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Room Resonances

Most of us working in project studios, are mixing and producing in environments which are far from acoustically perfect, and having to deal with frequency peaks and nulls in different parts of a room are an unfortunate but unavoidable reality. 761 more words


Amazing vintage guitar amps you can buy for under £350.

Really great guitar tone doesn’t need to cost thousands of pounds. For the genres of music I tend to work in (punk / emo / indie) where the guitar tones range from sparkling cleans to looser mid-higher gain distortion, there are a ton of 1970s built guitar amps that are comparatively very affordable, sound incredible and aremost often my first choice over more modern or more expensive amps. 388 more words


Cleaning Up a Mix

Over the last week I’ve been finalizing the mix of a new track (Summer Wave).  In terms of sound texture, it’s the ‘thickest’ track I’ve written this year, with quite a lot of instrument and percussion layers mixed together.  749 more words


I know I love doing something when three hours feel like three minutes.

I worked on preliminary mixes for the last two tracks of the Airship album, today. They are “The View From Above” and “The Return”. “The View From Above” started out as a sketch and eventually turned into a full track. 200 more words


3 Common Mixing Myths

by Kenny Goshgarian

I’m a guy that often says “never stop learning”. And it’s hard to argue that one of the best ways to learn is through experience itself. 727 more words


The old and the new

Bring together old and new pieces for your interior like these inspiration image below. This is a great way to be economical as well as bringing through personality to your space. 48 more words

Three Reasons You Should Be Checking Your Mix in Mono

You should always reference your mixes in mono. Why? Check out three reasons below:

1. To check for phase issues.

If two or more of your tracks are out of phase with one another, the best way to hear it is by listening to them in mono. 494 more words