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MLG 2k Series Recap, and Discussion

The stress of the first MLG 2000 series pro point tournament is one of the most stressful competitions all year. Teams are gunning for the best possible seeding leading into MLG Dallas, and this makes it incredibly stressful with the combination of the massive amount of teams and online fluctuations create a ton of stress on players who are still struggling to learn a new game that is 2 weeks old. 941 more words

Call of Duty: World War 2 Teams Preview

It’s finally here! The 2018 Call of Duty Season starts on November 3rd at midnight. With the servers reportedly going live today, at launch teams will have access to integrated GBs to start the pro point grind instantly. 938 more words

Jobs - ULB - Postdoc in Data Science/Deep Learning/Big Data Mining for fraud detection



    Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)


    Computer science › Cybernetics


    Recognised Researcher (R2)


    01/06/2017 00:00 – Europe/Athens


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    Job / Vacancy

    [LATE] Good Game.

    “I may be exaggerating a lot, so I will be honest, it’s easy as 1 — 1 — 7.”

    Don’t worry, I know that the Featured Image was not so pleasing to the eye. 1,283 more words


    eSports: a Comparison to Sports

    What is an eSports? eSport stands for electronic sports which is basically competitive gaming. Just like how fans can watch Tom Brady play football or Stephen Curry play basketball, fans can watch their favorite player play their favorite game. 228 more words


    MLG Columbus 2013

    This week I’m going to run through what it was like to place 5th with my team. I’ll run through a little bit of the pre-event prep we did, a breakdown of matches, and a few other things we got to do at the event! 1,598 more words

    Wanting to be a Gamer

    Growing up my dad always wanted me to play sports, but I had different intentions. My grandparents had a Nintendo 64 that I would always play mario on. 185 more words