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Fluvial Mnemosyne

This is my ‘Fluvial Mnemosyne’, an experiment in montage created in collaboration with Turf Projects, and arts organisation based in South London.

The work draws on my interest with Aby Warburg and his Mnemosyne Atlas project. 12 more words



Babbling daemons
Of chaos, of
Remembrance and
Lost dreams retained,
Secret betrayals and
Truth inescapable,
Dark refuge of light,
Come join me
At my empty table. 26 more words


Review: Maruman Mnemosyne A4

This is something I wanted to do for some time now. Writing a review about my favorite notebook. But mind you I never use it as a notebook, but as a drawing/sketch-book. 483 more words


Mnemosyne's beginning.

She awoke in a room abandoned by man, cold sunlight streaming through the windows, flesh dimpled from the cruel kisses of the wind.
A broken thing in the foetal position, 242 more words

Creative Writing

Against Mnemosyne by Ruth Foley

Against Mnemosyne

Today, I’m choosing chaos—each
circle of the fan becomes a new
surprise, each feeling of surprise
a new emotion bubbling from
the spring. Each blink will bring… 191 more words


Keeping Track Of Ink And Pens

Last year keeping track of the ink in my collection became a haphazard affair. That is not a good thing for an inkophile. Finally it dawned on me that I wasn’t using my system because it wasn’t getting the job done. 269 more words


Collaborative Writing: Apollo's Prophecy

My friend Doble and I are collaborating on a fairytale. And by “are” I mean “were when right out of college, then she left the country to get her masters and we put it on pause, now she’s back and we’re starting it up again, but soon she’ll be leaving to get a doctorate and who knows.” It’s just for fun for us, but involves classic, modern, and lesser-known fairytales, fables, and mythology. 193 more words