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An Interview With David Mancuso

David Mancuso

In an era when the mix reigns supreme, 98% of dancefloor fare rolls on computer clock-like in the unswerving neighborhood of 122 bpm, and producers create their records with obvious mixpoints for the overzealous jack to bail out and into the next record, a lot of pitch-shifting, quick-mixing wall-of-unchanging-sound deejays are long over due for some pointers from a man who’s been spinning since most of us were in our nappies. 4,343 more words

References, Perspective and Tired Ears

So today I mixed a Swinging Steaks song entitled ‘Lost My Way’, again from the Cambridge multitrack library. This was a fairly big session, but everything was generally well recorded. 588 more words



[ *Ambient Audio Respite]

#Ambient audio/mix construction provides a respite from today’s cultural chaos that can be revisited simply by pressing ‘play’! ▶️

— Ambient Landscape (@AmbientLndscape) October 17, 2017


Instrumental Blues Rock

Today was time for another multitrack from the Cambridge Multitrack Library, as well as another mix in Pro Tools. I chose Marcus Boeltz’ ‘Shut up and Play’, an instrumental piece featuring distorted guitar solos, bass riffs and organ parts. 315 more words


C.H.I.L.L Music Week 4: Present or Die

Welcome back to the C.H.I.L.L Music production blog

This week we will be talking about a class presentation, the work on the mix, and working with a real-life musician. 990 more words

Uni Work

Different types of Space

Today was a little different again. I decided to revisit a mix of a session I recorded back in May. The artist i’m working with on this particular EP is currently working on some more material for the EP, which I will record with her in due course. 384 more words


Synthesis in Audio

This week we had a lecture on synthesis. “What is synthesis?” I hear you ask through your computer screen. Yes, I can listen to everything you say. 963 more words

Uni Work