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Fate/Grand Order Epic Of Remnant Game

I thought I saw a new anime for Fate/Grand Order as we were introduced to Epic Of Remnant. Well I was wrong what I posted turned out to be a new segment for the game. 65 more words


Fate Grand Order Epic Of Remnant

It seems the Fate/Stay Night series is getting more anime. Fate Grand Order Epic Of Remnant trailer was posted online today showing the high paced over the top anime action fans have come to love. 39 more words


Stormblood Squee Week: My Personal Combat Refresh

With the arrival of Stormblood to Final Fantasy XIV, we’re also going to be seeing a “combat refresh” – a rebalancing of skills for every class in the game, with apparent special attention being paid to the existing tank and healer classes. 1,000 more words

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Eve Online and One Thing Leading to Another

After a crushing defeat at the hands of my Calculus test, I thought I needed a suitable diversion from the current state of this blog. I flipped the computer screen off, crumpled the scratch paper used for the exam, and began to reflect on how I ended up pursuing Calculus literacy in the first place. 772 more words


The Goddess Bastet

Bast, daughter of the Sun God, Egyptian Goddess of Protection and Blessing, looking after women, children & domestic cats.

-Scarab Circlet
-Three Hoop Earrings
-Black Marsh Keeper Costume… 8 more words


The Jungle of the Jaguars

Playing around with different styles of armour and came up with this piece. I’m really loving Khajiit and all the gorgeous fur patterns. This lovely Jaguar is wearing a mix of Argonian, Barbaric & Redguard armour. 58 more words


Character Spotlight - Alexstraza Descu

After much contemplation, I’m finally going to start dipping my toes in the world of MMO Roleplay. I intend to take it slow, and going to start off with not one of my main toons on Guild Wars 2, but a low level one I’m slowly leveling. 845 more words