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How we can play our part in Singapore’s food supply resilience?

Not enough land. Not enough farms. We import 90% of our food and we love to eat. What has the gahmen done? What can an average Singaporean do?   733 more words

Stir-fried Articles

So how's your ALS?

RT: “So how’s your ALS?”

Me: “ALS is always shitty.”

RT: “But how’s your progression? Is it slow? Did they say?”

*(RT stands for Respiratory Therapist) 719 more words

13 days Later...

Welcome to 2019 readers! My post is a little bit late. Thirteen days late to be precise. I decided to let all of you get back into the real swing of things before penning my first strange, but often entirely true, musings of the year. 1,359 more words


Pressing On

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know I’m late, but I have an excuse.

I spent the last ten days battling a respiratory infection. For someone who lives with only thirty percent of his lungs functioning on a good day, pneumonia and respiratory infections are, putting it lightly, really bad. 862 more words

Happy New Year

About a year ago … they said I wouldn’t make it to Christmas so it has been livelier than I expected. I think it’s a God thing. 232 more words

Tides have turned and washed us away

The reason I’ve not written for a long time is that there has been a whole lot to deal with to say the least. February 2017 my dad got diognosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (MND, ALS) after a long period of arguing with doctors that something must be wrong, finally we found a doctor who actually listened and got the ball rolling. 222 more words


MND and Me

MND is all through my family, and it has wiped out all the females in the generation above me but one remaining Aunt. Watching my Mum deteriorate with it is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone; it was heartbreaking and terrifying. 170 more words