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Some Lessons Learned

Being a mother to Lula has taught me many valuable lessons.

Lesson One

It is possible to love someone from another ethnic group:

Love is universal and has no boundaries. 600 more words


A Double Standard for the Coloureds

As a coloured female in Australia, I am very familiar with the double standard.

One notion that has really impacted on me as an adult trying to engage in commercial activities to improve my quality of life (i.e earning an income) I have come to realise something about Australia. 529 more words

Racial Imposter Syndrome

I have an extremely diverse family. Races ranging from Caucasian, African-American, Panamanian, Cuban, and Filipino. I am African-American and Caucasian, and recently I learned about a loosely used term called racial imposter syndrome. 405 more words


W.E.B DuBois

growing up biracial✨ it was at this moment where i began to struggle with self-identity. am i white/black enough? why couldn’t i be both? as an adolescent, people’s comments would frustrate me and i would unconsciously do things to appease them. 64 more words


Being Mixed Race and Jewish by Birth

To the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies:

When you sent me a survey as an upcoming Birthright participant, I was happy to respond and answer your questions.  451 more words


Colourism: As a mixed-race individual, I must challenge myself and others

Colourism: it puts darker skinned people at the bottom of society’s hierarchy, and lighter skinned or mixed-race individuals above them. We know that darker skinned people often face more discrimination, can be ignored as potential love interests, or deemed ‘less beautiful’ by individuals or industry; creating divisions within races too. 770 more words

My Identity

The Changeling

Alexander Chee | Longreads | April 2018 | 16 minutes (3,921 words)

Some years into the writing of my first novel, I was 32, living in Brooklyn and waiting tables in a midtown Manhattan steakhouse a few shifts a week. 4,106 more words