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Wanting to be a Gamer

Growing up my dad always wanted me to play sports, but I had different intentions. My grandparents had a Nintendo 64 that I would always play mario on. 185 more words

Playstation 2

Skrapz: 'Something I never thought was possible'

FNATIC qualified for Stage 2 of the Global Pro League this month. They’re a team many think are on the cusp of that second tier of teams and  396 more words


Esports- Sport or hobby?

During my biweekly pub quiz mentioned to my stepdad, Peter, that there was talk of gaming becoming an Olympic sport. Being of a different generation, it was difficult for him to understand why something that is a hobby or passtime could become a sport in a massive sporting event. 778 more words


Esports Part 1 – Growing Pains

The professional competitive play of video games, known as Esports, is an industry still in its infancy. Infancy, however, is a relative term. Worldwide revenue in 2017 is expected to be nearly $600 million, reaching $1B by 2020. 1,249 more words


Overwatch: A sport?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  A video game as a sport?  Where are the athletes?  Where’s the ball?  What defines a sport?  Aren’t sports always about physical activity? 800 more words

The Most Fun Repetitive Game You Can Play: Rocket League

It took me a long ass time to get into Rocket League. My friends had all told me to buy it and I couldn’t justify spending twenty dollars on it. 723 more words

The Greatest Series in the History of COD eSports?

The stage was set at MLG Dallas as the world’s two most lethal teams matched up in the grand finals. Optic Gaming had stormed through the winners bracket, sweeping aside top teams including their main rivals Faze Clan. 455 more words