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Teknologi Genetik

Udin didiagnosa menderita diabetes tipe I (disebut juga insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) ketika ia berusia 13 tahun. Sejak itu, dia mulai menerima injeksi insulin secara rutin, sebuah hormon protein yang normalnya dibuat sel-sel di organ pankreas.

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Teknologi Laboratorium Medik


Tak terasa sudah sekitar 2,5 tahun bekerja sebagai staf (muda) produksi vaksin di BUMN yang ada di Jalan Pasteur Bandung (sebut saja Bio Farma). Dari awal masuk hingga sekarang, … 793 more words


From Cookies to Cars...

…QC: The Necessary Hassle

When I tell people I work in a laboratory which includes chemistry they usually picture the “crazy scientist” wearing goggles and a white coat behind a bubbling flask. 522 more words

the hiding culprit

Growing up I was a champion hide-and-seek player.  Maybe it was because I was small and could fit into small spaces.  Maybe it was because I had more patience than others.  535 more words

Self-awareness, Teams, Trust and Johari

The phrase ‘team work’ often gets banded around in many environments but what does it actually mean? I think the concept of team runs much deeper than a group of people working together towards a common goal. 1,077 more words



If there is no opportunity for you, create it – Kiyla Armstead

Given that I am currently a junior in college, the pressure of getting the perfect internship, perfect summer, perfect transcript, perfect job after graduation in the perfect apartment in the perfect city…is upon me.

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What an Inspirational Week!

Last week was so busy but really enjoyable!  I organised a ‘TEACHWEEK’ at school.  This involved an ‘open door event’ where staff signed up to visit colleagues’ classrooms to observe good practice, a teaching and learning market place, form activities and a series of assemblies.   756 more words