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Spirit玲 スピリット玲- 180SX Miyabi/Kamikaze Diffuser System and Garage Mak Hood

Well, both prjkt 240SX MAYHEM and the parts donor car safely arrived back in March to the fabricator who will doing the magic to build prjkt 240SX MAYHEM with the Spirit玲 (スピリット玲) 180SX Miyabi full kit, the Spirit玲 (スピリット玲) Kamikaze full carbon diffuser system and a Garage Mak Type 2 full carbon hood. 55 more words


Riwayat Hidup Miyabi a.k.a Maria Ozawa

Masa Kecil Miyabi Saat masih kanak-kanak
Miyabi hidup dan bersekolah di lingkungan bule, sejak kecil cara berpikirnya sudah menganut paham serba bebas. Di usia yang tergolong masih ingusan, ia sudah terbiasa menonton video porno. 764 more words


[VOLTAGE INC GAME REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight Season 1


Voltage: You were living a normal life until on a night of a red moon, your powers awoken and now demons called ayakashi are after you. 1,636 more words

Voltage Inc

Miyabi | Southcenter | Tukwila

Ever since I was introduced into Japanese dramas I have always dreamed about eating my meals in a bento box! Thanks to Miyabi’s in Southcenter, I can always trust them and myself that my decisions in life have always been good, especially for my stomach. 129 more words


Enchanted in the moonlight- Miyabi's Squeal POV


For the first review of the year 2016, I will start with Voltage Inc very own Kitsune; Miyabi! So for anyone who doesn’t know who is Miyabi. 586 more words


Spirit Rei Miyabi for MAYHEM

Well, I’ve been thinking of Motohiro Taniguchi’s Spirit Rei Miyabi 180SX off and on since fall 2013. Back then, I didn’t even have a 180SX anymore, since the last one I had was in 2009. 470 more words