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Eurozone electors have been sold a lemon!

Being sold a lemon means you have been tricked into buying something which is seriously defective. When you say that something is a lemon it implies that it is useless because it fails to work properly. 171 more words

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The Swiss begin launching luxury 'smartwatches'

”Everyone’s been waiting for it, and now it’s happened: The Swiss have finally entered the smartwatch fray,” Stephen Pulvirent reports for Bloomberg.

“Coming only a few weeks after Swatch announced it will release a smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch, a new Swiss company called Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) has introduced a line of smartwatches made in Switzerland,” Pulvirent reports. 158 more words


Credit, Debt, Government, And Krugman

If there is one economist, that is, an individual who has earned a PhD in Economics, who is excessively stupid in my estimation, that individual is none other that Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics because he more or less stated the obvious.   2,253 more words


MMTers: Does Adair Turner have a point?

There’s quite an interesting interview with Lord Adair Turner published here. This bit in particular caught my eye:

“I think the crucial thing, the crucial question you need to answer when you accept that we can do fiat money creation is how to discipline and I’m going to address this subject in a lecture in Germany in February, because some of my very senior German friends have said to me, “Adair, you’re absolutely technically right that this is possible”, but, without quite putting it this way, they say, “we mustn’t tell the people!” Because if the people know, and if the backbenches of Parliament as well as the small elite technocrats know that this is possible, people want to do it – not to the extent of 2% of GDP or not just when we’re in a crisis – they’ll want to do it to the extent of 10% of GDP every single year because the Chancellor of the Exchequer will know that he can always create some fiat money so the head of the Department of Health will come through and say, “so why don’t I have some of this?”

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Boots, Economics and Politics

Stefano Pessina, UK tax dodger, and the acting chief executive of Boots, has recently created a stir in Britain by claiming the Labour Party’s economic policies are “not helpful” for business or the country. 489 more words

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Greece's Plan B?

In an ideal world, Greece’s new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis would succeed in negotiating with the Eurogroup on the basis of his own Modest Proposal… 1,824 more words