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mkdir linux command to make a directory

The mkdir command is used to make a directory, it’s really simple. You can simply mkdir and specify the directory, or you can use options, see examples below. 65 more words

Linux Command Line

Linux Commands : Directory In Linux

Both Folder/Directory words can be used interchangeably in the Linux ecosystem

In our Linux system we have Root Directory from which we go our subdirectory. 277 more words

Linux Commands

Everything in Command Line/ Terminal - Navigation

Here, we learn about Navigating through Directories using the Command Line

  • pwd = print working directory
  • ls = list : lists all folders/files in working directory…
  • 200 more words

How to create a directory using PHP

if (isset($_POST['doit']))  { 
$dirname = $_POST['dirname']; 
$stien = getcwd(); 
mkdir ($stien . "/" . $dirname); 
echo "Okay, directory: " . $stien . "/" . $dirname . 126 more words

[Part 2] Add, Add, Add, Delete – A story of functions

Continuing the journey of functions that I have used to create the photo upload site I will go on to detail those that are associated with the album generation below: 559 more words

Listing Files and Directories

What we are going to cover ?


Its list the contents of your current directory

ls -a :- 105 more words


Add, Add, Add, Delete - A story of functions

I have now built my first website in PHP!

It is a basic photo album site where you can create an account, create an album and then upload an image to the album and view it, along with any other photos that have been uploaded. 339 more words