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Wait.. I Mixed The Signals???

If there’s one thing I’m pretty sure of in life, it’s that we as women have an insane ability to read way too much into a situation AND to hear things the man is not saying. 790 more words

Single & Dating: At least with taps you know where you stand

Unless you had an idiot plumber your taps will always will be labelled hot or cold, a blue sticky or a red sticky…why can’t it be that easy with guys too? 160 more words

Mixed Signals

Soooo I’m terrible at keeping this thing updated.  I…have a good excuse though! I moved! So stop reading these sentences judging me with your eyes.  Even as I type this, you’re doing it.  278 more words

The Interesting

Why do women send mixed signals?

Confusion.  They are conflicted between attraction and conscience.  So, they try to torpedo a friendship.  Or because they aren’t sexually attracted a lot but they see nice guy traits that women find appealing for a relationship.  143 more words


I am a horse!

A recent interaction with our new boss led me to a sudden realization – I am currently living the life of so many horses out there!  872 more words

My Journey

I'm an idiot

Apparently not everyone gets wiser with age. Since my disastrous relationship with Pond Scum (his last name is Marsh, which makes this more amusing, I think), I have continued to do the same thing. 573 more words


Mixed Signals

Last night I was texting with one of my best friends about boy issues I’m having. It’s one of those “does he or doesn’t he like me” situations where I’m getting all sorts of mixed signals I can’t quite interpret. 558 more words