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What Is The Addiction Ripple Effect?

The addiction ripple effect on a nation runs in the hundreds of billions of dollars in terms of health care costs, crime and lost productivity alone. 409 more words


Mixed signals-poem

Were I drunk

or it was you who was so beautiful?

I was drunk

but you were and still are so beautiful.

When I’m sober… 69 more words

Anal-yst, I Am.

I met someone at work recently. Not work-work; more like a contract job that lasted a little over a week. I still remember the first time I saw her. 888 more words

Mixed Signals

We’ve all been there. Waiting for a text or call; checking the phone every time it goes off just to see that it’s not who you hoped it’d be. 425 more words

Mixed Signals


A woman must be:

charming, delicate, docile, faithful, honest, invisible, modest, quiet, sensitive, shy, submissive.


A man must have:
aggressive, bold,  deceptive, dominant,  immodest, loud, obvious, seductive, sexy, stoic, unfaithful, wild. 120 more words


Melancholia's Tea

Nothing existed at first. Where was the need:
Innocent whims and fanciful impulses would suffice.
When did folly morph into greed?
How could I be wrong? 64 more words

Friends of the Opposite Sex

I once had a co-worker that was wonderful. He was an absolute joy to talk to and be around. We’d visit each others cubicles to talk about everything from entrepreneurship to love and everything in between. 722 more words