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My Thoughts on Nier: Automata

This game is probably the most emotional, pull-on-your-heartstrings game that I’ve ever played. Multiple times I found myself on the verge of crying. The cut scenes were done so beautifully, I felt as though I was literally experiencing what the character was feeling in that moment. 341 more words

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The King Of Fighters World Lovely New lady

We have pics showing one of the new characters in The King Of Fighters World. This time we are looking at a lovely lady as the pics show off a pink haired woman with a talent to shock her enemies. 23 more words


Let's Play | Albion Online, Ep 03: Hunting and Gathering to the Next Tier

Hello and welcome to part three of my ongoing Albion Online Let’s Play series.

This episode picks up right after the end of our last episode, where we failed miserably at completing the first expedition. 70 more words


Dispatch from Slack Chat: Has the MMO Lost Its Unique Selling Point?

We had a great discussion in the MMORPG.com Slack chat last night – so great that we thought it was worth publishing. So we did! 39 more words

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Of Dragonborn

The Dragonborn arrive in Eberron and Cormyr and while they are not the normal race I would play, I must say I really do like the look of them.  53 more words

The Shift from Leveling Skills to Leveling Characters in MMOs

Note: the following article originally appeared on MMOGames.com.

One of the biggest and most impactful changes to MMORPG design over the last decade is one that’s gotten remarkably little attention: the shift from skill based character progression to character level based progression. 1,694 more words

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