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Magical Material Tuesday - Pipe of Smoke

Another regular feature I intend to do: Magical Material Tuesday! I suspect people would think Magical Materials are better to be discussed on a day starting with M, but to that I say balderdash. 211 more words

The Possible Decrease of Poverty

There are many solutions to a problem.  It just it seems to me that my idea seems sound, not just by me being biased that it is me, but I see the evidence of it around me where I live.  1,139 more words


The National Enquirer and the Clinton Foundation

The previous post expressed the view that the Clinton Foundation was exactly what it purported to be: A charitable foundation, similar to the thousands of charitable foundations all over the country. 2,781 more words

Three things to remember as you watch Trump, Clinton speeches

Soon you will hire someone for the difficult job of being President of the U.S. As with any talent hunt, you’ll want to take into consideration certain key factors, while eliminating extraneous factors. 1,696 more words

Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics - book and summer school!

I’m very excited to be working on the index of my book with the above title, which is the last thing I have to prepare before the book goes into production. 155 more words


What this blog is about.

First and foremost it is politically neutral and detests all our political parties with the contempt they so richly deserve. I will attempt to give an economic commentary from the perspective of Modern Money Theory and try to dislodge the litany of lies we are fed daily by classical economics. 134 more words

Money Creation