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The Secret World: Issue 11

Well, I’m a day late posting, and this will be a somewhat condensed entry. I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday – everything is fine, but we’re trying me out on a new prescription. 1,032 more words


I Didn't Mean To Do That! - Choice and Consequence in Games

With the launch of Issue 11 for the The Secret World imminent (or at least coming SOON™), I’ve been thinking about choices and consequences in games. 1,371 more words


World of Warcraft's Next Patch Adds Ship Building, Plus a New Zone and Raid

The next patch for World of Warcraft is an exciting one, as it introduces a new zone, raid, and a shipyard feature that lets you build your own ships. 251 more words


On Reactions to Game Updates

One of the MMO’s I’ve been playing, and enjoying, for the last couple years is DC Universe Online. The fights feel fun, there’s room for exploration and achievement hunting, and I love being able to interact with my favorite DC characters. 1,766 more words


I Started Playing The Elder Scrolls Online Again

In an attempt to try and justify my purchase of The Elder Scrolls Online I started playing it again a few days ago. I created myself a wood elf archer and started the game.  515 more words


#IAMTSW - A Different Kind of Contest

As promised, I’ll take some time to talk about the contest that’s currently in progress on The Secret World’s forums. This is an “epic forum event” that we’d been promised by the community managers for some time, and part of the payoff for… 856 more words


Neverwinter - Xbox One Review

Neverwinter just released on the Xbox One back in March. My friends and I have already gotten to around level 20 and I decided to share my thoughts with everyone.  743 more words

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