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Monday Motivation: Pinkie Pie

Monday Motivation: Pinkie Pie

Let’s be honest: is there anypony out there who DOESN’T love Pinkie Pie? Disliking Pinkie Pie is like disliking sunshine or rainbows – it’s just not possible, unless you think you’re too punk rock for cupcakes. 148 more words

Monday Motivation

My little Pony: Nightmare Night 2015

My little Pony: Nightmare Night 2015
My little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2015
My little Pony: 3D Cartoon 2015 – KidzWorld
***Replay: http://youtu.be/ILEid4HWjgs

Let’s join the amazing world of Pony and have a good time. 10 more words

Fairy World

MLP Fanfiction: The Fall of Starswirl the Bearded Preview of ch1

My very good friend TechnoKino is writing a fanfiction story based loosely on Frozen. It’s a Starswirl turns into Discord story and features Celestia, Luna and Sombra as well as a hoof-full of OCs. 1,700 more words


Bronycon 2015 Wrap-Up

Last weekend, I attended my first ever Bronycon and had much, much more fun than I expected to (despite almost getting in trouble with the MTA police). 1,147 more words

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Monster of the Week: Cerberus

Cerberus (Kerberos), the hound of Hades, is a legendary three-headed dog of Greek and Roman mythology. Like his counterparts the four-eyed Norse dog… 686 more words


Mini-Review - "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks" (2014)

How anyone reacts to this movie will depend entirely upon how you feel about the musical numbers in “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” Because this movie is entirely about those songs, down to the plot revolving around a battle of the bands and the villains gaining power through singing. 267 more words

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