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Gryph is Playing Final Fantasy XIV

Despite being neck-deep in the Golden Weekend event over on The Secret World, and also trying to get together entries for a truly epic forum contest… 1,055 more words


The Secret World and New Player Experience

There have been a lot of changes incoming for The secret World that were outlined among the the recent blog, chief among those the Enhanced Player Experience, aka a nerf bat raining down upon the lands. 519 more words


Importance of Polish

With playing Final Fantasy 14 at the moment  I’ve got to wondering whether innovation is something we truly want, or even need in mmo’s. By all accounts it’s a wow clone, and while a polished one with a lot of mechanics from elsewhere it really offers nothing of its own to the equation. 610 more words


Finding the Fun in Final Fantasy 14

As a mmo player away from mmo’s for a while you get these urges. Urges deep down that feel like some kind of deep dark hole sucking up everything else around it, it needs to  be filled but you have to find the right thing to fill it with. 765 more words


Elder Scrolls Online patch 6 is a whopping 20gb

The Elder Scrolls Online has received its biggest content update to date with the launch of the 20GB-sized Patch 6.

This update readies the game for its upcoming “buy to play” model, and adds a number of new systems. 213 more words


The Procedural Phenomenom

Over at Bio Break there is a post looking at procedural generation and the reasons why the technology, and implementation doesn’t appeal to him. My comment looked like it was going to get a bit to big so…. 748 more words


Ending My Early Entry to MMO's

I’ve been writing a post about Crowfall lately and outlining the parts I liked in the initial pitch, and it does have a lot of really interesting elements that appeal to me. 498 more words