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Closet Secrets

Today we’re taking a little peek inside my closet. I live in a studio and it’s basically a closet with a bed, not because of size but because of the sheer amount of clothing inside. 233 more words


Backwards Meeting

Here’s a way to mix things up… have your meeting backwards.

Start with Taps and your normal closing. Then work though your meeting backwards with campfire, some program work, a game, then your units opening. 12 more words

No Filter

I’ve grown weary of my approach to this blog. Too academic. Too esoteric. Too serious. So I plan to lighten up a little this year. You will see media and not just words. 55 more words


Which Would You Pick...Regular, Or Smoked?

Hope you had a great weekend, and a greater Thanksgiving (especially if your weekend involved both, in some way).

We got invited to see some friends we hadn’t seen in a year, and we spent Thanksgiving with them. 581 more words

Fiction And Copy Decodes

New on 500px : Press Play on Tape and go Ohm by Snas1 by Snas1

No stress was produces during the making of this shot!

Given the fact there is no proper mountains right where I live and no ocean, this will simply have to do when I haven’t got the time to drive a couple of hours. 55 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

Lines. National Poetry Writing Month Day 30.

Here it is, the final day. I’ve made it to the end, 30 poems in 30 days. Now I need to sort out what works what doesn’t and needs to be relegated to the drawer of no return, the line recycler maybe. 270 more words


Afternoon of a prawn

That actually has little to do with the content of the post, although it would be kind of funny to see how either the tone of the music or the accompanying animation might be different with the substituted creature. 67 more words

Tactless Observations