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Happy Hiking. Little Carrot Muffin Loaves With A Streusel Topping.

It’s been way too hot and humid to contemplate turning on the oven and baking for quite some time now. Today I’ve only relented as my girls have an upcoming hike for their Duke Of Edinburgh award scheme. 501 more words

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I can remember Mum having these in the biscuit tin when my brothers and I came home from school ravenous. ¬†They still taste good and while they’re still great to have in the tin when the kids get home, adults done mind them either.

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Warm Blueberry Porridge with Rose Petals

Warm Blueberry Porridge with Rose Petals

I remember when porridge used to be just that…Porridge! The 2 biggest decisions were…¬†1: milk or water and 2: sweet or salty (always sweet for me!). 417 more words


Eggless Welsh Cakes

The first Easter following our move to England happened to coincide with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This only meant one thing to us – extra holidays! 844 more words


Sticky Toffee 'Pudding' Cake

This is delicious and I can guarantee you it will not be around for long if you make it!



Golden Syrup

Cornish Fairings.

One thing my coeliac sufferer of a husband misses in a biscuit is ginger nuts. Those rock hard but ever so dunkable ginger biscuits. I’m not sure how I got onto this recipe but it is seriously divine even after I made it into a gluten free recipe. 338 more words

Masala Chai (Spice Tea) Seasoning

My all-time favorite tea is masala chai , a milky spiced black tea drink originating from South Asia. I got my first taste of chai from of a handful of local delis and coffee shops, back when it wasn’t commonly available in my area (circa 2003), so enjoying it at home was difficult. 258 more words