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(1) If you, like me, have been wondering why there seems to be such a Disturbance in the Force lately, I just noticed – Sedna is Stationary! 1,323 more words


Long Drives in Omaha (Muse Prompt)

A fat man stood on the roadside talking on the phone, gesticulating for the void. He paced and shook violently in affected anxiety, playacting for no one. 128 more words


To Mnemosyne

All praise to wise Mnemosyne, mother of Muses,
mistress of your mother’s wisdom,
buried deep within the earth, with bone and stone.
Mistress of memory, the sweet and the sharp, 58 more words



As Mnemosyne

watches over

all these our



All the more

vivid the memory

of the loosely

lucid dream

The writer’s

answer by

an ephemeral… 17 more words


Spaced Repetition Increases Memory Retention

Dr. Jill Alban, Ed.D., is Director of Academic Support at Touro University California.

We have all heard that learning medicine is like drinking from a fire hose.   987 more words

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