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Training Module Kiki

I’ve got a bunch of training modules to catch up on.

Listening to this Marky as I trudge through. 😊

1- Mcleod & Symptom – Just the Way  112 more words

Drum N Bass


This year, I had the honor of working on project for my dear friend Eric Zyla. Eric is a talented singer songwriting from Milwaukee and my band has played many shows with him in the past. 507 more words


ML267: CVN


1. Devin Troy Strother, A black Marcel Duchamp in nigga with a wheel, 2014.
2. Devin Troy Stother, Bitch on the beach, 2015.
3. Devin Troy Strother x Rob Pruitt x Cory Arcangel x Walead Beshty x A Sad Face x 10 Michael Jordans, 2014.


ML266: Luar Domatrix

1. Carolee Schneemann, Up to and Including Her Limits, 1973–76.
2. Carolee Schneemann, Meat Joy, 1964-2010.
3. Carolee Schneemann, Boa, 1970.




1. Conrad Malicoat, Untitled, 1970-1985.
2. Conrad Malicoat, Untitled, 1970-1985.
3. Conrad Malicoat, Untitled, 1970-1985.