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Magical Material Tuesday - Cloudstuff

Strictly speaking, clouds are made out of water vapor, when there is enough water clinging to specks of dust in the air to be visible to the eye. 231 more words

MMT, Monday Morning Thoughts: Are Audio Books Cool?

Little thought here on a painful Monday morning. Most of us are slaving away at some bullshit job and trying not to kill ourselves while you’re working on something that could not POSSIBLY mean any less. 501 more words

Random Thoughts

The solution to joblessness

This site is devoted to “Monetary Sovereignty (MS),” a sister to “Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

Both explain that:

  1. Federal taxes do not fund federal spending…
  2. 1,502 more words

Magical Material Tuesday - Pipe of Smoke

Another regular feature I intend to do: Magical Material Tuesday! I suspect people would think Magical Materials are better to be discussed on a day starting with M, but to that I say balderdash. 211 more words

The Possible Decrease of Poverty

There are many solutions to a problem.  It just it seems to me that my idea seems sound, not just by me being biased that it is me, but I see the evidence of it around me where I live.  1,139 more words


The National Enquirer and the Clinton Foundation

The previous post expressed the view that the Clinton Foundation was exactly what it purported to be: A charitable foundation, similar to the thousands of charitable foundations all over the country. 2,781 more words

Three things to remember as you watch Trump, Clinton speeches

Soon you will hire someone for the difficult job of being President of the U.S. As with any talent hunt, you’ll want to take into consideration certain key factors, while eliminating extraneous factors. 1,696 more words