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Something Wicked This Way Comes.... Oh Hello TEST

First a disclaimer. This blog is written by Kasken, the alliance executor of DIP. It is a completely biased personal opinion of myself. In general, it is not the official stance taken by my alliance, nor should everything I say be quoted as gospel (if you believe in that sort of thing). 646 more words

Eve Online

Hobo Gamer: Crowfall

By now, even those of you living under a rock have likely encountered¬†Crowfall, the new upcoming MMO currently under development by ArtCraft Entertainment. Having just¬†completed… 4,789 more words


Virtual Tourist - TERA 3/29/15


Citadel of Torment

This is the Torment part of the Citadel. Eek!

The Goddess

The floor was more intricate than I thought at first site. 41 more words

Gloria Oliver

One Pic is not enough: Naked in Hoelbrak

In Hoelbrak, Aster was kept being confused as a naked norn child for some reason.

Also, ths totally not going to become a thing.

Video Games

Final Fantasy Patch 2.5 - Before the Fall

So. It is painfully obvious by my last publish date that I have long neglected blogging. Happily, the reason for that is I spent the interval studying and recently finished my degree in Communication with Griffith Universities. 487 more words


Donors for March 26, 2015

Latest from Cassy!

“You’re gonna love my smoked meat log!”

Remember guys, if I add in another item to the first item by saying something like + random item, that additional item does not count toward your two item daily cap. 116 more words


Skyforge ramble

This game has me excited, I watched some of the Closed Beta stuff and it impressed me, the classes look awesome and I am a fan of the world setting and overall style, also the UI is very cool. 166 more words