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A Trip Down Memory Lane


The night before I moved to memory lane I was at a party.

It was my friend’s party, but I only spoke to him twice that night. 188 more words



Cerita lucu Baru beberapa hari Ayahnya meninggal Alexis harus melangsungkan pernikahannya dengan Alex karena 187 more words

2016 09 23 Coming back!

It has been easy to enjoy some holidays, but that was not all in this month of september.

These last to weeks I’ve been alternating my collaboration with 3S’TECH with some diving into scientific papers. 265 more words

Youtube Lessons

Neroli 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 5 ml

The oil of Neroli is produced from the fragrant white blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Bitter orange is an evergreen citrus tree native to Asia. 187 more words

Neural Networks

Following resources explain the overview of Neural Networks and aided me enough to get recorded here for future references.

Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview – … 37 more words


Say it

​​Say it, just say it.

My limbs are weak from trying to reach you. My body moves in languages only you can speak in. My heart aches for your touch while I’m sleeping. 118 more words


R: Text classification using SMOTE and SVM

SMOTE algorithm is “an over-sampling approach in which the minority class is over-sampled by creating ‘synthetic’ examples rather than by over-sampling with replacement”. It is a technique used to resolve class imbalance in training data. 609 more words