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Top 5 reasons to invest your precious free time on Rocket League.

Back in 2016, when i purchased my first refurbished Xbox One, i desperately wanted to buy a game that i could play Couch Co Op with my friends. 828 more words


Breakthrough of E-sports

For those people who do not like physical sports or watching sport related games, there is e-sports. The rise of e-sports over the past years has been growing immensely in business aspects and viewership. 561 more words

Jasmine Alexandria Cervantes

E-sports The next gen athlete

For the class “Future Cultures” (BCM325) I have decided to explore the world of the future athlete. Now when we think of sport many people come to the idea of a physical game with long established codes, support and recognition. 727 more words

CS:GO Skin Sells For Over $60,000

After Cloud9 won a CS:GO Major tournament, one of its players had their gun skin auctioned off for $61,052.  You read that right, $61,052.  The Dragon Lore skin can only be acquired at Valve sponsored tournaments through very… 157 more words


Gaming As We Know It Today

If you were to tell someone that video gaming was gonna be a sort of job to the average person they’d look at you crazy. Can you blame them? 255 more words

Something to watch, in Overwatch

How the new IP took the world by storm.

Think back a few years ago, when Overwatch was first announced. The game may have had that signature eye catching Blizzard art style, but it was  642 more words