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MMO's and What I Want

One thing that I’ve been thinking with all these recent kickstarter,and the orgy of ideals being thrown around with them is, what do I want from an mmo? 582 more words


Ever Wanted to Play Dungeons and Dragons Online? Check This Out: Neverwinter

So this is a new little thing I’m going to start trying to write. “Check This Out”.

Basically I want to be able to bring you folks information about either games I’m playing, or stuff that looks really interesting thats coming out. 163 more words


Development and the Dreamers

I’ve still been thinking about the news over at Day C (Daybreak) and what it will mean for the development of their future games. I still believe that their primary developments and future projects like Hizzy and Everquest Next will continue but then, my concern now is whether or not they will be the same as the would otherwise. 562 more words


Fun and Failing in Gw2 PvP

It seems the more I play guild Wars 2 the more I get rather frustrated with it. I kind of know how new players would feel about it all now as I just get that overwhelming feeling of direction less. 575 more words


Firefall's Daily Drag

Dear mmo developer, for today’s lesson we will be looking at how not to do end game dailies with the wonderful hosts Red 5 and their game Firefall. 478 more words


Amazonian Antics in Firefall

BIg changes ahead for Firefall.. AGAIN you say! They are still working on a new crafting system to once again make that aspect more import as well as bring back the usefulness of crafting but they’ve also been working on a lot more it seems.  696 more words


This Week with Dog (Week of 2/2/2015)

You can read the last TWWD here, and the first week here. Thanks for reading! [Also, I finished editing this and published it at exactly midnight on the verge of monday and tuesday. 1,200 more words