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We Should Stop Using Negative Terminology like "Debt Ceiling" IMHO.

I received this in my inbox yesterday:

“Debt Limit Coming a Month Earlier Than Expected”
Roll Call, 10/1


Treasury Secretary Jack Lew wrote in a letter to Congress: …

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Hey there, Deficit Denier, climb down out of that Magic Money Tree!

“Deficit Denier” ??

The accusation of being a ‘deficit denier’ seems to cause real problems for many progressives.  We should meet this accusation head-on.  WTF is a ‘deficit denier’ anyway?   582 more words

MMT General

Donald Trump Deficit Owl?

Could Donald Trump inadvertently usher in Monetary Enlightenment with his tax plan?

What would it be like if Donald Trump were the harbinger for monetary enlightenment? 209 more words

Modern Monetary Theory @ Berlin (FMM conference), October 23rd

This October (22-24) the FMM conference 2015 will take place in Berlin-Steglitz. The title of the conference is The Spectre of Stagnation? Europe in the World Economy… 127 more words


Greece - Now Starring in, "As the Euro Turns"

Reposted from Daily Kos 20 February 2015

I should begin by telling you that as I write this I have my browser open to the website of  5,197 more words


How to Clear the Room of Progressives

Reposted from Daily Kos 30 July 2014 – go there to see the excellent discussion thread

Having just returned from NN14 I have confirmed something I always knew down deep in my heart. 655 more words