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MLG (Major League Gaming)

Another event where you can attend if you have a organized team. You play against other teams. Finally when you start beating good teams you to go to finals bracket and get the chance to win money. 15 more words


Oh No!

Tryna Bang is WASHED!! Today during Arts & Crafts time, he has found a new love. Head not in the right place is really throwing the team off! 52 more words

Washed Night 1/9/17

Tonight was rough as the team clean sweeped the first match. Lastre leading the way Map 2, while CoNNeZy was busy with RS. After the first match the team took a tough loss after winning Map 1. 55 more words

A Gears of War Legacy

“I want to chainsaw someone!” Those were the frustrated words out of my sister’s mouth as she sat back in her chair and readjusted her grip on the Xbox One controller. 779 more words


Game Dev's Need to Support MLG

If you’re into competitive gaming odds are you’re either involved with MLG, or you’ve heard of it. My first game through MLG was a Call of Duty: Ghost knives only match in 2014. 292 more words


Widowmaker: The Glass Cannon Who Doesn't Quite Fit

As I discussed in my last article, tank-heavy compositions have pretty much dominated Overwatch as of late. This has left little wiggle room for creativity when it comes to group composition. 1,198 more words


Overwatch Tanks: The Bread-And-Butter Meta

There comes a time in every competitive team-based game where certain group compositions are simply too good to ignore. Like the “holy trinity” in MMOs (tank-healer-dps), there’s usually a core that you build around based on individual strengths and weaknesses. 825 more words