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The Fruit of the Spirit - Il-Frott ta' l-Ispirtu (MALTESE-MALTI: Catholic Version Bible-Bibbja)

MALTESE-MALTI: Catholic Version Bible-Bibbja

Galatians (Galatin) 5:22-23

22 Il-frott ta’ l-Ispirtu huma: l-imħabba, l-hena, is-sliem, is-sabar, il-ħniena, it-tjieba, il-fidi,

23 il-ħlewwa, ir-rażan. Kontra dawn ma hemmx liġi.


Syarat baru utk diploma teknologi makmal di PICOMS

Untuk kemasukan April 2018, syarat baru telah dikeluarkan oleh MQA. Oleh itu, syarat baru utk memohon masuk belajar #diploma teknologi makmal adalah seperti berikut:

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Buy and Sell Actions March 2018

For this month, the feel is like consolidating my positions.

While there might be more actions taken for the rest of the month (and year), it felt like I have more or less completed setting up my portfolio for the year. 783 more words

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Syarat kelayakan kursus diploma teknologi makmal perubatan

Lulus SPM dengan 5 kredit dalam subjek ;

  1. Bahasa Malaysia ;

  2. Bahasa Inggeris;

  3. Sains 

  4. Matematik dan

  5. 1 subjek lain…

  6. 17 more words

Update amid red red red market

It has been a red February so far. From a 3.8% gain at the end of January, STI ETF is now 1.7% down. Of course, my portfolio is not spared. 550 more words

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Quarterly Report (Jan to Mar 2018) Part 1 - REIT and Business Trust

It’s reporting season again. This time round, I decided to include the data from all the REIT that I hold. However, qualitatively I would still mainly focus on my core holding. 317 more words


Buy and Sell Actions January 2018

STI bull continued to charge in January. STI ETF is up by about 3.8% for the month. Both my cash and CPF portfolio have fallen behind STI ETF, only up by 1.9% and 2.3% respectively. 403 more words

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