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G is for Gay!

The second letter in the acronym LGBT+, G – which stands for gay – traditionally refers to homosexual men/men who are sexually attracted to other men. 212 more words

Book Recs: Pride Month Special

I’m sure all of you at least once experienced this: you go to school, you study history, and then years later, in totally random circumstances, you learn that some historical figure was actually gay. 1,280 more words


Why I ā€“ an introvert ā€“ am trying a MLM side hustle

One might not expect it because I am so open about my infertility struggles but I am naturally an introvert. Iā€™d much rather be kept behind the scenes please. 863 more words


Buddy Read: Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

After the disaster that was our first buddy read, we are back again for take two! It was, you might say, an inauspicious start. Anna didn’t even pick up this book until Saturday morning (hence why the post is delayed until Sunday. 718 more words