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clash of clans comitment to 'fair play' is an unfair money grab

what has it done

when i saw clash of clans was “stepping up it’s commitment to fair play” in the clash of clans news feed i happily clicked on it but it must have redirected me to the wrong page as what i saw was not an attempt at fair play but an unfair money grab. 390 more words

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Battle Bards Episode 74: Black Desert Online

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

This eastern sandbox import has many people playing and talking about it, but are they listening to Black Desert Online? 80 more words

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How To Find the Best Leveling Guide in SWTOR?

Is there a way to speedily level your character in SWTOR? Great news, there is of course a way to level up fast. However, you will still have to finish quite a few quests and missions in order to reach there. 224 more words

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Battle Bards Episode 71: Ragnarok Online 2

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

Let’s get this out of the way up front: No, Ragnarok Online 2 isn’t the type of game that you’d think would have a terrific soundtrack, and yes, it totally has a terrific soundtrack. 99 more words

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Battle Bards Episode 69: Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

The Battle Bards are taking an airship back to Eorzea to cover the soundtrack to the first expansion to Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward. 111 more words

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Dragon Nest Europe: Χάθηκαν όλα τα δεδομένα των παιχτών!

Άσχημα νέα για τους ενεργούς παίχτες του παιχνιδιού Dragon Nest Europe.

Στις 31 Ιανουαρίου οι servers παρουσίασαν κάποιο τεχνικό πρόβλημα. Παρότι μετά από κάποιες μέρες καταφέρανε να λύσουνε αυτό το θέμα παρουσιάστηκε ένα ακόμη πιο τεράστιο πρόβλημα. 25 more words


Πρώτες εικόνες για το awakening των class Plum/Blader

Ένα νέο άρθρο έβγαλε η Daum Games για το Black Desert και συγκεκριμένα για το awakening των δύο τελευταίων class : Plum/Blader.

Ας δούμε παρακάτω τις δύο εικόνες που μας παρουσίασαν: 10 more words