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Bites of Bytes - Ed. 3 - Taming The Storm

When we were first exposed to computer science back in school, it was a whole different beast. Back then drawing figures in Logo and designing HTML pages was all the rage. 1,191 more words


Deep Learning Will Jumpstart Automation For Enterprises — Here’S Why

[The computer systems are evolving quickly, and human dependence is diminishing. #AI #ML #Automation #Trend ]

Deep learning is just starting a journey that will transform business and everyday life. 18 more words


Dear ML,

I wish it was okay for me to vent my rage to you, sweet girl. Not at you of course, but to you. I wish I could tell you just how angry I am with your bio-mom. 170 more words

Foster Care

Machine Learning and Networking (video)

Machine learning. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, right? It’s a term used a lot in technology today, and the high level concept isn’t new it all – we’re actually taking advantage of machine learning all the time. 115 more words


Week V: Math

2 days.
2 very intense days.
20 hours of building machine learning models. and there is no way on earth I could write a consistent and coherent blog post about that in my current state. 210 more words

Oh ML.....

Oh ML, never a dull moment. Several things have happened with our resident high-spirited pre-teen this past week, most of them completely hilarious.

For starters, ML has a history of being…shall we say…somewhat tasteless in her use of facebook. 349 more words

Foster Care

Dogs vs. Cats: Image Classification with Deep Learning using TensorFlow in Python

The problem

Given a set of labeled images of  cats and dogs, a  machine learning model  is to be learnt and later it is to be used to classify a set of new images as… 829 more words