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The Sports Archives – The Rise of Electronic Sports

“Sport” has existed nearly as long as there have been people on this planet. This should be no surprise – competitive interaction, cooperation, and the opportunity to achieve greatness are all thematic characteristics of any sport, and many would argue that rivalry and sportsmanship is instinctive in all of humanity. 757 more words


I bleed blu!

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to divorce myself from my leafs. I keep coming back. Am I the only one with this disease. 9 more words


Seminar- ULB - Context-sensitive Ordinal Regression Models for Human Facial Behaviour Analysis


    ULB  Machine Learning Group (MLG)

             S E M I N A R



       “Context-sensitive Ordinal Regression Models for Human Facial Behaviour Analysis”

When: 426 more words

Brussels Data Science Community


nobody saw it coming

well, the bloke who planned it out had a good idea of how it should have worked

but really, he had no clue the gears that were now being set in motion… 43 more words


everyone bans raymond

Have you ever watched ‘Everyone Loves Raymond?’

stay there I don’t want you to miss this


youtube poop

watching brain rot on YouTube at 2 in the morning. please pray for me.