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Post #20: TRAX.267 Mehmet Aslan

How beautiful is this. And intelligent. So much diverse and yet so cohesive, this mix by Mehmet Aslan (one of my fav DJs – see one of my previous posts… 26 more words


Mix: Waveform Live 004 - Snuff Crew

The latest edition of our Live Mix series is served up by none other than the enigmatic Snuff Crew. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight talks to them about the hardware-software spectrum, unofficial third members, and huffing tobacco. 3,057 more words


Instagram mixes it up by putting new posts first again

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Instagram today announced it would be updating timeline settings for users, offering some extra control for users, as well as a concession to those who’ve long wanted their photo feeds to be ordered by timeliness again. 273 more words


LCNL 092: DBGO presents 'Las Nubes proyectaban sobre los llanos'

Regular readers probably know that I am a big fan of Italian music. Last year I was listening to some record or another on youtube while working when autoplay took me to something I wasn’t familiar with. 473 more words

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Hobo Johnson - Romeo & Juliet

Reciting poetry with a stuffy nose behind a hip-hop beat. Loneliness runs through the genes, divorce is in our family history that’s why it will never work between you and me. 41 more words


Italians do Italo Better — Weekly Mix

An hour of Italian disco, classic italo disco, italo sounds from outside of Italy, and modern edits and releases in the same vein as the classic stuff: Clio, Hypnotic Tango, Fox the Fox, Lime, more Clio, Kasso, friends.  543 more words