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Fate/Grand Order High Sea Adventure English

Fate/Grand Order has it the US shores and are were about to get a new expansion as we take the battle between servants and masters to the opening water. 49 more words


Trogg new model!

When did that happen?! it’s not a big deal i know, but still … i remember talking about the old trogg model saying to a player in WoW that Blizzard need to update them, then i find that Blizzard acullay did! 127 more words


Pirates, brew and harvest

Many events coming soon in WoW, today is the Pirate Day, i got an achievement, a toy which helps me curse like a pirate, and i have a pirate costume for 12 hours, so all is good. 154 more words


Path of Exile Play-Through: So Close, Yet Still So Far

Good evening and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee!”

I need to admit something right now: Playing Path of Exile has given a new appreciation for MMORPG’s. 869 more words


BK&C Ep4: Captain America, Nazi Man

This week we chat about Witcher 3 graphics witchcraft, firing cancer rays at aliens in Star Trek Online. Then we dive into one of Marvel Comic’s most controversial events Secret Empire and come to the conclusion that Captain America is a pretty good bad guy. 72 more words


Giới thiệu qua blog kiếm tiền online trên android

✌Chào m.n mình là Quân, 1 MMOer non trẻ,bài viết của mình hơi dài và thô chỗ nào mong các bạn bỏ qua ,vì đây là tâm huyết mình ấp ủ bấy lâu và 1 số kinh nghiệm nho nhỏ của mình h mới có thể “Xoạc” được..^^hiu hiu… 1,712 more words

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