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Surgeon and ?

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So here’s a riddle for you:

A man and his son are in a car accident. The man is killed instantly, and his son is rushed to the local hospital. 346 more words


Mixing It Up: Introduction

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We humans like to think in tidy, distinct categories. Things are different, or they are the same. If they are different, we put them in different piles. 555 more words


Why this blog?

Dear friends,

I’ve just started a blog that has the tagline, “Thoughts on economics, ethics, gender, climate, language, Zen, and a few other things…” What in the world could those things have in common?? 267 more words


New Do, New You


So it has been a few months since I have gotten my hair cut. I wanted to spice it up a bit instead of getting a regular pixie cut that was sorta boring and normal. 42 more words

This Is The Year: Part Two

It takes a lot of cooperation and concentration to make a meeting happen.

We found out that Jordan’s great-aunt Francine was coming to South Carolina to visit some cousins on her father’s mother’s side. 281 more words


Over the years, I have narrowed my bag of tricks to a select few: watercolors, ink, a dip pen to write with. Sure, I vary it a bit with some gouache and an occasional brush pen — but my arsenal is limited and comfortable as old, very scuffed shoes. 231 more words

Advice & Answers

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Welcome to a quiet new home on the web for reposts of wonder, creativity and beauty from others. I also write at Paper Blogging: Travels with a Pen: Sketchbooks and Seeing.    

Closet Secrets

Today we’re taking a little peek inside my closet. I live in a studio and it’s basically a closet with a bed, not because of size but because of the sheer amount of clothing inside. 233 more words