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在英國同學身邊,我常常辯護內地,香港學生。在中學,我認識兩位間中思考抽象問題的香港朋友 。每次和學院同學提起,我都會說:內地,香港是有文化的,不是每年輕人都只重金錢,只重事業的。


對我來說,讀書組是回憶的橋樑。每次見到書友,也有說不完的話題。 昨天晚上有:莎士比亞的亨利五世,亨利六世 (三部曲),理查三世;哥德浮士德與但丁神曲的比較,Harold Bloom和Allan Bloom;Carl Schmitt的神學能否回應Hebert McCabe對天主教的精確定義。


能夠在不同背景的朋友身上,重新經歷學院的快樂時光,想來真是幸運。 9 more words


MLA (8th Edition) Coming Our Way!

Posted on behalf of Stephanie Noell.

What teaching and learning opportunity exists or recently occurred at Mountain View College (MVC)?

The Library tries to stay on top of updates to style guides for writing, so in the Fall, we started a new series of workshops on MLA 8th edition. 188 more words

Professional Development

Find a realizable plan

December 4, 2016

Eugene Znosko-Borovsky, circa 1910.

“It is not a move, even the best move that you must seek, but a realizable plan.”

Eugène Znosko-Borovsky, Russian-born French chess master (1884–1954) 29 more words


Professional Academic Editor

An affordable, professional editor for nearly 30 years, I’ll deliver a thorough edit of your dissertation, thesis or essay. I’m the author of several published books as well as short stories, hold a Master’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s in journalism, am a long-time writing teacher, and am an award-winning publications editor and writer. 121 more words

TGIF- Parade Tonight Hot Chocolate from MLA .

Jackie Tegart the MLA for Fraser Nicola will be at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame after the parade tonight and is hosting Hot Chocolate. 29 more words

Vegtable Soup

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 

Friendships throughout movies and books show the dramatic gossip and over exaggerated laughs and cliques in school. For example, in the movie Grease, the viewer experiences the friendships, romances, and adventures of a group of highschool kids in the 1950s. 1,306 more words


Celebrating a Reading Group

I’ve asked people how they got into the reading group. In some ways, this is an intimate question: the answer is not always clear without context and background, which lead back how one became interested in Philosophy in the first place. 541 more words