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You Cannot Silence Me

What scares me the most about MND, is loneliness. The idea that you become trapped inside your own head and nobody else will ever hear your voice again. 607 more words


Why Daffodils?

My header image is so beautiful. Daffodils are more commonly associated with the fight against cancer, but for me, they’re my mum. 645 more words


The World From Under Your Feet

You never expect to hear that someone you love is dying.

You never expect to hear that there is a 0% chance of someone you love getting better. 569 more words


Wind assisted!

Good day, all! I am having real pppproooblems writing thiiiiis post as I have been having a snnnnneeezing fit!

Hopefully I willl geeeeet some more woooooooooords out sooon, atisooooooo! 1,080 more words



I’m writing again with much sadness in my heart. I’ve blogged several times about MND, or Motor Neurone Disease. You can read those posts here… 531 more words

Sadness Stuff

Braggs of the Unexpected´╗┐

Afternoon, all. Well after last week’s blog and my forthright comments regarding the cause of most road accidents, i.e. human error, Jean and I had an interesting experience on Saturday night! 1,464 more words