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I still don't know if it was a date...

I hung out with Chandler Bing last night. We went to the bar I often go to on Friday nights to see the band play. He knew the drummer and the bassist, and said I should go when I mentioned hanging out. 252 more words



by Rawan Elsadig

I drank a liter of mixed signals and drowned in the misunderstanding,
I swallowed the bitterness and sweetness of you, I was choked by the confusion, 259 more words


Profoundly Grateful

Ok, I’ve decided to name him. From now on, I’ll refer to him (even though I promised myself not to write about him) as Allan. 1,091 more words


Kind of a letdown...

First things first. The Bro texted me yesterday morning and wanted to hang out. I was like “I got shit to do” (I phrased it a bit better, but that was the gist). 208 more words


Happy Friday 

Somewhere some attractive guy is doing this right now 😂 #HappyFriday 👋


Guy friends crossing boundaries

Hi readers! I feel like guy friends only cross boundaries because us, girls are giving mixed signals. Or the guy friend is starting to have feelings for you. 217 more words


Surviving The Ex: Day 9 - DTR: Define the Relationship

Tuesday was more of the same; glances, small talk, lingering looks saying more than words. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up, sooner or later we’re gonna have to address the elephant in the room rather than hiding it under the rug. 321 more words