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How To Go MLG: Destiny Edition [LVL 1]

How To Go MLG: Destiny Edition

by: immortalTraveler

So you’ve been pretty hyped since the release of private matches and now that you’ve beat you friends you think you have want it takes to go pro huh? 334 more words


This Week at Bungie (Sent West) - 09/01/2016

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This Week At Bungie – 09/01/2016 – DeeJ

This week at Bungie we’re headed West.

PAX West, that is. To reach gamescom, we had to cross the Atlantic. 1,770 more words

Destiny The Game

Sports That Are Also E-Sports

The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which a team/an individual competes against others for entertainment. E-sports are the latest trend and with people making money by playing video games in the name of sports, you start to question the legitimacy of things. 591 more words


League Of Legends Creators to Release New Anime

League of Legends investment parent Tencent Holdings, the Chinese mega corporation, is embarking on a new media project about the very eSports realm they are so aggressively nurturing. 234 more words


Overwatch: Journey to #1 Mercy Part 2 - Competitive, The Death of Score, Torbjorn Nerf, and Teammates

So competitive mode was released while I was away in California visiting family, which was good, because it came earlier than I expected (only a few days after it came on PC instead of a full week). 677 more words


Happy Independence Day -- From a 21st Century Tory

My inbox is always bursting with spam —

From: Michelle Lujan Grisham via bounce.bluestatedigital.com
To: Mike Blessing
Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 3:46 PM…

387 more words