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Tuesday poems: via links

A new online women’s poetry journal, based in Canberra and edited by Sandra Renew and Moya Pacey, has been launched called Not Very Quiet and I have three poems in it, covering such topics as homelessness — and the middle class desire to avoid the homeless — depression, and the way that depressed people are patronised, and… 141 more words


Skipping Along

This week, two things have happened in my life. One of these is highly topical and has to do with syncretic religious expressions; the other is a realization that I came to — and confirmed via divination — about things I have been mulling over regarding religious and philosophical communities for a few years at this point. 1,017 more words



In the meanwhile, I gathered all the pics I needed to complete the characters from Wonder Woman, so we’ll alternate them to the others coming. 794 more words


Midyear Writing News!

We appear to be halfway through 2017 already, which is surely some sort of cosmic accounting error. To compensate, here is some writing news.

I’m thrilled to have… 211 more words


Mnemosyne and Memnon

Mnemosyne (a.k.a. Lamp of Memory or Ricordanza), by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ca. 1876–81

Mnemosyne is the mother of the nine Muses, the personification of memory, and a Titan, Her parents are Gaia and Uranus. 572 more words

Greek Names

Mother of the Muses: Mnemosyne

Many classical Greek and Roman artists were generous enough to label the figures in their paintings. Where we have lost the context that their original owners might have enjoyed, these labels are often the only good clues as to what the painting is about. 939 more words


Brighton event - Mnemosyne (Memory), Pandora and Dreamachine

I will be taking part in an event on Sunday 14th May in The House of Alchemy in central Brighton. The pop-up gallery is located in the heart of Brighton’s cultural quarter opposite Brighton Dome and Pavilion. 154 more words

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