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[Exclusive] Interview with OfficialHitGod.com

Interviewed by Ben Z @WI608

OfficialHitGod.com is a growing team of music producers, audio engineers, and graphic designers. They specialize in helping build artist/musician branding and appeal. 550 more words

Upcoming Hip Hop

Will you Meringue me? (yep. it's a dad joke inspired by Arthur Cerrero)

I love meringues! this is a meringue beaten manually (hush.. I know). I haven’t bought a mixer at that time so I exerted all my love and effort in creating this beautiful and glossy baby.

Author: Sunshine Lee

Student-Chef Life

Paint in a bag ♡

This is one of the first of many Preschool projects I’d like to share with you!
Today we took a cleaner route to a normal messy activity! 102 more words

Want Big Guitar Tone? Only Record As Few Guitar Parts

Why is it that so many of us are addicted to recording a torrent of guitar tracks per song?

It’s almost like a badge of honor, having as many guitar tracks as possible. 787 more words



There are knots in my stomach

Knots or butterflies?


A beat.

Why do you think there are knots in your stomach?

Maybe I ate something terrible or maybe my insides are suddenly inexplicably combusting. 582 more words


Game Show Mixes

So I had another go at fixing up that bass level on my “game show” mix!

That bass is just so big and woolly sounding. It needs turning down and some of that low end taking out to I think. 240 more words