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M&m's * #18 Lot Of 7 Different Sets M&m's Kurt Adler Ornaments

M&m’s * #18 Lot Of 7 Different Sets M&m’s Kurt Adler Ornaments
Cosmo The Cats Medical Expense Fund Selling M&M’s Collectibles Product Name: M&M’s Collectibles #18 – Lot Of 7 Different Sets Of Kurt Adler Ornaments ALERT: Dear Customer; Please Read As This Is An Emergency Selling Event, You See; My Cat Cosmo Is In Desperate Need Of Medical Assistance As He Was Diagnosed With An Inoperable Cancerous Growth On The Right Side Of His Abdomen And We Do Not Have The Funds To Meet This Need The Tests Alone Were Over $700.00! 457 more words


Sunshine and M&Ms.

As life in the Bay Area gets increasingly more expensive and hectic, I try to frequently remind myself how lucky I am to be here. In this case, three random photos taken on a Tuesday made all the difference. 7 more words

Opposite Day

3 popular candies you should probably stop eating

You might have gotten the idea that kids act hyperactive after eating candy because of all the sugar in it. Studies suggest that it’s actually because of artificial color dyes, which have been said to cause ADHD in children, and tumors and cancer in rats (depending on the color). 229 more words


Peqqutaasinnaasut 29-at sooq MMS-ip peqqissitikkiartunnginneraatit

Peqqutaasinnaasut 29-at sooq MMS-ip peqqissitikkiartunnginneraatit

Inunnik uattinut allattarsimapput apersorlutik sooq “peqqissuttitik aaqqissimannginneri” iluaalliutit arlaqartuniit atuaraangamikkit testimonials-it (oqaaseqaatingineqarsimasut) assingusunik iluaalliuuteqartut iluittumik peqqissuttiminnik aaqqiisimasut test-erneqarsimallutillu sionaniit kinguneranut protocols-it piareereerneranni. 2,511 more words

MMS-ip atornissaanut ukua Tunngavingisaapput

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MMS-ip atornissaanut ukua Tunngavingisaapput

Tunngavik 1:
Uteqattaartumik annikinnernik dose-liisarnerit sunniuteqarnerusarput ullaakkut annertuumik unnukkullu dose-inik pinermiit. Takutinneqartsareernikuuvoq 1000-iniit ikanneriaq dose-inik annikinernik aqunneqakkajuttumik, ataasiaq akunnerit tamaasa, sunniuteqarnerusartut dose-inik annertuumik aqunneqartartuniit ullormut ataasiaq ima. 1,268 more words

MMS (Jim Humble-ip Aaqqissutissaliaa)

(Part 1)

Jim Humble-ip Aaqqiissutaa MMS
Atuisut Oqaateqaatiliaat

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement: Kræft-i Peqanngilaq ! ! ! !

Asasara Mr. Humble, Eqqarsaatingisimavara paaserusussangit uannut aaqqissimangama uterine -ovarian kræft-imik MMS-i atorlungu. 3,187 more words


Entertainment & media applications to boost MVAS market revenue, U.S. to push the regional demand

The growth trajectory of MVAS Market is expected to display a rising trend, subject to its extensive applications across the telecom, healthcare & IT, BFSI, education, retail, entertainment & media, and government sectors. 614 more words

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