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Magic money tree

Where is the tree? Has it been felled?

There are two versions of reality – the view that we don’t and can never have enough (the no MMT one), and the version of plenty, where there might be no MMT, but, there are all the amazing things around us. 457 more words


Katja of Sweden in Black 

During the Second World War French fashion industry was cut off and gave the American designers an opportunity to prosper.* Those designers were often promoted by Dorothy Slater at the Lord & Taylor who bought Katja Geiger’s first collection and therefore helped Katja with her start of a long design career. 113 more words

Katja Of Sweden

Can't think of a title

Sometimes I just want to give up.

Stop fighting and being accountable. Fuck my responsibilities. Just give up and give in. Because what is stopping me when I’m feeling this way? 569 more words

The 'fountain pen of money' - Bryan Gould. 

Steven Joyce, NZ Minister of Finance, has recommended the formal establishment of a committee to help the Governor of the Reserve Bank decide on where to take interest rates, thereby following the example of other central banks around the world. 1,058 more words

Economics 101

Steve Keen's " Can we avoid another finacial crisis?": A review (Updated)

Steve Keen is one of the few economists to have warned about the impending Global Financial Crash (GFC) of 2008.  Here he  shows the core reasoning that helped him make that call. 1,038 more words


April PAD Challenge: Day 13

and the desert,
which has waited
since it was created,
begins to stir.


Spring Birth

Each year, our mother
earth labors to bring
forth her abundance. 105 more words

PAD Challenge

Katja of Sweden in Malmö 

We went to the Tech Museum in Malmö today and this time I spotted more dresses by Katja Geiger. I was happy to find the dress below with the same type of print as my own dress at home! 102 more words

Katja Of Sweden