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Changing The Way You Think About Debt.

Debt sucks! Believe me if there’s anybody that understands that it’s me. I’ve been paying off student loans for over a decade, and I’m still about four years from being free of them. 1,607 more words


John Smithin on money (INET video)

It is always interesting to see other economists talk about the very same things that oneself is teaching. I prefer to show much more balance sheets, John Smithin uses puzzles and controversies to structure his lecture. 135 more words


A High Pound, a Healthy Economy, Low Deficits: Pick Any Two from Three!

We all might like to have: 1) A high pound 2) Close to full employment with a healthy growing economy 3) Low government and trade deficits or even surpluses. 1,041 more words

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Comment 'aligner' un programmeur MMT externe ?

Dans le domaine de la création de programmes pour machines à mesure 3D (MMT) beaucoup dépend d’une gestion prudente et approfondie. Afin d’éviter variation et erreurs trop importantes au niveau des programmes de mesure, ne pas chacun de l’équipe qualité a la permission de créer de nouveaux programmes, ou d’en faire des modifications. 517 more words

3D Industrial Metrology

Notes on the money thinking debate: MMT and the Keynesians

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)/Neo-Chartalism has gained increasing attention last couple of years, i.e. in Bloomberg, and also a lot of interesting critique. Here’s some notes and links. 727 more words


Course on Modern Monetary Theory at Maastricht University's summer school 2016

I’ll give a course titled Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics at the summer school of the University of Maastricht from July 18-22. The course provides a new methodological approach to money and macroeconomics. 154 more words