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Puppy, Manufactory Romp, and GW2 Rant (not what you think) (#Blaugust 29)

It’s going to be a short one today, folks! We had a call-in at work and no one was able to cover the shift, so it was just me and the groomers. 649 more words

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Dailies Done Right (#Blaugust 22)

I spent between five and six hours running dailies in The Secret World last night, and loved every minute of it. Seriously! And I can explain. 1,187 more words

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Dance Party for The Secret World's Honorable Issue 12 Release (#Blaugust 20)

Is it really the 20th already?! O_o

Going to be a short post today, I’m starting it while countless Secret Worlders wait with much enthusiasm for the servers to reopen with the Issue 12 update. 714 more words

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It's a Great Big MMOverse, and We're All Really Puny (#Blaugust 18)

See? This is why a blog topic led me to wander through Animaniacs songs, there was a connection!

Not too long ago, Jennet of OtterDown spent some time talking about the inevitable failure of players trying to guess their game’s population. 1,160 more words


Cat Ears!!! TSW Issue 12 Devstream (#Blaugust 14)

While I was playing with a ferret at work today, other lucky Secret Worlders were tuning in to the 5th episode of The Streaming Ones devstream. 1,183 more words

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Podcast, TSW Currency Revamp, and Blog Thoughts (#Blaugust 6)

Still alive over here, so at least there’s that! I learned an important lesson about second opinions today, and am now on an increased dosage of antibiotics and what is effectively prescription-strength Aleve. 484 more words

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New World Of Warcraft expansion is called Legion

Blizzard just announced the latest WoW expansion and it’s called, Legion. This announcement comes days after the MMO’s user count has dropped to 5.6m subscribers, the lowest it’s been since 2005.

Source: WoW Youtube