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Wise. Cracks.

Did you hear about the Buddhist coroner who got fired? In the space for “cause of death” on the certificates she had to fill out, she kept writing in “birth.” 1,265 more words


Husbandry: a feminist reclamation of men’s responsibility to care

What do you see in your mind’s eye when you hear the word ‘care’? If you search for images on Google you’ll get lots of pictures of white mothers snuggling with their babies. 1,411 more words


Self-Interest and Other-Interest

I grew up, as a Lutheran preacher’s kid, hearing a lot of negative things about self-interest, selfishness, and self-centeredness. And I heard a lot of positive things about putting others ahead of oneself, altruism, and even self-sacrifice. 985 more words


Stopping the Mind

“Once there is right view, birth and death can no longer touch you. At that point, whether you stay or go, you do so as a free person…You should stop the mind that is always wandering around, running to the neighbor’s house to study Zen… achieve the state of having nothing to do…” 1,191 more words


Neither young nor old

When I was young, I thought of age as something “out there” somewhere. I had my healthy, active, young self, with all the things it could do. 1,036 more words


Love and Resentment

I was a child caregiver, my mother having developed rheumatoid arthritis when she was in her twenties. I can barely remember her driving our old red-and-white station wagon. 1,446 more words


Feminine and Strong

Source: The Daily Mail

Muliebrity. I bet that’s a word you don’t know.

Our minds like to put things in easy categories, and gender is, for most of us, a very handy way of defining these categories. 591 more words

Mixing It Up