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EVE Online is at it's lowest player count since 2008

Online bullying simulator EVE Online might not be everyone’s favourite anymore, according to graphs made by EVE player Jestertrek

The graphs show that the amount of people concurrently playing the game has recently hit its lowest point since 2008, with only just over 21,000 players being logged in at any one time. 108 more words


My Endgame Is More Than Dungeons

Monday night I was kidnapped (otternapped?) by my awesome friends from the OtterDown cabal to finish up my Elite dungeons in The Secret World. It’s only after completing those dungeons, and then beating the GateKeeper, that one becomes eligible to run the highest level dungeons in game – the Nightmare dungeons. 828 more words


Filth and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Mounts in TSW

As some of you already know, one of the big deals in The Secret World this week was the patch that dropped today. Other than gaining a new mini-dungeon, achievement reward vendors, and… 550 more words


The Lonely Mesmer #1: Heart of Thorns Beta Preview

“The land was eclipsed in flames. Roots, cliffs and remnants of ships burned as one. The lone man looked up at this, all of this, and he whispered under his breath; “Damn. 2,116 more words


The Secret World: Issue 11

Well, I’m a day late posting, and this will be a somewhat condensed entry. I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday – everything is fine, but we’re trying me out on a new prescription. 1,032 more words


I Didn't Mean To Do That! - Choice and Consequence in Games

With the launch of Issue 11 for the The Secret World imminent (or at least coming SOON™), I’ve been thinking about choices and consequences in games. 1,371 more words


World of Warcraft's Next Patch Adds Ship Building, Plus a New Zone and Raid

The next patch for World of Warcraft is an exciting one, as it introduces a new zone, raid, and a shipyard feature that lets you build your own ships. 251 more words