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The Professional

He’s skilled. He’s proficient. He’s got you in his sights. And most of all, he’s MLG.

The Professional


The Question of eSports in Australia

This article was first published in The Daily Review

eSports stands for electronic sports. It’s a competition between two teams or two players who are fighting over a video game map. 1,469 more words


iluminatus was right behind me.

so i quickscaeop’d dem

lel dank meme


Illuminati lel

hell hath no fury
like arthur punched his sister
dora in the ‘ead

these videos are real, blokes and sheilas.
hide yo kids, hide yo wife


The competitive multiplayer black hole

Multiplayer in video games have come a long way. At some point if you’ve ever been into games, you’ve probably found yourself apart of it. That could have been playing on the old days of playing on the same TV with GoldenEye on N64. 690 more words

Video Games

Every sixty seconds in Africa ...

One minute goes by.

Bananas r gr8 m8 8/8

Get in the van we have Wifi


I think I will get back to architecture and drawing floor plans , houses , and layouts , a list of what I will get to do it properly. 253 more words

Just Cuz

I will just tip my fedora. I don't actually own one.

I am sincerely happy that I am done with 6th grade. This means that we might not use Time4learning next year. Which will lead to me being happier and less raged and doing less ragey blogs. 55 more words