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Make and Change into Directory

Several times a day I have to create a directory and have immediately change into this directory. After a while I found it rather annoying to type every time… 40 more words


Make a Directory with Actual Date

For different workflows I like to have directories with the actual date as name. To this end I created a little bash function called mkdd… 45 more words


What is the syntax to create a folder [new]

MkDir ("<filepath here>")
'creates a folder called "newfolder" in the current Documents folder
MkDir ("C:\Users\Portia\Documents\newfolder")

To determine the filepath of a folder, click here.


Creating folders

Another useful command is mkdir 

It can be used to create directories, folders etc. I will provide a basic demonstration on how the command functions.


check directory is avail or not if not avail create a directory

$dir_exist = true; // flag for checking the directory exist or not
if (!is_dir(IMAGE_UPLOAD_PATH . $domain . ‘/b2c/images/’)) {
mkdir(IMAGE_UPLOAD_PATH . $domain . ‘/b2c/images/’, 0777, true); 6 more words