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Science and Books and Madrigals, oh my!

I packed a lot into Earth Day weekend. Saturday morning was the March for Science. I bussed downtown with three other friends from the department. It was much less nuts getting to this protest than it was getting to the… 1,063 more words


One Law For Them, Another One For Us: Both Mixed-Race and Gay Marriages are Illegal in Israel

The leading Israeli newspaper Haartez has finally completely admitted that the Zionist state forbids Jews from marrying non-Jews, and also outlaws same-sex marriage—policies which these same Jewish Supremacists would call “racist” in any other country.  735 more words

The Jewish Problem

Navigating Racism, Colonialism, and Family in an Interracial Christian Marriage

In some ways, my husband (C) and I are very lucky. When I first introduced him to my extended family, most of my aunts and uncles had no idea where the Philippines even is. 1,088 more words


Big Day For #Us

We’ve had a good three years. For whatever reason we are taking over the news and social media (just a little).

We are front page on Huffington Post Canada. 61 more words


It's been a while...

It’s been nearly 3 years since I added an entry in my diary. The last 3 years have been amazing, chaotic, eventful, simple, exciting, and never dull. 242 more words


Races Aren't Supposed To Mix?

The biracial rapper Logic said something that sparked my attention. One of his lyrics goes something like this – “In my veins runs the blood of the slave and the master.” I was amazed, because those are almost the EXACT words that have rubbed through my head before. 352 more words


My White Childhood Best Friend Was Forbidden to See Me — Until She Found Me 29 Years Later

For those who remember my blog post about my friend Brandy, we’ve met now! I wrote about it for Ravishly:

In sixth grade, my best friend Brandy had the haphazard look of someone whose parents paid as little attention to their children as possible. 64 more words

Mixed Race