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Mobile payments are growing, Businesses must keep up!

The number of mobile money transfers is expected to more than double during 2015 with over 13 billion person to person “P2P” transfers and in China, both WeChat and Alipay saw exceptional rise in P2P (Person to Person) traffic during February 2015. 397 more words


Where AWARENESS goes the ENERGY will Flow

A cool eighteen minute podcast from Jayson Gaignard’s Mastermind Talks podcast featuring Dandapani.

An Aussie, born in Malaysia who spent 10 years celibate in a Hawaiian Monk Monastery. 106 more words


Raising the Minimum Wage is only the Beginning...

By David Leo Glotzer       SUNY Buffalo

If you want to tackle poverty; but first lets discuss what raising the minimum wage would do. Low income workers spend the majority of their income, in fact judging by the statistic by the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer finances in 2014 the bottom half of American families owned 0.8% of all financial assets which means they spend almost all of their income. 1,221 more words

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What "National Debt" Really Means

Newman, Frank Neil. Freedom from National Debt. Minneapolis, MN: Two Harbors ; Distributed by Itasca, 2013. Print.

I have been busy to say the least, but as I have said in the past, I’ll never forget about this blog.   2,081 more words


German euros and Greek euros. Are they really the same?

Just like the US dollar, the euro is a single currency which is shared by 19 countries of the European Union.

That’s the official fiction. If the powers-that-be in the EU had really wanted it that way they could have had it that way. 742 more words

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The Alternative Budget

The Alternative Budget

There is an alternative to George Osborne’s austerity budget. Richard J Murphy of Tax Research UK has prepared this alternative budget for 2015… 1,405 more words


Germany vs Greece. The end game?

It looks like it’s crunch time. Either there will be some last minute cobbled together agreement to prolong the agony, or Greece will be forced to leave the Eurozone. 325 more words

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