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It all started with a McDonald's run.

NaSoAlMo (aka National Solo Album Month) is one of my most favorite music competitions of the year. As much as I’ve tried to get into some of the other contests like FAWM and 50/90, I always come back to NaSoAlMo. 279 more words



You can’t do without it. Networking is by far the most important part of getting any business up and off the ground. The local coffee shop has to build a report with customers, via face-to-face, social media, local advertising and of course, word of mouth. 454 more words

Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer and the story of ginger ale

I love ginger ale. I’ll start with that right now. I think it’s the best drink to mix with ever since it goes with literally everything. 409 more words

David Campion-Smith

Life has many doors, all lead to the basement.

First, to get introductions out of the way, hi! This is my own personal “webzone” where I hope to centralize all of my creative stuff… 1,337 more words


Mix Monday: Time.

Mixing. I tend to use the word interchangeably a lot. It comes from two different angles, but the product is ultimately the same idea. On one side, you have the traditional role of the mixing engineer… 1,074 more words


Thoughts About D.A.W's

My thoughts have once again shifted to whether or not to stay with my main DAW for my studio. I currently use Protools as my main recording platform but with how slowly they are updating things and how much it cost to have support and plugins. 200 more words


Mixing Clay Bodies

Busy beavering away in the studio the temptation to go back to old routines and ways of doing things is a real pull. To help me resist temptation I’ve been challenging myself to use different clay bodies or to make un-familiar items. 244 more words