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The beat goes on...a whole new world!

Oh yes it does!

This week I had my first overnight hospital stay in my adult life! Yes despite having MND I have never ever spent a night in hospital. 881 more words


London Trip

Sunday the 15th of October

On Sunday Victoria, Angela and I went to the National History Museum, it is a really nice place to visit and very educational, although I would say that anyone wishing to attend plan in advance as there are long queues to get in and it took us a while to get to the front, it was a bit dark for me with my sight and I struggled at times to push the chair in the right direction. 1,318 more words


22. Tune 'Em Out

You know who I’m talking about. The people who  ask you if you’re getting better, when you have a chronic condition that you are just living with, but until a cure is discovered, you aren’t about to recover from.  591 more words


Friday 13th - This time it’s cordless!!

Friday 13th!! You best be frightened! Take no risks! A day of fear, and one man is on a mission to rid the world of the unbelievers! 855 more words


Where has the time gone?

Early this year my then partner Angela, who is now my wife, was diagnosed with MND, six months have now passed and that time seems to have gone by so quickly. 351 more words


Six Months On...

I still think a time will come when I won’t notice. I won’t remember. There will be no chime as it strikes 12.

Six months later, and here it is again. 756 more words


Beware the Speed Demon

Do you remember Boro Pat? It was a mildly offensive video on YouTube that was popular a few years ago. It featured footage of Postman Pat dubbed with very colourful language. 984 more words