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Maintaining Memory

If my family got together and spoke to me once a year and walked away thinking I’m all better for it, they better think again. How do your ancestors feel?

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September 22 - Asteroid 57 Mnemosyne

Discovered on this very day in 1859 by Robert Luther, 57 Mnemosyne is a main belt asteroid of about 113km across, sweeping round the Sun at 16.7km/s,  and taking about five and a half years to complete one orbit. 133 more words


Lumisokea ~ Mnemosyne

Italian/Belgian experimentalists Lumisokea (operating in Berlin) continue to stretch boundaries on their latest release.  Mnemosyne refers to the Greek goddess of memory and the mother of the Muses, while track titles such as “Abri” (shelter) and “Jenseits” (the hereafter) hint at loftier themes.   348 more words

Richard Allen

Djinn Dreams - 1

“That faeries have forgotten the Tapestry; that is the greatest tragedy of all. It’s the fabric of all creation and it’s woven of dreams, the dreams of the Djinn.
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Hyperion Sturm