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First posted on Think Left as ‘Like heterodox economists, Semmelweis was ignored…’ 29th April 2013

In 1844, Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis graduated as a doctor, and was appointed assistant at the obstetric clinic in Vienna. 

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Medication Management Treatment and Narcotics Anonymous (NA): Time for an Open Mind

Imagine if people living with HIV had been shunned, shamed, alienated and stigmatized for utilizing Antiretroviral therapy (ART) medications.  Imagine if people living with cancer were told that using chemotherapy or radiation treatment was “taking the easy way out” and that they weren’t really in recovery, or if people using blood pressure management medications were told they should be able to lower high blood pressure all on their own. 1,108 more words


What is People's Quantitative Easing?

PQE,  sometimes known as Overt Monetary Financing, is the process of creating new money, issued by the central bank in exchange for government bonds. This is then directly spent into the economy to stimulate economic activity. 646 more words

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Corbynomics or Leslienomics?

The leadership debate in the British Labour Party seems finally to have swung around to a discussion on economic theory. The Labour Shadow chancellor Chris Leslie has recently weighed into the discussion with a claim that: 346 more words

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Mobile payments are growing, Businesses must keep up!

The number of mobile money transfers is expected to more than double during 2015 with over 13 billion person to person “P2P” transfers and in China, both WeChat and Alipay saw exceptional rise in P2P (Person to Person) traffic during February 2015. 397 more words

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