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The Rule of Three

The human ear can only focus on three distinct elements – use them wisely.

Ex: drums, chord, melody. Rotate elements to use the rule of three. 50 more words



On Friday the 27th of February we had our first recording session with Nick our solo artist (singer/songwriter).It was quite the recording session as we were filming throughout the whole session.The film then will be used to create a BTS short film around about 5 minutes of the recoding process in the later stages.The setup for the recoding session was quite straightforward as we were gonna track just guitars and vocals,then in the later stages drums,bass and keyboards. 631 more words

God I love new gear. 

Just added a new microphone to my collection and a nifty little control surface! I would like to welcome the Heil pr30b to my microphone arsenal, and the Steinberg CMC CH to my desk space. 8 more words

War and Peace II

So this week we were in the studio again tracking bass and vocals this time around.We tracked bass first on Tuesday night cause it was the last instrument that we were gonna record in the studio just so when we recorded the vocals,the vocalist basically has a completed track to listen when he’s recording. 606 more words

Day 9 - Mix It Up

Sorry I’m a day late, AGAIN.

We tend to use the words ‘melting pot’ when we think of culturally diverse places, but what if it’s more of a salad bowl? 610 more words



“Mixing requires inner vision. Some people have it, some don’t. Some don’t and don’t know it. For some listeners the record sucks if you can’t hear every word of lyric, for some it sucks if you can. 38 more words



The busiest week thus far in tri 5 with plenty of studio pracs and recording sessions this week.On Tuesday we were back in the C24 mixing what we had done for our Prometheus post production clip in 5.1 for the first time.Before the prac began Brandon our facilitator explained about speaker calibration for film and tv sound mixing. 762 more words