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New Do, New You


So it has been a few months since I have gotten my hair cut. I wanted to spice it up a bit instead of getting a regular pixie cut that was sorta boring and normal. 42 more words

This Is The Year: Part Two

It takes a lot of cooperation and concentration to make a meeting happen.

We found out that Jordan’s great-aunt Francine was coming to South Carolina to visit some cousins on her father’s mother’s side. 281 more words


Over the years, I have narrowed my bag of tricks to a select few: watercolors, ink, a dip pen to write with. Sure, I vary it a bit with some gouache and an occasional brush pen — but my arsenal is limited and comfortable as old, very scuffed shoes. 231 more words

Advice & Answers

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Welcome to a quiet new home on the web for reposts of wonder, creativity and beauty from others. I also write at Paper Blogging: Travels with a Pen: Sketchbooks and Seeing.    

Closet Secrets

Today we’re taking a little peek inside my closet. I live in a studio and it’s basically a closet with a bed, not because of size but because of the sheer amount of clothing inside. 233 more words


Backwards Meeting

Here’s a way to mix things up… have your meeting backwards.

Start with Taps and your normal closing. Then work though your meeting backwards with campfire, some program work, a game, then your units opening. 12 more words

No Filter

I’ve grown weary of my approach to this blog. Too academic. Too esoteric. Too serious. So I plan to lighten up a little this year. You will see media and not just words. 55 more words


Which Would You Pick...Regular, Or Smoked?

Hope you had a great weekend, and a greater Thanksgiving (especially if your weekend involved both, in some way).

We got invited to see some friends we hadn’t seen in a year, and we spent Thanksgiving with them. 581 more words

Fiction And Copy Decodes