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CS:GO Skin Sells For Over $60,000

After Cloud9 won a CS:GO Major tournament, one of its players had their gun skin auctioned off for $61,052.  You read that right, $61,052.  The Dragon Lore skin can only be acquired at Valve sponsored tournaments through very… 157 more words


Gaming As We Know It Today

If you were to tell someone that video gaming was gonna be a sort of job to the average person they’d look at you crazy. Can you blame them? 255 more words

Something to watch, in Overwatch

How the new IP took the world by storm.

Think back a few years ago, when Overwatch was first announced. The game may have had that signature eye catching Blizzard art style, but it was  642 more words

You have to try out this stupid but effective tactic on the new PUBG map


I am pretty good at exploiting dirty tricks in PUBG to get kills and get that succulent chicken dinner, but in this latest poy I might have gone to far. 211 more words


One of the Biggest Twitch Streamers Just Went Live on His Channel and Admitted to Cheating on His Wife.

YouTube/Twitch fame. It gets to you, man. One of, if not THE biggest Twitch streamer in the world, Dr. DisRespect,  went live on his stream in front of thousands of viewers, and confessed that he “wasn’t faithful” to his family. 83 more words


Fighting EDGE for PlayStation 4 - US Edition | [Recommendation]

The ultimate arcade stick that truly embraces the fighting game spirit is back on PlayStation 4. An industry-first brushed aluminum top panel provides durability and refined style found nowhere else.

156 more words
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