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¿Como crear un folder o directorio en Linux?

El comando que vamos a usar para crear un folder o directorio en Linux es mkdir.

ej: mkdir /var/www/html/prueba

Va a crear un folder llamado prueba, dentro del folder html.


How to mount Matlab ISO file on Linux?


In order to install matlab on Linux system, it is necessary to run ‘install’ script. However, this script is within the Matlab ISO file. So, we have to mount it first, and then we can execute ‘install’ script. 25 more words


PHP Security on the IBM i - Locking down the IFS permissions - Best way to handle authorities in the web root and subdirectories.

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How to create directory using C++ on Linux

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Hosting Virtual Hosts with Nginx Server on Ubuntu

Hello, here I’m, going to show you how to install Nginx server and configure it for hosting web sites. First of all let’s see what is Nginx server. 490 more words


Basic Unix & Linux Commands

File Commands


cd command (change directory)

 The Linux cd command stands for “change directory”. It is the primary command for moving between directories on a Unix/Linux file system. 2,513 more words


Handle Folder while uploading images

Create Folder while uploading documents or images

In normal create a main directory( out side)

 mkdir($file_no, 0755);

If u want to create a folder in particular directory… 80 more words