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DIS now on Twitter!

We are proud to announce that Divine Intervention School has officially landed on Twitter, and we can be found at https://twitter.com/DIS_Aizawl where you can tweet us @DIS_Aizawl. 46 more words

Mizoram sorkar leh HPC (D) hel pawl aiawhte inbiak vawi thumna chu tun thla ni 15 vela neih tura ruahman a ni a, Home Department hotute hnen atanga thudawn danin HPC (D) leh sorkar official-te inbiak leh hun atan hian December chawlhkar thumna tin zawn a ni a, a hun tur hi nimina Home department hotute inhmuhkhawmna-ah ruatniin, sorkar pawmpuina lak leh a ni dawn a ni. 250 more words

Zoram History

In clouded leopard country

by T R Shankar Raman_______________

In the rainforest, the rewards of silence sometimes exceed your wildest expectations. From where I sit quietly, I don’t hear a single artificial sound. 1,278 more words



  • Khawvel pum huap AIDS natna Dona Ni World AIDS Day chu Dec 1 khan Mizoramah urhsun taka hman a ni a, Aizawlah chuan, Millenium Centre kawtah Health Minister Pu Lal Thanzara hovin hman a ni a, Pu Lal Thanzara chuanHIV/AIDS natna hian Mizoramah kua a hreuh thuk hle tawh tih hi pawm leh awih harsa, mah se dik si a ni, a ti. 300 more words

    Zoram History

    School-trip to Lungleng Village

    On Saturday, 26 November, Classes V and VI had a joint outing to Lungleng village to find out more about local Mizo history. The village is of special historical interest because it has preserved the home of one of the most famous Mizo chiefs, Khamliana Sailo, whose life and achievements are well-known. 53 more words

    Maths Competition at Pachhunga University College

    On Saturday, 26 November, a large number of our students from Classes V, VIII and X headed to Pachhunga University College to take part in the annual Maths Competition organised by the Mizoram Mathematics Society. 35 more words

    Awareness Campaign from Zonuam Police Outpost

    On Friday, 25 November, five representatives from Zonuam Police Outpost visited the school to present an awareness campaign about a variety of issues. In an entertaining and interactive presentation, all the students learnt about the importance of local police outposts and the correct procedure for reporting an offence by filing an FIR. 38 more words