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Let us just think about this.....

Hi, readers. It’s been half term week or two around the UK. So despite all the world’s ills, there’s been a break from apparent impending global catastrophes! 1,149 more words


The Depth Of My Pride

As the followers of my blog know, I’ve had ALS for twenty-two years, I’m completely paralyzed and unable to speak. I use an eye-tracking computer to communicate and I am totally reliant on Mary to take care of me. 518 more words

Busy Week

Last week we had to call another ambulance.

I had an episode of reflux where some feed ended up in my lungs and up my nose. 346 more words

Sam Goodall shares her experience of the GSR supporting MND

Helena Jane Fletcher and myself are still very much involved with the MND world and one of the members who used to run this race was looking to do it for possibly the last time but in his wheel chair with people pushing so we decided to go along and support. 139 more words

Race Reports

Snake oil, pig urine and "buy one get one free"!

This post was first published 3 years ago now! I have checked it for political correctness (as the world has gone mad in this short time), and decided to leave it largely as is! 1,212 more words


Anything can happen...

But probably won’t!!!

Hi readers! Apologies for my short absence from the blog musings. You will probably agree that social media is becoming a bit, how can I put it, anti-social! 1,047 more words



Mike has had a fortnight of pampering and beauty treatments, starting with an essential oil hand massage at a meeting of the Oxfordshire MND Association. Our lovely friend, … 456 more words