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I have some things I have been wanting to share that probably didn’t get reported on the Mass News networks, but are important in helping manage your own health care programs.  326 more words

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What happens in mumps, exactly?

What is it?

Mumps is a viral infection. It first causes more general symptoms like fever, muscle pain, headache, and fatigue, but later it can lead to a painful and visible swelling of one or both parotid glands. 458 more words

Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism

After decades of passionate debate, parents probably missed the repeated admissions by drug companies and governments alike that vaccines do in fact cause autism. For concerned parents seeking the truth, it’s worth remembering that the exact same people who own the world’s drug companies also own America’s news outlets. 1,280 more words


“I’m a Gastroenterologist, how can I help you?”

I’m a physician. I qualified in 1981. I went on to practice as a surgeon, with a specific interest in inflammatory bowel disease. I then became an academic, running a team of nineteen people researching inflammatory bowel disease, and published over the period of ten years in the order of a hundred and thirty, a hundred and forty scientific publications on that particular subject. 117 more words

Andrew Wakefield

The Link Between Autism and the MMR Vaccine

The link between the syndrome we were seeing and MMR vaccine came from the parental story. The parents saying, “I wasn’t anti-vaccine. I took my child to be vaccinated with MMR on time.” It was given in isolation at the time in the UK, so it was easy for them to pinpoint the MMR as what they believed to be the cause. 265 more words

Andrew Wakefield

MMR Vaccine Safety

Now, by that stage, as a researcher, I had looked in great detail at the safety studies of MMR. I became very, very concerned that those studies were totally inadequate. 232 more words

Andrew Wakefield

The Lancet Study

The Lancet Study itself arose out of seeing many of these children with the same presentation. Normal development, regression, and autism spectrum diagnosis, gastrointestinal symptoms, and bowel inflammation. 122 more words

Andrew Wakefield