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Must try harder

Reading all the highlights and round-up posts from the blogs I follow has highlighted how meagre my output for the last year has been.  In my head I reviewed lots of the things that I forked over my hard-earned cash for, but something got lost in translation and for a variety of reasons only a few made it onto the digital page. 576 more words


Pousser un coup de gueule orthographique

Pardon, je vous en supplie, s’il vous plaît, saperlipopette, sacre bleu …

Le mot français BILLETTERIE s’écrit avec deux “LL” et deux “TT”.

Moyen mnémotechnique pour vous en rappeler : 55 more words


Full Moon Scramble V

Mnemosyne is now Retrograde.  Because they occur in the same Degree, the chart of Mnemosyne’s Station, and Orcus’s, are basically the same as the 3 December Full Moon chart, ie, busy busy.  232 more words


Mnemosyne 194 - The Perfect Work Notebook?

I like notebooks.  I buy lots of them.  More than I can reasonably use any time soon.  That leads me to the harsh (but entirely fair) realisation that I’m a hoarder.  1,239 more words


Thoughts on Mnemosyne

(Possible spoilers)

Have you ever wondered what seeing disturbing sexual scenes in an anime looks like? Neither have I, but somebody out there did and that’s why we have Mnemosyne (which is Latin for memory apparently). 1,117 more words


Tuesday poems: via links

A new online women’s poetry journal, based in Canberra and edited by Sandra Renew and Moya Pacey, has been launched called Not Very Quiet and I have three poems in it, covering such topics as homelessness — and the middle class desire to avoid the homeless — depression, and the way that depressed people are patronised, and… 141 more words


Skipping Along

This week, two things have happened in my life. One of these is highly topical and has to do with syncretic religious expressions; the other is a realization that I came to — and confirmed via divination — about things I have been mulling over regarding religious and philosophical communities for a few years at this point. 1,017 more words