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Post-conference thoughts

These past two days I’ve been at an ARI-organised conference on “Mixed Race in Asia and Australasia”.  I loved being there; It was like being back at school again. 2,430 more words


Book Review: The Devil's Triangle by Howard Owen

The Devil’s Triangle
Willie Black Series #6
Howard Owen
The Permanent Press, June 2017
ISBN: 978-1-57962-499-6

The eponymous area of Richmond, Virginia had had an unsavory reputation, although not so much in recent years. 503 more words

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I was never good at chemistry,

yet I see,

part of that which makes me, me.

It’s as as simple as oh,

a h here, 191 more words

Beyond the Shadow of the Stone Wall

A mendacious social environment

“Standing at the crossroads, tears fill her eyes. / Her heart still aches from the ongoing lies. / Mendacious whispers circle in her mind, / agonising terror from the truth that she finds. 1,116 more words


Her Story: Shakarya

As part of our Black History Month series, I would like you all to meet Shakarya. She tells us about her upbringing and the struggles she faced growing up as a women of mixed heritage in Austria.  191 more words

While growing up in Hong Kong, going to Sunday School was an...

While growing up in Hong Kong, going to Sunday School was an important part of my life. My dad would drive me me up to Robinson Road, sit with me through morning services, and then I would spend the day learning about the other half of my culture. 394 more words

Srilankan Tamils vs Indian Tamils

Srilankan Tamils are purer Veddoid  or Munda(base race is Sentinelese Negrito). They are the ancestors of all Dravidian speaking peoples of south-India, Malaysia & SriLanka. 141 more words

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