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About to expose another smile
And promise it doesn’t take a while
Bewildered, from the corner of my eye
It mattered, as I was about to lie… 149 more words


Mr. January - Week One Summary

In theory, casual dating should be fairly straight forward and simple to achieve.  I think it can be simple if you choose to date people who you’ve identified as “not long-term material.”  This is what I assumed I did when I chose Mr. 771 more words

A Decent Guy

Why are men so dense? I don’t get it, I have been talking to this guy since the night of my birthday and he seems clueless. 1,880 more words

Mixed signals

Mixing signals

With a wooden spoon

Two cups of indifference

Some golden jokes

A teaspoon of silence

A sprinkle of laughter

You leave me wondering… 12 more words

Psychic Paper And Butterbeer

Finding A Match

I have been thinking a lot about dating in today’s world. It’s really difficult. I find it especially difficult to be upfront when I’m not interested if we had by all accounts a good date. 562 more words

Day To Day

"I'm getting mixed signals"

I have been best friends with my friend (let’s call her Krista) ever since senior year of high school. We go to the same college and I’ve always had certain feelings towards her. 358 more words

Advice Needed

Signal Crossing

One thing that some people engage in is what I call “signal crossing” and if you don’t know what it is, it can make you think you are losing your mind. 275 more words

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