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Some People Are Just Sometime-y

I think it’s safe to say that we all have had those days where people can make you feel as if you were stupid for being consistently nice to them. 718 more words


More Mixed Signals / Webb, Beat Per Bar and 4AM

Two “new” Mixed Signals are available to pre-order at Seance Centre. New`s in inverted commas `cos these are of course more missives from the outer edges of dance music history. 373 more words

Dr Rob

Mixed Signals

After ages,
it felt right.
Felt like I found someone,
I could spend the night with.
Not with all the social boundaries,
but just floating between our thoughts. 93 more words


Mixed Signals and Body Language

For every voice for capitalism

to go down,

human actions of consumerism

raises up sevenfold.

7 day self-love challenge

A lot has changed.

I might have to do this post again two years on.

I’m also surprised I wrote that this guy broke my heart. 441 more words


charge it to the game

This was such an important step for me. A lesson in patience and perseverance. When people hurt you, it doesn’t just go away. You have to give it time. 286 more words


Mixed Signals

If a guy really likes you, he will pursue you.

I know this is surface knowledge but majority of people still fall for empty assumptions they choose to believe in for their own convenience. 436 more words