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16th Chapter


Him, or him? Which one? This is why I stick with books and documentaries (long and loud sigh…). Can’t really say it’s a love triangle, because neither has confessed about how they truly feel. 369 more words


Why does my fuck buddy want to start coming inside of me?

An obvious dude desire for pleasure?

Or can I be naive enough to believe it’s something else?

When I moved to Nashville, I knew nobody but one girl I went to high school with. 1,241 more words


He made me loose all logic...

I met this guy, after having had a dating break for a few months.
I felt like I needed to get back into the game, and there he was – a gorgeous Dominican man, adult of age and with a smile that can melt everything on its path. 1,127 more words


5th Chapter


Since I am confused as hell with the signs my former high school teacher is giving me, I’m going to blog to my hearts content! 624 more words


How to Know If a Man Is Really Interested by Author Colin Tate

Here is the age old secret to determine if a man is really interested in you. If a man likes you, there will be no question in your mind. 299 more words


It’s Getting Hot in Here

I don’t like heat under most any circumstance, beyond basking on a tropical beach or within feet of any pool of water. I mean I… 578 more words