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mixed signals

monopolizing my senses
you're so fucking distracting
can't hear my own thoughts
with the vibes you're refracting

potent paradoxes hide right behind your eyes
but home always lies in the crook of your thigh

i wanna taint your world with these flavors of me

sour dread you can taste but never could see

Murphy's law in the way that I wait for defeat
couldn't locate my pride if it laid at my feet

fingers flutter in time to entwine with the rhyme
and i smile at the warmth when they finally find mine

you send these shivers down my spine
when you lick those lips stained red with wine

my first reflex is to shy away/ from words you'd say to make me stay

I can't let you in this darkened cage
it'd frighten you to turn this page

cause you're the type to read between my lines
and unearth the things 'neath this disguise
those things I'd hoped you'd never find

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