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Is the Chinese Economy a Giant Ponzi Scheme?

There has been quite of lot of justified concern among economics pundits about the Chinese economy with some, like Will Hutton,  likening the problems there to a Ponzi scheme. 282 more words

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Money Is Not an Act of Saving

by Alberto Veronese

a debit/credit spreadsheet does not allow any “savings”
to save some numbers on a balance sheet makes no sense:
– money is not an act of saving. 213 more words

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We need to balance the Budget over the Business cycle as Keynes suggested, right?

(This article first appeared in Liberal Democrat Voice)

Firstly, we do need to ask if Keynes did suggest that. There are arguments either way on this point.  636 more words

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The Government’s X’mas Santa is in town and all Ghanaians must watch out for the surprised gifts it giving out this Christmas. With about a week left for Christmas, I have observed that Ghanaians are likely to be presented with some nice and beautiful X’mas presents from President John Dramani  Mahama and his government. 694 more words


Our Government: Traitors to their own people

For the twelve months or so that I have been writing articles advocating the benefits that would come if our government implemented a Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) economic framework, I have been under the mistaken impression that MMT is a regime, or a doctrine that the government needs to adopt as an economic policy initiative. 44 more words

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Audio: Twisted Tunes of the Week

There is so much great music being made, it’s difficult to stay on top of it all. So each week we share a selection of our highlights. 16 more words

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The UK Autumn Budget Statement - More Neoliberal Nonsense!

The Autumn statement would not be so bad if it was economically coherent, with the spending and taxing plans agreeable, or otherwise, according to one’s political opinion. 473 more words

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