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Towards Better Evaluation of Abstractive Summarization

This post is about our paper “SSAS: Semantic Similarity for Abstractive Summarization” which is presented at IJCNLP 2017, Taipei, Taiwan.

Automated text summarization has been around for a long time. 568 more words


Learning Distributed Word  Representations with Neural Network: an implementation in Octave

In this article, the problem of learning word representations with neural network from scratch is going to be described. This problem appeared as an assignment in the… 2,425 more words


Link: Moogsoft gets $40m round D

“Moogsoft claims to have more than doubled revenue in the past year thanks to new customer wins. The startup counts Cisco Systems Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., Intuit Inc. 15 more words


Person Selection Methods using Random Forest (Desicion Tree) Algorithem

#Call the library



 #Read the data set it can be csv file , text file or url. here i used csv file reading… 308 more words


New to Machine Learning?

New to Machine Learning?
Planning to jump into Machine Learning?
Well, Guess you are at the right place :)

Machine Learning does sound big and complicated to some people but frankly, it’s not! 244 more words

Machine Learning

Autonomous Driving - Car detection with YOLO Model with Keras in Python

In this article, object detection using the very powerful YOLO model will be described, particularly in the context of car detection for autonomous driving. This problem appeared as an assignment in the… 4,707 more words


A Primer on Machine Learning : Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning - Regression and Classification

1. What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the ability of a computer to derive rules and patterns from given set of data. To derive these insights statistical tools are deployed through machine learning algorithms. 366 more words