I am 3 or 4 years late to get onto the trend of blogging. Maybe I’m, maybe I’m not. Who cares right? The process on what to write about keeps making me procrastinate about getting started. 129 more words


Rachel Dolezal: Just a Wannabe? Or a Horse of a Different Colour?

(Adapted from my post at an online forum.)

As a Cree person with a status card, who does not “look Aboriginal,” I understand that a person can take after one side of their family more than another, and appearances can be deceiving. 861 more words

Aboriginal Issues

'Lightskin Guys Be Like...'

“Lightskin boys be so moist”

“Those guys are bare in their feelings”

“Drake behaviour”

I was standing in this Jamaican takeaway place the other day in Willesden (Curry Goat, Rice & Peas and one niiiice dumpling if you were wondering, and let’s be real, you’re now salivating) when the woman who was serving me, I say serving but she had gone off into the kitchen, quite casually turned to her co-worker and said ‘The Lightskin bwoy did order di dumpling deh, pass him it nuh’.(If you’re slightly lost with the translation, then all I can really recommend is you phone a friend.) ‘Lightskin Boy.’ I thought to myself. 1,267 more words


Mixed Remixed 2015

I spent all of Saturday at the Mixed Remixed Festival, which, in the organizers’ words, is a “cultural arts festival celebrating stories of the Mixed experience”. 996 more words


Defining Blackness Down

Most of the coverage surrounding the Rachel Dolezal controversy stems from the perceived notion that she was engaged in a 24/7 blackface routine or that she was misappropriating blackness out of some kind of deep-seated sense of confusion or emotional inadequacy. 853 more words

New article on "Lost Daughters" : Rachel Dolezal and the Privilege of Racial Manipulation

This madness around #RachelDolezal has me and many other transracial adoptees and transracial families squirming and a bit angry. Please check out this article I wrote for Lost Daughters about the whole debaucle. 422 more words

Transracial Adoption