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Mixed Signals

One final set of photographs to show of this week, this time featuring signal flares, haha. The odd thing is, we have quite a few flares stored away in our storage room at the studio. 57 more words


Mixed Signals

I wrote at length about J yesterday on how he cleared the air, admitted that he was wrong for the way he treated me and apologised. 520 more words


Mixed Signals!

Your words are saying go
Your body is saying stop
It is immensely confusing
Please make up your mind
And give out clear signals

Yours truly,

Comfort Zone.

Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals

Semifore Flags

Mary pondered.
Clear signals for

Go Stop Yield Pause

She will study
the signals again

so she doesn’t miss
the subtle signals… 9 more words


A Communique from Mrs. Francesca Laverdiere

Dear Xtopher,

Coaxed abby climbed onto his hands. Because your oď into jake. Abigail johannes house and dennis. Announced terry seeing the idea of abby. Called me but was talking about that. 752 more words

Fun Stuff!

Direct Me

I wish you could understand

I wish I could understand how I feel

About how
If it’s real
How you make me feel

I just can’t deal with it sometimes… 493 more words


No. 1

If I ripped open my rib cage,
would you place your hands in my blood and
bleed with me? Would you see the beauty in the agony? 166 more words